shine on through


The Blue Lamp is one of my very favorite songs. Blue Lamp was written about a blue lamp that my mother gave me when I first joined Fleetwood Mac. A very heavy leaded glass lamp that I carried on an airplane home with a friend of mine, she carried the base and I carried the shade, home to L.A. And we were really afraid it was going to get broken because it was this, you know, leaded glass lamp. They didn’t want us to take it on the plane cause it was too big. Well, we got it on the plane, by screaming and yelling and crying. So that is the lamp that I carried from my mother’s home. And it became and has remained my favorite possesion. It is the one thing that never changes. It is without a doubt the only light that shines through the shining night much of the time for me.
And the blue lamp was supposed to be on the cover of Bella Donna, the picture of the blue lamp. And I decided to change the cover so there are some very, very wonderful pictures of this group of women and this room and stuff around this blue lamp. So someday those pictures will come out and you’ll get to really see the blue lamp. Cause it really is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, it looks like a huge blue mushroom. And it’s a wonderful thing for my mom, too, because it’s all so real, even though it sounds like sort of a gothic fairy tale song, you know, it’s totally real, every line in it is real.“

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And I see your

True colors shining through

I see your true colors

And that’s why I love you

A New Way Of Life Ch. 9

Warnings: Cuss words. Negan

Word Count: 1552

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It was early morning when the sun shining through the window woke you up. Groaning as you stretched and began to sit up, you realized that this was the most quiet you have had in a long time. From escaping from those evil guys to being with Negan, there was always commotion.

Reaching a for your bag, you slid it over to you searching for something to eat for breakfast. Finding a box of breakfast muffins, you opened them and started to eat away. Before long you’d have to get a move on and move farther away from the sanctuary, away from Negan.

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Just saying but I had a dream last night about Sherlock and here’s what’s gonna happen in the lost episode special:

-TFP is proved to be John’s hallucination
-Cases and shit go down
-Mary’s apparently still alive, or at least some kind of hallucination continued on from TLD
-There’s lots of sunlight shining through windows into heavily darkened rooms
-Sherlock and John finally fucking kiss!!! It’s amazing, its magical, there were fireworks or some random crap blowing up behind them in the background!! We’re all gonna love it guys!!

I have seen the future, a very blurry future, but a perfect future nonetheless 👌👌👌

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hey ive always wondered, what does the skin feel like for someone with aquaphago ?? i always thought itd be really cold at all times haha. also, does the sun shine through the body? in that case, imagine the sun reflecting on it during a sunset/ shining through!! i love this idea!! :D i wanna hear all about it

How the skin feels isn’t something I’ve thought about honestly, but it’s such a cool idea! That their body is kind of chilled… but the disease really is a superficial one, so I guess I’ve always imagined they’d be a regular temperature! 

As for the sunlight, I’ve always loved that idea that their skin is now reflective to sOME degree. Not that you can necessarily see through them, but absolutely it absorbs light and reflects it, so sometimes it can make light OR dark shapes in the water (for example, you can kind of see clothes “through” the skin to demonstrate depth as a blockage to light)

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My cat is dead this morning ;-; I would some modern!Vittel, modern!Focalor, modern!Kouen and modern!Sinbad who reconfort SO (and me) please ;-;


your cat…? I don´t know what to say… May I offer you my sincere condolences? And remember: write with me whenever you want, time of day doesn´t matter


  • he didn`t know what to do
  • he was overwhelmed with the grief in your soul that shined through your eyes
  • he tried to smile for you to ease up the tension, only to fail a second after
  • he  hesitated at first, but led you his shoulder to cry on
  • he may be not the best in comforting others in his opinion, but you knew that his presence and his rough yet smooth hand that engulfed yours gently, was everything that you could asked for


  • he isnt´t someone that fond to see you cry
  • he gets that it was something important to you, but he could not stand the thought that somethig- no matter what- brings you down
  • he transforms your couch into a heaven made out of pillows, puts netflix on and tries to take your mind off of it and to not dwell on your sorrow
  • trying to bring out that breathtaking smile that he loves so much is one of his duties as a boyfriend after all
  • focalor knows that you now understand how short life is and how abruptly it can end
  • therefore, he wants you to focus on the good things in life, one of it being him


  • he realizes that  something is wrong the second he laid his eyes on you
  • he tries to figure out the cause for your tear stained face
  • hearing about your los made him tense up; he knows that your cat was like family to you and knows how deep that fresh wound goes
  • engulfes you in a tight and comforting hug, giving you the warmth that you need to cope with it
  • will cancel all appointments, saying that a family member passed away which is not even a lie
  • actions speak louder than words in cases like these: he´ll stay by your side and listen to your sobs, caresing soothing circles on you back


  • he was speechless when he saw your heartbroken smile that you used to assure him that your fine
  • cause you are clearly not
  • he takes your face in his hands, places his forehead against yours and stares deeply into your eyes
  • “ You don´t have to assure me to make me feel better. I only feel good when you are fine. I know it hurts now. Trust me, I do. But don´t you dare to think that you have to shoulder this burden alone.We are partners after all, right?”
Love yourself

ARIES: love the way your head makes decisions before you can think about things, love the passion that drives through your blood, love the way your body looks

TAURUS: love the atmosphere in your soul, love your adorable curves, love your calming voice that helps others get through their day

GEMINI: love your happy smile, love the way your personality shines through no matter what people say, love the way you talk

CANCER: love the way you always help people and care about people, love your empathy, love the way you let a little, beautiful tear come out

LEO: love your pride when you’re feeling down, love your self-confidence, love the warm, fuzzy feeling when craving for someone or something

VIRGO: love the way you overthink things for the best, love the way you solve problems, love your crave for any knowledge

LIBRA: love the way you handle social situations, love your indecisiveness because it might help you at times, love the impression you leave

SCORPIO: love your intensity, love your craving for more love and attention, love the way your heart beats when thinking of something that makes you happy

SAGITTARIUS: love your imperfections for they are beautiful, love your sense of humor, love the way you are always down for new things

CAPRICORN: love the way your eyes widen when you hear something you’re interested in, love that people look up to you, love your looks

AQUARIUS: love your uniqueness, love the way you feel safe when being around your favorite people, love the excitement you feel when you create something

PISCES: love the way your mind drifts away sometimes, love your old soul, love your advice because people need to hear it

Momiplier playing FNAF, oh my God. Such a brilliant woman! And Mark being so caring and making the game as accessible as possible for her, rather than getting frustrated like a lot of regular gamers would. Genuine joy between a mother and son bonding over a silly daft video game.

This is why I fell in love with Markiplier’s channel in the first place. Happiness and love and inclusiveness. Mark being passionate about games and reacting to scares and laughs and just being his regular dumb self with deceptively quite clever jokes.

Now I’m falling in love with the channel all over again. Thanks Mark for bringing me back to that happiness. I have to admit that I fell away for a while, but there’s a new love for what you do shining through your recent content. I’m glad I took a chance to start watching you again.