shine megami tensei

  • FINAL FANTASY FANS: Forever in denial of how good the series is, was, and will be even though the series has always been slightly above average at best.
  • DRAGON QUEST FANS: Cool folks with good taste until they start talking about Square-Enix's reluctance to bring games to the west, then they become unbearably annoying.
  • POKEMON FANS: Okay, not really annoying except until an argument arises about which generation is the best.
  • PERSONA FANS: Unbelievably annoying cunts who never shut up about how "good" and "progressive" the series is. Often times they read too much into subtext.
  • REGULAR MEGAMI TENSEI FANS: Cool people, generally have good taste, get annoying when they but heads with Persona fans. Can't comprehend why their part of the franchise isn't more popular.
  • ETRIAN ODYSSEY FANS: Quiet, unassuming, decent folks.
  • WILD ARMS FANS: Have no idea what their series even is but they like it none-the-less
  • PHANTASY STAR FANS: Cool people but forever salty that Sega has abandoned them
  • SHINING FORCE FANS: Buried and forgotten long long ago

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Any/all SMT/Persona stuff
Dangan Ronpa/SDR2
SHINee/Super Junior/most kpop
Final Fantasy anything
Kingdom Hearts
Most anime
Law and Order SVU (sticks out so bad on this list lmao)
Most JRPGs


You guysssssss look! Atlus is making a game called Persona Q, and it has all the characters from persona 3 and 4 as chibis! >.<