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first and foremost, please listen to pretty boy to commemorate this anniversary. you don’t need a reason to listen to it but if you needed one, go listen now :D

this is my favourite taekai day, or at least one of super super faves [mma 2013 comes really close ❤️]  

these beautiful best friends, working together is something they always said they wished to do. they killed the stage. they’re really compatible, having trained together and understanding each other’s styles. their chemistry is fantastic!

taemin also happened to forget what a shirt was that day. seriously, baby was wilding which means death for us 😂.

let’s also appreciate how beautiful they look, on their own and together as well. they’re stunning 😍.

this was an unfortunate day for junmyeon too. otl, taekai only see each other, this is a proven fact, i’m sorry junmyeon-ah.

let’s talk about how naturally their arms come around each other. jongin’s arm belongs around taemin’s shoulder and taem’s arm belongs around nini’s waist. it comes to them with the ease of time and familiarity. it’s not something they have to think about at all.

now let’s talk about their joined hands and why it’s even more beautiful than it looks at a glance.

the song was h.o.t.’s hope and the lyrics at the part where they walked together with their clasped hands were:

let’s all join our hands and look at the sky

picture the world we will be making together in the sky

it’s radiant and so beautiful

let’s all make it together with our joined hands

<< let’s all join our hands and look at the sky

picture the world we will be making together in the sky

it’s radiant and so beautiful

let’s all make it together with our joined hands>>

taekai held hands to this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

there’s a reason why hope never gets old and idc what people say, i hope sm never changes it as the ending song for smtown lives 😭 those beautiful inspiring lyrics + taekai paying attention to them [raising their clasped hands] and looking happy and beautiful in each other’s arms makes me feel like sobbing. seriously taekai were so beautiful and radiant that night i just-

for me, one of the reason why they were practically glowing could be bc of their collab stage. it’s no secret taemin always wanted to work with jongin [he still does] and vice versa [nini also still wants to] and this collab stage was a dream come true for them. imagine achieving your dreams with your best friend. they trained together and dreamed together and learned from each other and were never jealous of each other’s success. i don’t doubt they talked about working together, being on stage together on those nights they spent sleeping on the practice room floor together 😭😭😭

in addition to this, they were practicing together for their stage beforehand and spent more time together than usual, [plus they were gonna have/had other sched together to promote their collab+taem’s solo] that gave them more time together. debut obviously made it harder for them to spend time together with both shinee and exo being so busy [heh, aside from their rendezvous that we know of] this was probably the most time they got to spend together in a while so they were feeling closer to each other.  

their happiness is really magnified x 100 when they’re with each other, it’s not something you can miss. they were practically radiating ㅠㅠ

i thought they were really going to kiss, they really look like a couple ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

taem may like scaring the shit out of nini but i’d say our bear got his revenge


the way taemin looked at jongin doesn’t need an explanation. his heart is in his eyes when he looks at nini and we can all see what’s there ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

oh idk, you know, just taemin feeling up taemin’s knees as they take a bow. you get it taem

there was something extra tender about taekai that day.

idk maybe it’s bc they spent more time together or they were thrilled by their collab stage or it was taekai being taekai or most likely all that and more but there was something special about 140815 and it really shows. i don’t claim this is 100% what happened as i’m not either of them and wasn’t there, but it’s how it seemed to me. 140815 was a special day ❤️

i hope they’ll always make each other this happy. happy 140815 3rd anniversary, happy 3rd debut anniversary to our baby and i love taekai

  • Me: oh wow! I just had a great idea for a fan fiction. I'm definitely going to write this! This time though it's only going to be about a thousand words. I have another fic I need to write.
  • Me: *three days later and five thousand words in and nowhere near finished* DAMMIT

Titles of Wikipedia entries from an alternate universe, as generated by a neural network:

  • The County Route 37th District Championships (Minnesota)
  • Sonic police of the Georgia
  • Berry War
  • Sinister of the Canada and Stars (language)
  • Telephosphate (disambiguation)
  • Great Story Conservation
  • Alan Communication (Australian politician)
  • USS Simple District
  • South Business (The Fish Mool Soundtrack)
  • Community of Battle of the San First Airlines in Montance Regiment
  • Boogo (disambiguation)
  • William Cardinalists (song)
  • Saint-Doctor County
  • Color of Saint-Berlin (disambiguation)
  • Order of Santa (film)
  • Star Sharker
  • Blue High School (District of Historic District)
  • Robert Recomatory (comics)
  • Anti-Family Dendric River
  • Speed Baronet
  • Stricture of the Range (disambiguation)
  • Bear of Santa (footballer)
  • Single and Engineering Act 1982
  • Canton of Dark of Business
  • Shine County Controller

What makes Min Hyuk so extraordinary is that whether Bong Soon wants to hide her powers or use them, he is fine with her either way. However, since she chose to fight, instead of preventing her from it, he decides to prepare her so she would be strong enough to face. It’s such a touching, utterly selfless gesture on MH’s part because apart from bruises, light fractures and time spend with her, he has nothing to gain from it - IT’S ALL FOR DO BONG SOON. 

“Strength can only shine if you can control it…Until you can perfectly blend into a crowd, learn to prevent any kind of danger, and reach full security potential.”

It makes complete sense that MH, the man who’s been misjudged by people all his life, would be the one to understand that if BS really wants to use her powers to help people, she needs to restrain them to a level that wouldn’t draw attention. Nowadays, anyone can film her on their phone and there are only so many times MH can commit perjury before he ends up serving a sentence for it.

Min Hyuk sees Bong Soon as a diamond in the rough and considers her strength as something to be admired; not an oddity, but an immense talent, but one which LIKE ALL TALENTS NEEDS TO BE NURTURED, GUIDED, SHAPED, TRAINED AND CONTROLLED. Even the greatest virtuosi needed to practice their skills. And MH wants to adapt it not change it because the way she is right now BS is a little bit like a loose canon.

When Min Hyuk takes it on himself to train Bong Soon, HE IS BASICALLY TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER AND HER POWERS AND ALL THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COME WITH IT. AND HE ISN’T ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. Nor does he want to use it for his own gain. All he wants is to PROTECT THEM and in that way protect BS.

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What is your best makeup trick ?

F A C E:

  • Before applying any beauty products, hydrate your face with moisturizer. Don’t skip this step if you have dry skin.
  • Applying primer before foundation will even the surface of your skin, make your pores look smaller and your skin look smooth.
  • If you have combination skin, moisturize the dry areas and apply primer on the areas that get oily before applying foundation.
  • If you have a lot of red spots on your face, use color correcting concealers that come in mint green colors. Simply apply the product on the red areas using your finger or a makeup sponge and wait for it to dry, then apply foundation.
  • If your skin tends to get dry patches, exfoliate it at least once a week. It will remove dead skin cells and will make your skin smooth.    
  • When buying foundation, consider your skin type. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose foundations with oil-free formulas. If your skin is dry, opt for hydrating foundations. Foundations with hypoallergenic formulas are best for those whose skin is sensitive.
  • If your skin is dry, avoid matte foundations because your skin might end up looking flaky. Instead, look for products that have moisturizing and hydrating qualities.
  • When you’re in a makeup store and you’re trying to pick the perfect foundation shade, test if the shade is right for your skin tone by applying a little bit of it on your jawline. Don’t try to test if the shade is good for you by applying it on the back of your palm or your wrist because the skin tone of your hand differs from the skin tone of your face.
  • Does your foundation seem to look normal right after it’s applied but it changes its color/turns orange within an hour or when you go outside? It’s because it oxidizes, people with oily skin may experience this more often than those with other skin types. To prevent this, use a primer and stick to oil-free foundations. 
  • Once you’ve applied foundation, set it with powder. Makeup powders create a silky finish and minimize the look of pores and other small imperfections. It can also control face shine. If your face tends to get oily throughout the day, simply reapply the powder on the oily areas.
  • Does your makeup make your face look pale when you take pictures with flash? That’s probably because you’re using a foundation that is high in spf. To avoid this problem, avoid foundations that contain spf higher than 30.
  • Liquid highlighters are a lot more concentrated than powder highlighters; therefore, use them sparingly. 
  • Some people have a hard time blending out their contour. If you find difficulty with contouring kits, you can always use a foundation that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone as a contour. It is much easier to apply, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Use translucent powder to prevent makeup transfer, it will set and mattify your makeup. A setting spray can also help you avoid makeup transfer.
  • Always clean your brushes after using them because they will transfer bacteria to your face, causing break outs.

E Y E B R O W S:

  • When doing your eyebrows, keep in mind that they should look shaded and soft, not like a straight, hard line. 
  • Before applying makeup on your eyebrows, brush them upward with a spoolie brush to enhance their shape. You can also enhance the shape of your eyebrows by slightly overdrawing them or applying eyebrow products on the sparse areas.
  • Always use products that match the color of your eyebrows; otherwise, they won’t look natural.
  • After you’ve applied eyebrow products, brush your brows with a spoolie brush to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines. You can also apply concealer to define them.
  • A clear eyebrow gel can be worn over an eyebrow pencil or powder to make those products last longer.
  • Are you trying to grow out your eyebrows? Forget about tweezing or waxing. It may take up to 15 weeks for your eyebrows to grow back fully so you have to be patient. While they’re growing back, you can use a tinted gel or a pomade to make your brows look more presentable.
  • Castor oil promotes hair growth so you can use it to make your eyebrow hair grow faster (you can use it on your eyelashes too).

E Y E S:

  • The easiest way to apply eyeliner is by tilting your head back and looking into the mirror. If you’re a beginner and it’s hard for you to apply the product, you can make dots along you upper lid and simply connect them. 
  • Does your mascara clump? Make sure that your lashes are clean before you apply it. If you apply mascara while still having some on from the night before, your lashes will most likely get clumpy. 
  • A blending brush should only be used for blending your eyeshadow. Don’t apply new eyeshadow with a blending brush, especially if it’s already been used because it’ll mess up your makeup.
  • Warm colors like browns and golds and shimmery shades complement brown hair and blue eyes the most.
  • Blondes with fair skin should choose shades like brown, bronze, silver, beige, gray and neutral shades.
  • You can prevent your eyeshadow from creasing by applying translucent powder. After priming your eyes, apply a little bit of translucent or loose powder on your eyelids using a powder puff or a sponge.
  • Fake eyelashes can be worn more than once. If you take care of them, they can last for a very long time. The first thing you need to do once you remove them is to remove the glue. You can do this by simply pulling at the glue until it begins to come off. It’s also important to clean the eyelashes with an oil-free makeup remover before you put them away. Keep your lashes in their original package to prevent them from collecting dust and bacteria. 

L I P S: 

  • If your lips are flaky, take a toothbrush and gently brush off the flakes. This will boost the circulation of your lips. You can apply some lip moisturizer after doing this to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Before applying your lipstick, use concealer to saturate the color of your lip lines and to make your lips look bigger. Apply it onto your lips and spread it a little over your lip line.
  • Overdrawing your lip line is the key in making your lips look bigger. Use a lip liner that matches you lipstick and apply it slightly outside the natural lip line. 
  • Apply some lip gloss on the middle of your lips to make them look fuller and plump.
  • Once you’ve applied lip products, apply concealer on the areas where you went over your lip line. 
  • Bright and deep lipstick colors compliment people with medium to dark skin the most. Try bright and deep reds, pinks, coral, shimmery peach lipsticks and lip liners. 
9 toxic behaviours that will affect your life

1) Gossiping.

We all do it. Some of us more than others. We talk about the girl next door or the new guy that just started working here. We talk about how the Brown’s just split up and “Did you hear why they separated?” Did you know that when we talk about people it shows an insecurity or jealousy in us? Boom. Where are you lacking in your life that you feel the need to cut down someone else’s life? Have a think about that for a moment.


There’s no point or purpose to this. Who are you lying to and why? It doesn’t even make any sense to do this and I still don’t understand why so many people still lie. You think the truth hurts, check out a lie. Nothing hurts more than that.

3) Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

Let me repeat that if I may. Things that haven’t happened yet. Why would you waste your time and energy worrying about something that hasn’t even happened? I know a lot of us play out a situation in our head and our first instinct is to be play it out with a bad ending. Why do we do that? I’ve done this one myself once or twice. Worry is a natural emotion/feeling. It’s up to you to control it and stop it in its tracks before it spirals out of control. That’s when the stress kicks in and our blood pressure rises. No need for all this now, is there?

4) Holding a grudge.

There’s an old saying “holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”. Think about that for a sec. The poison you are drinking is the grudge. You are swallowing every drop and you are mad and pissed off to a point of no return. Expecting the other person to die? Honestly they could care less what you think. Hell they probably aren’t even thinking about you anyway. So why on earth are you wasting your time and energy grudging on someone? Go pick some flowers and bring them to a nursing home. Really. Spend time doing happy things. Not brewing and stewing over silly things.

5) Jealousy.

The girls in the magazine are beautiful. Sally has a beautiful body. Jimmy has a nice car. The Whites just bought a brand new house. With every turn, someone somewhere has something better or nicer than we do. Our first reaction is jealousy. There is no need to be jealous really. We all have something special, unique and beautiful inside of us. We also all have something that someone else wishes they had. Just be grateful for who you are and what you have. You are perfect and blessed exactly the way you are. Embrace it.

6) You’ve already lived the past.

Oh how we love to hang on to what happened 5, 10 or even 25 years ago. We still go on and on about it to whoever will listen. Why shouldn’t we? Who we are today is because of what happened to us yesterday. Well, yes, you’re right. Sort of. Who we are today is the result of the way we chose to handle the past. We didn’t all have silver spoons in our mouths. Some of us were dealt really shitty hands. It is what it is. Be done with it. No one wants to hear it, really. Just tell us something happy and joyful. That’s all we want to hear now.

7) I don’t love me.

Watch how you talk to yourself. You are listening. Make sure your self-talk is loving, kind, compassionate, gentle, caring and supportive. Talking bad about yourself to yourself is probably the worst thing you can do. Treat yourself in a totally loving and positive manner. When you do this, you will be able to see how awesome you are and how much more awesome you will become.

8) Woe is me.

Always the victim never the victor. Sad things keep happening to you and you can’t wait to tell the next person you see. The more you talk about it, the more depressed you get and the more terrible things keep happening to you. You think your life is bad? Go hang out in a city where they just had a devastating earthquake or tsunami. Stop whining. We’re getting sick of listening to it and there will come a point where no one will want to be around you. How lonely will that be?

9) Negative Nancy.

We are really truly sad for you and wish, just once, you could see something in a positive light. Not everything is bad. Honest. Try to find the good in things and when you do you will see that more good things will show up in your life. It’s a universal law. It has to be. You are sucking the life out of us and we don’t want to hang around you anymore.

This list covers many things that we all do almost on a daily basis. Next time you catch yourself doing any of these, stop it. Immediately. Turn it around and tell yourself that your soul is beautiful and deserves only loving, kind and caring thoughts. Once you get into this habit, in no time you will see that these behaviours will become a thing of the past and your soul will illuminate beauty.

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Jonghyun as your bf (SHINee)

[[Finally a Shinee scenario haha, I hope this is okay!! He’s so cute awh x]


Originally posted by shineetho

  • really talkative and loud
  • kind of protective but still pretty relaxed
  • he has to be the bigger spoon
  • would say romantic things really nonchalantly
  • casually drops the love bomb for the first time very randomly and out of context like you say a bad pun and he just “You’re lucky I love you,” and you just “??!??!?!?!?!?!!”
  • would send you vlog updates if he’s ever away so you don’t have to miss him
  • is really playful and teases you a lot
  • very proudly introduces you to everyone but they basically already know you cause he never shuts up about you
  • type to steal your things like where’s your hat? he has it
  • rlly cute and will force you into anything with aegyo if he has to
  • complains about you always wanting to cuddle but secretly he’s hoping for it
  • when he misses you a lot he sends rlly cheesy and lame things but when you bring it up “That never happened,”very comfortable with skinship but is conservative about it in front of other people (so limited PDA)
  • teaching you how to play piano/guitar
  • singing to you when you beg but rlly he’s just doing it to see you smile
  • type to give you the last slice of pizza but still be kinda salty about it
  • can be totally extra clingy for no reason randomly
  • spoils you all the time and will fight you if you protest
  • will also fight anyone who tries to say anything wrong to you
  • pretty happy and chill most of the time though
  • enjoys giving you casual heart attacks throughout the day with very nice pictures that you did not ask for
  • but if you do ask they’re gonna be derpy or troll pics like “You miss me and want to see me? Here is a picture of my sock.”
  • tight hugs that will probably end in him lifting you off the ground because how will you get closer
  • super sweet and loving and caring and always listens
  • never a moment of silence unless one of you is asleep why does he talk so much
  • really lets go in front of you so most of your time will be spent with him sprawled across you practically dead asleep
  • but its okay because when he’s sleepy he says “I love you” a lot cause no chill
  • just a rlly cute and fluffy boyfriend pls luv him
Pas de Deux (Ken x Reader)

Rating: M, very very VERY M

(A/N) The fam wanted some sub!Ken and, boy howdy, I was more than WILLING to give! To spice things up, I made this a Ballet AU because why the hell not? He’s my ult and he deserves a cool AU! (ps i just busted the fattest nut for this gif holy cow)

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The orchestra struck the first note of the grand pas de deux boldly, as it should be, opening up the scene for the audience who were already scooting closer in their seats to catch a glimpse of what was to come. For this particular ballet, which contained numerous modern and adult concepts like love, sex, control, and the power struggle between two lovers, was not only a dance, but a song as well; a song of both your bodies and voices that captured the essence of the characters’ relationship. It was the first time in the entire show that you and your partner were to sing, being the last characters in the plot to showcase your voices to the audience who wanted to know if you both could dance and sing. Critics in the crowd were ready to pick you apart, ready to write columns about how you were nothing more than dancers who could maybe carry a tune when asked. But you had a fiery anger in your heart, defiance lifting your chin as you strode out elegantly toward center stage, ready to prove those ruthless columnists wrong.

You heard numerous audience members gasp as you glided to the middle, performing several intricate dance passes while they gawked at your stage outfit which was innovative and daring for a ballet. Much of your skin was exposed, save for your breasts and tutu, and the audience members soon understood the sexual nature of this grand pas de deux when your partner and danseur breached the stage.

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hello Yona-chan! What do you think about the possibility of Suwon helping Kouren out of this jam with Gobi's men? I mean, the odds are pretty stacked against her, even with Yona, Hak, the dragons and Tao's stars help. Most of her men are dead, most of our characters are injured, and even Zeno's regeneration is going to be slow because he's outside of Kouka. Suwon coming in to save the day might be a good way out of it, plus it gives Kouren a reason to trust him in peace negotiations.

This like this quite a bit anon! The idea that it would allow Kouren to see that Soo-Won is not going out of his way to antagonise her and is willing to cooperate with her makes sense and I could see it happening. 

My only doubt is about where Soo-Won is distance-wise from them. Last we saw Yona and Argila galloped away on a horse and Soo-Won stayed with his army, which is marching on foot and as such will be much slower. Not to mention that the Wind Tribe and Kouren’s army are still at the border, and from memory neither party knows that Soo-Won agreed to talk to Kouren (or at best they know that he might stop and listen so long as Kouren agrees, which is not a promise to not attack at all) so they might try and stop/stall him if he appears. I suppose Soo-Won could sneak past just by himself, but then that kind of doesn’t increase the odds in terms of numbers if just Soo-Won (and maybe Joo-Doh) turn up :/

Soooo, yep, I’m not sure, but if what you suggest does come to pass I won’t be too surprised ^ ^