shine chan

Chan: Let’s pick out theme songs for ourselves!

Soonyoung: *opens mouth to speak*

Jihoon: If you’re about to say we should all have SHINee songs as our collective theme songs one more time, I’ll punch you.

Soonyoung: *slowly closes mouth*


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)


i really like this scene in the stage play.

when hanamaki says “do we really need him for that?”, you can see oikawa is about to defend himself, but iwaizumi speaks up first.

and based on everyone’s initial reaction, no one expected iwaizumi to speak up for oikawa, not even iwaizumi himself. it’s also clear that it’s not something iwaizumi does often based on oikawa’s overjoyed reaction.

this is one of the rare instances where iwaizumi openly shows (albeit accidentally) that he cares for his trash of a boyfriend best friend

Seventeen dongsaeng team hold their laugh vs How they laugh ....... sweet ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

How Younger’s team hold their laugh:

How I try not to laugh:

How they actually laugh:

they even laugh prettily (;__;)

I mean look at those pretty hands owned by Minghao when he tries to hide his laugh,
I mean look at the way Chan’s shut his eyes and laughing,
and the brightest adorable laugh of Mingyu
and look at those sun-rayed smiles by Seokmin,
and another brightest adorable laugh of Hansol,
also happy pill’s laughter reaction from Seungkwan


hey did u know?? @saisai-chan is a wonderful person.  She is passionate, sharp, and versatile in the creative field because she is determined and does what makes her happy regardless of what anyone else thinks.  It may sound quite simple, but it takes great courage to do so.  In this world we live in, expressing yourself can be dangerous in various ways.  I strongly admire that kind of person.  The kind that forges a path through doubt and fear. 

Talent is not given, it’s acquired through a lot of hard work.  And I’ll be damned if Sai-chan isn’t one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known.  Those who are skilled owe nothing, indeed no more than anyone else, but those who freely give their time, their patience, and their kindness are worth more than all the treasure this world has to offer.  Everyone has their own unique lives to live, their own aspirations and insecurities and secrets.  With billions of people living on this planet, it is inevitable that you won’t always encounter people you get along with, but I strive to surround myself with those who are kind and supportive as much as possible.

I’ve known Sai-chan maybe…  seven odd years? goodness.  But I have been fortunate to know her, to find common ground with someone I once naively thought I had nothing in common with at all.  Friendship is wonderful, and I hope everyone has someone in their lives who makes them feel happy (and sometimes, if you’re lucky, someone who will yell with you about emotional head canons at 3 a.m. in the morning).  No matter what, hold in your heart the belief that you’ll find friends who love you as you are in this meandering path of life.  Don’t be afraid to express yourself and to tell those you love how much they matter to you.  Sai-chan, I am glad I’ve crossed paths with you.  I have never been the same since.


A comic Fanart!!!! This one, as well, is inspired by a fanfic, the one I put first in my Iwaoi fic master list. I just love this fic so much. 

It’s from “we shine like diamonds” by @whitemiists . This fic moved something in me, it’s full of life *^*/

And I love the ending. it was perfect!

(and I swear I fell in love with those children as I draw them, so I turned them into iwaoi shippers XD)

Dino’s Graduation

It’s quiet. Dino is called up to the stand to make his speech. He takes a deep breath and begins to open his mouth when …

Jeonghan: DINO-AH!


Jeonghan: Dino-ah, nugu aegi?

Dino’s Parents: *confused af* ???????

Dino: Hyung, please, my paren–

Jeonghan: Nu. Gu. A. E. Gi?

Dino: *siiiiiiiiiigh* ………………………………..Jeonghan-hyung’s aegi.

Jeonghan: *smirking* Good. Do carry on.

Dino: -________________________-

ashu-chan  asked:

Shiro is gone and that means the space children just lost a father figure I hope space dad is okay ( ; x ; )

I just hope the team get to learn to work together better w/o him. Also if Shiro is so confident in Keith that he makes him a leader then I’m super hyped to see how he’ll be like

- Mod Keith