shine actor

People who deserved a redemption arc:

  • steve harrington: just kind of an asshole, non violent, is pretty obvious through the first season that he was an okay dude on the inside

People who don’t deserve a redemption arc:

  • billy hargrove: literally tried to murder children and abused his sister to the point she feared being around him

someone: hey did you like the new junkrat short? 

 me, who did enjoy it thoroughly and loves that blizzard made such a uniquely animated cartoony-style short for junkrat and let his voice actor shine, but at the same time is desperate for the lore to give junkrat and roadhog more depth and a more meaningful story: 


SHINee’s Key musicals 
- Catch Me If You Can / as Frank Abagnale Jr
- Bonnie & Clyde /as Clyde
- The Three Musketeers / as D'Artagnan
- Zorro / as Zorro of course ^^
- Chess / as Anatoly
- In the Heights / as Usnavi
- School OZ / as David

I wish to see Key in a drama T-T he is amazing actor with the most priceless perfect face expressions ♥