shindou hikaru


Hikaru no Go: Touya Akira, Shindou Hikaru, Fujiwara no Sai

Akira and Hikaru years after the end of the manga, and a throwback to Hikaru and Sai studying Go on a computer.

My favourite HnG fic is still the one where the reason Sai became a ghost and was able to be seen by Hikaru is not so that he could play the “Hand of God” but because Hikaru (and Torajiro) were both reincarnations of the Emperor and he was being given a second chance at the position that was unfairly robbed from him in life - to teach the emperor to play go. And the reason he didn’t move onto the next life after Torajiro died is because he never taught him go. He just played through him.

It’s been years since I’ve read the manga and I’ve forgotten half the characters’s names, but I still think about that fic a lot and man if anyone could link it to me or something I’d be eternally grateful.


“All of a sudden you’re so alive” Hahaha, my friend, it’s called finishing the semester and not having a job.

Here are just a few faves whose series I remember being a fan of. (I did iwaoi meeting makoharu some time ago.) I imagine them forming some sort of support group and each sharing why they’re such sad, sad people.

And perhaps my sports babies will wisely remain silent.

1st pic, from left to right: Merlin, Shindou Hikaru, YJ!Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, John Watson, APH England