Grateful Dead
Kiel Auditorium,
St Louis MO

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101-d1t01 – //Morning Dew
102-d1t02 – Dark Star ->
103-d1t03 – St. Stephen ->
104-d1t04 – The Eleven ->
105-d1t05 – Turn on Your Lovelight
106-d2t01 – Cryptical Envelopment ->
107-d2t02 – The Other One ->
108-d2t03 – Cryptical Envelopment//
109-d2t04 – //Feedback ->
110-d2t05 – And We Bid You Goodnight

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recording and to remove several small pops.

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Project Runway S14 Ep1: Material Challenge

Designer from top to bottom: Lindsey Creel, Swapnil Shinde, Kelly Dempsey, Laurie Underwood, Merline Labissiere, Hanmiao Yang, Edmond Newton, Ashley Nell Tipton, Amanda Perna, David Giampiccolo, Candice Cuoco, Blake Patterson, Jake Wall, Gabrielle Arruda, David Chambers-Watson

Kunal Kapoor’s drool worthy transformation is truly inspiring

Kunal Kapoor whose last Bollywood venture was Gauri Shinde’s critically acclaimed Dear Zindagi has also won many rave reviews for his multilingual epic historical drama, Veeram. The 39-year-old actor is now prepping up for Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Raagdesh but has hit headlines for the amazing transformation he has gone through to get into the skin of his character in Veeram.

Taking us through his amazing journey towards fitness, Kunal took to his Instagram to post a collage chronicling the secret to his perfect muscular body. Captioned as, “6 months, 23 days, 12 hours and 232 protein shakes later! #transform,” the click shows the actor from a pot-bellied man to a hotbod charmer.

Truly an inspiration!

Kunal has sported two looks in Veeram. While for his first look the actor had to gain 12 kgs, for another he had to sweat hard to achieve this drool worthy muscular frame.

Speaking about the all the hard work that has gone behind his current look, Kunal told a news portal, “I was training like a beast for almost six months. I have always been fit but this is the fittest and most muscular I have ever been. I play a warrior in the film and I wanted to make sure I felt and looked like one.”

The fifth installment in Jayaraj’s Navarasa series, Veeram is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and has also taken inspiration from the story of a Kerala warrior, Chanthu Chekavar.

Co-produced by Chandramohan D. Pillai and Pradeep Rajan, the movie also made it to the nomination list of the 89th Academy Awards.

I don’t know what Zac is talking about. I think Swapnil really is doubting his talent. He’s very frustrated since he has been putting in hard work and has been told he’s only been putting in 50%. Of course he’s going to start questioning his talent when what he perceives as 100% effort is critiqued as 30-50%. 

And I feel like he really is trying hard, and he really wants to make everyone proud. And you can see it in his eyes that he’s so ashamed with himself. :/

Why is our benchmark reaching the Oscars?
The aim of Indian movies must be to entertain their audiences with good content, rather than constantly trying to vie for the Academy Awards. We are far away from the world standard. The world cannot understand us. The Oscars need to understand us, we don’t have to try to make it to the Oscars. I just believe that our films should be damn good for us.
—  R. Balki


Ima mita egao ga saigo no egao kamo shirenai
Tatoeba betsu no hitoto kaiwa wo suru yokogao mo tootoi ichibyou
Hane yori mo inochi ga karuku naru sekai de
Kimi wa watashi no ikiru imi da kara deaeta

Setsunasa wa kono mune no AXIA
Katamichi dake no binetsu de kakeru sora
Sugu kieru mujihina niji ni naru
Yuuen no kimi ga
Daisuki de daikirai

Hitori de umarete dare mo ga hitori de shinde iku
Soredemo watashitachi wa hitorikiri ja ikirarenai
Shitai au shuuhasu
Uzuku kizuguchi he to itoshisa ga shimiru
Ienai mama no hitokoto ga hitomi ni afureta

Namida sae ashita terasu AXIA
Hakanai ryuushi de tsunage te iku kodou
Kagerou ni ukabu yume no youni
Eien no hibi wo shitta hakujou na jounetsu

Toki no fune ni notte nemuru hi ga kitemo
Tatta hitori omou hikari zutto tayasanai
Mou kimi wo omoide dashitari shinai
Datte ichido mo wasureru kotonai kara

Setsunasa wa kono mune no AXIA
Katamichi dake no binetsu de kakeru sora
Watashi kara ai wo nusumu kimi ga
Zetsubou suru kurai mukuware nakute mo
(Haruka touku te mo)
Daisuki de daikirai

Daisuki de daikirai…?

I really wanted a NYE episode this year. This is how I saw one going down. Pure fluff.

“So who all’s coming to my New Years Eve party?” Stuart asks the guys as they thumb through comic books. They all look at each other and grimace before Sheldon answers.

“I don’t believe any of us will be attending your shinding’.”

“Not even you Raj?” Stuart asks desperately and he shakes his head.

“Sorry dude.”

“Come on guys! It has been like four years since you came to tbe comic book store for new years eve.” Stuart begs.

“Exactly.” Howard tells him. “And in that time we have all gotten girlfriends or got married.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

“So bring them too! The more the merrier! The last time you brought a girl you won first place in the costume contest.”

“That’s another thing.” Sheldon says. “Since winning top prize the thrill of competition is gone.”

“So how about instead of a group costume contest I make a bunch of other categories and best costume of the night wins top prize?”

“Interesting.” Sheldon says is interest piqued.

“The girls are not going to go for it.” Leonard tells him raising his eyebrows.

“Speaking of the girls… How do I know, that if I bring Amy here I can trust you to keep your hands to yourself?” Sheldon asks him raising an eyebrow. “I am told you tried to pitch woo to her on several occasions during our break up.” Sheldon says looking at him menacingly and Stuart throws his hands up.

“You guys were broken up! I would never hit on Amy knowing she was yours.”

“I still don’t know.” He says looking at him skeptically.

“Yeah Stuart, I just don’t think we are going to be able to convince the girls to spend new year’s eve in a comic book store.” Leonard says.

“I know it’s just this year has been long and lonely for me. What with Debbie dying and being kicked out of the house we shared…” Stuart starts hanging his head

“First of all Debbie was my mom! And you lived in our house for long time!” Howard begins but Howard stops him.

“Emily might go for it she likes cosplay. Tell me Stuart is there a theme?” Raj asks.

“Yes! This the best part keeping with the trends… This years theme is Star Wars!”

“Oooo!” Sheldon says excitedly. “The original movies? The prequels? The Force Awakens? Yes to all!!!”

“All genres no holds barred.” Stuart tells them. “Though I am surprised to hear you so excited Sheldon.”

“Why it’s a well known fact that I am a fan of Star Wars.” Sheldon says confused.

“It’s just that I know you gave up your opening night ticket so I thought that maybe you weren’t as big of a fan anymore.” Stuart says trying to get him back for his earlier dig about being rejected by Amy.

“Oh that, well it was Amy’s birthday.”

“Still birthday’s coming once a year and you have been waiting ten years for the new Star Wars.” Stuart says.

“I decided instead of seeing Star Wars on opening night. My time would be better spent having coitus with my girlfriend.” he tells Stuart matter of factly. “From what I recall you enjoyed your night doing neither. Good day Stuart, I will ask Amy about attending your party.” Sheldon says turning on his heel and walking out of the shop.

“So he and Amy finally…” Stuart asks the other guys making a gesture with his hands.

“Yep.” Leonard says smirking at Stuart.

“No wonder he skipped the premiere.” Stuart says dreamily. “I would forgo the rest of the franchise for a chance with her.”

“You might want to keep that to yourself.” Leonard tells him.


“I can’t believe you convinced me to go to this dumb party.” Amy gripes as she adjusts the sleeves on her Princess Leia costume.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to go as Han Solo.” Sheldon says adjusting his vest in the mirror.

“I can’t believe you had a Princess Leia costume at the ready.” She tells him smiling. Even though she did not want to go to the party she has to admit they look great together.

“You never know who the odd one out will be at Comic-Con who has to go as Leia.”

“At least it is not the gold bikini.” Amy says as they walk out the door of Sheldon’s bedroom.

“Are you sure? I could buy you one.” He tells her winking at her.

“Quite sure, I don’t have the… Ahem… Assets to pull of that one.” Amy says as they walk into the empty living room.

“I beg to differ.” Sheldon tells her pulling her into a kiss he had been resisting giving her since seeing her dressed as Leia.

“Oh get a room!” Penny yells at them before their lips connect. “Don’t do that in front of your mother! “ Penny says pointing her gun at them dressed as Padme’ from Attack of the Clones.

“Ha ha.” Sheldon says stepping away from her.

“That’s a good son-in-law.” Leonard jokes as he walks in dressed as Anakin. “Okay family let’s go we are meeting the rest of the gang at the comic book shop.

When the get to the comic book store the party appears to be in full swing. Sheldon looks around and groans loudly and rolls his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Amy asks.

“Look at how many Leia and Han’s there are here! I told you we should have been BB-8 and R2-D2!”

“And I told you I was not going dressed as an orange ball or a space trash can.” Amy hisses at him.

“Space trash can! Woman!” He hisses back.

“Fighting already?” Stuart says appearing beside them dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi. “Did someone say help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope?” He asks raising his eyebrows at Amy who rolls her eyes.

“Get lost you…you…nerf herder!” Amy tells him and Stuart and Sheldon are taken aback.

“Geez! Someone Can’t take a joke.” Stuart says walking away.

“Did you just use a Star Wars reference to insult Stuart?” He asks looking down at her intently.

“I did.” Amy says excited and just as Sheldon leans down to kiss her they are interrupted by Bernadette’s high pitch squeal.

“You guys look adorable!” She yells hugging Amy around the neck.

“So do you guys!” Amy tells her Howard and Bernadette are dressed as ewoks

“This is humiliating.” Howard gripes crossing his furry arms.

“Why? The Ewoks are the most adorable Star Wars characters.” Bernadette tells him.

“That’s just it I don’t want to be adorable I want to be badass!” He says.

“Excuse me! The Ewoks helped take down the empire while looking adorable in the process.” Bernadette tells him.

“She has a point Howard.” Leonard tells him. “Who better to be Ewoks than tbe most tiny adorable couple we know.”

“Are Emily and Raj not coming?” Penny asks bored of the subject.

“We’re here.” A Kylo Ren says behind Bernadette pulling of its mask to reveal long red hair.

“I can’t believe nobody dressed as Luke in our group! I don’t even get to say my best line.” Raj says pulling off his mask.

“So you guys are grandfather and grandson… Neat…” Penny says tilting her head.

“I only wanted to be a sith.” Emily says putting her mask back on and walking away.

“Ookkkayyy.” Penny says through her teeth drinking her drink.

The rest of the night is fun. More fun tban the girls thought New Year’s eve in a comic book store would be. Even if Sheldon is disappointed that his and Amy’s costume did not win top prize just best Han and Leia.

“Its not fair! Howard and Bernadette’s stupid Ewok’s won… I told you…”

“If you say we should have been two robots so help me. Besides think of it this way. They were the only Ewoks so they won top prize. However we won best Han and Leia out of how many other couples?”

“Only because you were the only actual female Leia.” He sniffs.

“Exactly! When you used to come to these things did you ever think you would be the one with an actual girl on your arm?” She asks him as tbe countdown begins.”

“Are you saying you are the prize?” He asks her puzzled.


“You’re right.” He tells her as the count hits one and he kisses her. Kissing her long after the other couples break apart to celebrate the new year. “Sorry I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” He tells her when he breaks away.

“So have I” Amy admits staring back up into his face.

“How about a hug to ring in the new year?” Stuart asks Amy walking up to them but She,din wraps her up in another passionate embrace blocking Stuart out.