Junjin’s FB Updates:

1. [Dictation] (showing teeth brightly) Aw I like it~ I like this so much~ Aw~~ 

2. [Choongjae at that time] didn’t know the waiting will be that long. 

3. [Choongjae at that time] Enjoys himself even when sitting quietly. The perfect criminal enjoyed himself. 

4. [Choongjae at that time] Waiting gradually grew longer. But he enjoyed it while dreaming of being the perfect criminal. Oh~ this sweet! Yes, that’s it!

5. [Choongjae at that time] Said “Guess I came way too early” over 1000X. Still he dreamt of a surprise appearance while giggling 

6. [사진확대기능] (인척하는 도촬) “누가 나 꽃게 좀 달아줘어” 라고 하시며 한손으로 애쓰고 계셨다.

7. [Video] "Choongjae draws well too"
Nuna nuna~ Am I drawing the bird properly? Does this look like a bird at all? Hehehehehe 

8. “Even I am satisfied” He said he can’t draw well but he can
(JJ also wrote ‘BabyBird came to see MamaBird’) 

9. [사진확대기능] 전진(예명:ㅈㅈ)님의 예술혼이 담긴 작품!
Finished shot of the apron.
“Since Mummy’s concert is over, let’s prep for ShinCon~! ㅋㅋ”

English Translations by destinygyo & malpabo