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Hii! Can u write an imagine where Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Mori are at first best friends with their s/o but then one kisses the other in the spur of the moment? Thanks so much!! Love the blog!!

Oh my goodness I’m so sorry this one took forever; I got super carried away by the cuteness overlord and writer’s block (Mori is so hard for me to write but I really wanted to try)!!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did writing it =)


“You’re late,” Kyouya chides, holding the door open for you.  

“Well your call came out of nowhere and getting here is no easy feat for someone without a chauffeur,” you reply flatly.  An unexpected downpour had dampened not only your clothes but also your mood.  

“I requested to have Hotta pick you up, if you recall.”

“And I appreciate that, but I can manage on my own.

“So what’s so important that I needed to rush here through traffic and a storm?” you huff.

Kyouya nods.  “Right.  Come with me.”  He leads you to one of the mansions kitchens and goes straight to the refrigerator.  “I had business in Osaka this weekend and remembered you saying that you’d do anything to try the famous baumkuchen cake (a sort of crème brulee drizzled with maple syrup) from Madame Shinco.” He pulls out a couple boxes and places them on the counter.  “These are for you,” he finishes.  

Your eyebrows fly up your forehead upon seeing the ornate boxes of these prized delicacies.  “I can’t accept these; that’s far too generous, especially from you!”

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[TRANS] 170103 IU replies to fans on fancafe (Part 3)

Fan: I don’t look good when I take selcas with the backcamera. Why is that so???
IU: You haven’t practised enough. 

Fan: My own selca vs Photo taken by others
IU: My own selca 

IU: Photo taken by others  

Fan: Do you have any nickname for Kang Hanna?
IU: Hanna-chan 

Fan: What filter did you use??!!! Super pretty IU
IU: AnalogFilm Paris no. 7! (Note: Download link from app store)

Fan: Your photo isn’t flipped. Is it a mistake? hehe
IU: That wasn’t my doing though?.. 

Fan: I don’t know if you saw the Marshmallow quiz questions this time. Do you think you would be able to answer them correctly?
IU: I didn’t see them, but were they that hard..? 

Fan: What should I eat to become as pretty as unni?(feat Haesoo)
IU: ..☺?? 

IU: ..??☺??  

Fan: I have a class test at 1pm so I’ll be back again.. Give me some luck too (begging for luck) 
IU: Grow up stronger. 

Fan: Why did you end with a question mark? You’re really cute…
IU: I think it was added automatically. 

Fan: I’m really off to work now. You don’t have any schedules today?
IU: I have to go for work now too. 

Fan: Jingjjang, how does Madame Shinco (japanese dessert) taste like? Is it good?
IU: Really sweet. 

Fan: Noona, what’s your favourite photo? This is mine. [inserts ahjummalaughterU]
IU: Who’s that? 

Fan: Jingjjang, how do you take care of your fingernails?
IU: Like this [inserts photo of fingernails] 

Fan: Unni, I’m 20 now ㅠㅠ What should I do now??
IU: Yeah what should you do ㅠㅠ That’s really great, what to do ㅠㅠ 

Fan: Jingjjang, you can’t leave without saying a wordㅠㅡㅠ
IU: A word!! 

Fan: Unni, when you leave say bb
IU: bb 

Fan: Unni, the first digit of my age changed too..ㅋㅋ Please give a tip for twenty year olds!
IU: Drink Chamisul for soju! 

Fan: Say one more thing as if this is an encoreㅜㅜ
IU: Hold on, let me ask my band. 

Fan: I’m composing music recently. Please give me some tips!!!
IU: End off with 2-5-1. 

IU: Ah this power of unity is great. 

IU: Alright I’ll post a selca to end off, since that’s what you guys want. 

IU: I promise to be back in the evening, goodbye!! 

Translated by IUteamstarcandy


◉アニ ( SDP/JUNKO LESS_3 )の場合…:::::::::::::::…..::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::…


ー2007年「LIFE AT SLITS」刊行用インタビューより

PHOTO/ANI & SHINCO @ NYC_1990..::::.::::::::::::::……………………….