shinatty chan

I can’t believe this show is 10 freaking years old, that’s insane.
I’ve only been in this fandom for a year or two, yet it feels like I’ve been here for much more.

It has truly done a lot of in my life, like making me actually want to draw noses and learn how to draw men.
As well as make me actually intrested in other history than just Finland’s.

It’s honestly really stupid that a show about sparkling gay countries fighting in the bloodiest wars of human history could bring me so much joy. I got to give an applause to that.

So thanks to everyone who has dragged me into this hell, I’m glad to be here with you.

The Signs and their Hetalia Boyfriends
  • Aries: Herr Stick
  • Taurus: Shinatty-Chan
  • Gemini: Aph God
  • Cancer: The hamster that rejected Russia
  • Leo: Sweden's fridge
  • Virgo: The Homophobic Waiter
  • Libra: A can of pineapples
  • Scorpio: Sealand's bird
  • Sagittarius: Switzerland's goat
  • Capricorn: A Mochi Horse
  • Aquarius: Aph Banana Man
  • Pisces: The guy who sold the roses to Italy
  • -Admin Canako