shinaka photography


So a close friend gave me ACTUAL Good Smile Charlotte (PMMM) figurines as a belated birthday present, so I really wanted to repay his generosity by posting up an unboxing pic set. :D

Big!Charlotte was relatively easy to put together, though you needed to shove her wings into her head some in order for them to not fall off. Her nose was a bit trickier but applying a lot of pressure helped as with the wings.

Now, small!Charlotte was all sorts of challenging. I didn’t know to do this at first but I tried to put her ribbon!arms on while her head was still on. BIG MISTAKE. I left a scratch on one arm (it’s covered up by the cape in the pictures though) before I realized, DUH, I should try to take the head off. (Ironic, I know.)

Even then, the arms took sooo long to put on - there were just so many ways for them to pop off and I was scared of putting more scratches on the arms. SOMEHOW, I prevailed eventually.

I futzed a bit with the cape and putting the head back on, before realizing that putting the figurine on the pedestal first might make putting together small!Charlotte easier. Afterwards, putting the cape and the head on wasn’t that bad, although the cape tended to shift a bit.

Anyways, so this pic set was about how I constructed my first set of PMMM figurines, after a few hiccups XD


Figurine/button/keychains/misc. collection:

  • 2 Bleach teacups: Gin Ichimaru and Izuru Kira 
  • Pikachu plush (technically on loan from phoeny)
  • A. oryzae keychain
  • Yotsuba&! (Raincoat Yotsuba) keychain
  • Minako Arisato keychain
  • Jake keychain
  • Finn (NYCC 2011 Finn) figurine
  • Haruhi Suzumiya figurine (missing its stand and guitar due to my mother -.-)
  • Domo plush
  • Assorted buttons (KH, Mario, Domo, etc.)