SHIN YOSHIKAWA - Into The Wilderness from Silly Thing

Meet Shin Yoshikawa. Acclaimed Artist, Author, Designer, Engineer, Restoration Specialist, Concert Pianist, and the world’s foremost expert on the Toyota 2000GT, considered by many as one of Japan’s finest automobile masterpieces. We travel deep into the Californian desert for an extremely rare audience with the famed restorer and automobile historian.

For the full feature, please pick up a copy of Blackbird Vol.2/Obscura Issue #14 from your local retailer, or online at


Executive Producer: TK Mak

Director: Frank Liew

DP & Producer: Vincent Foillet / Coleen Haynes

Camera Ops: Morgan / Martin

Audio: Marion 

Editor: Phoebe Cheng

Translation: Norman Wong / Edward Chiu

Music: Take Me To The Game by Paul Mottram