PersonaCaptor Pego ft. Tomoyuki (+ lots of pego doodles…)

After Pego’s dad, Tatsuya, commits a sin as a previous PersonaCaptor, the Personas escape yet again as punishment. Pego follows in his footsteps years later to retrieve them with his number one fan, Yuki. (I’m too into this CCSxPersona AU as you can tell….)

The Enneagram Theory (Persona 5)

There won’t be any spoilers. Everything that’s going to be analyzed is not from any sort of demo or gameplay feature so feel at ease. Again, this is simply an analysis. 

From this theory/analysis we will be able to guess not just their personality type but their weakness, their advantages, their possible roles in the party and their main sins.

Even so, if you don’t want to have any kind of information about the characters pesonalities feel at ease since I’m going to put everything down below.

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Let’s Dance! Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. A culmination of my favorite P4 Dan segments. This was a finalist in the AMV contest at my last con (CTCon) this year.


Persona 5-’Introduction and Dungeon’ Gameplay 

03 of 05 - Modern Compendium: Fury - Fury Mummy

Continuing our riff on different kinds of anger, we present the Mummy. The Mummy represents the second type of anger, the settled and deliberate. Where both the Berserker and the Werewolf represented kinds of explosive, expressive anger, the Mummy represents a kind of anger which could best be described as “cold fury.” Typically a reaction to deliberate harm or injustice – both actual and perceived – this kind of anger manifests itself in episodic bouts of antagonism and revenge.

I picked the Mummy to represent this kind of anger because, of all the popular movie-style monsters, the Mummy is the one classic monster whose assault is never based on vicious speed or random brutality. The Mummy is a monster who attacks specifically and only those people who have violated its tomb, deliberately hunting down and exacting vengeance on those who have wronged it. Rather than a predator like the Werewolf or a brute like the Berserker, the Mummy is intelligent anger, rage filed to a scalpel point and used to carve the creature’s enemies out of the world.

While mummies have existed in many cultures throughout history, the modern idea of the Mummy as a desiccated corpse-slash-avenging angel only tracks back to around the early 19th century. The fact that this coincides with the earliest translations of Egyptian hieroglyphs is no chance happenstance; as the earliest Egyptologists began to translate the inscriptions of the tombs they were raiding, learning about the people whose graves they were disturbing, a sort of collective guilt began to creep up. The culmination of this came in the early 20th century with the media frenzy that erupted around the Curse of King Tutankhamen, which turned a couple of shockingly coincidental deaths and a hundred years of stories about the bad luck of mummies into a tale of the vengeance of the risen dead. Ironically, the very first mummy movie, The Mummy actually came out eleven years before the Curse erupted, but the combination has led to a monster with a particularly strong grasp on modern society. Indeed, The Mummy has been rebooted or remade every couple of decades since the 1930s, with the most recent film spawning a number of spinoffs and sequels of its own.

Given the nature of the Mummy, I could see this demon being one of those slow-but-dangerous creatures whose Agility is in the toilet, but their Strength and Endurance is somewhere on the moon. However, the Mummy has been seen as a kitschy Halloween cutout for generations now, so I can see its perceived goofiness balancing out that intrinsic power, landing this creature comfortably in the middle of the Fury family.

For more info on this and every other demon in the Modern Compendium, have a look at our extensive Data File, right over (here).

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Why do people keep saying your game is an Undertale copy? Similar battle systems have been in plenty of games. Look at Shin Megami Tensei, for instance

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We are gonna give our combat system a slight overhaul anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tbh I’m kinda happy that it got delayed. No offense but the demos didn’t really impress me. First one was kinda cool but the poor framerate was off putting. The second one was a bit better, but eh just wasn’t doing anything to really impress me. Maybe with the delay it will polish the game enough for me to have interest in the game again, but honestly that’s wishful thinking on my part.