TAIWANderful: Family (Day 4-5)

June 30-July 1, 2015. Yizhong Street, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Top City Department Store, and Taoyuan International Airport. 

How I got there: Yizhong Street: Buses 88 or 86 to NTCUST 

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi & Top City Dept. Store: Bus 5 or 33 

Since we had a long day on the 29th, we decided to make our 30th more relaxed. In the morning, we went back to Providence University because I had to retrieve the deposit I paid for my dorm (hehe $550). We had lunch at NU Pasta (we also ate there when we went to my school for the first time), then headed to Yizhong Street to do some shopping and buy some street food. (My back was dying from pain huhuhuhu.) When it was getting late, we went back to our hotel, then went again to Fengjia Night Market. We always went to Fengjia because it was very near our hotel. Hehehe. End of June 30.

July 1 is our last day!! We needed to check out at 11:30 AM so we had to leave our hotel room. Nonetheless, the hotel staff were very kind and they allowed us to leave our bags there first so we could waste our time waiting for our 10:30 PM flight. So, we went to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Top City Department Store. Department stores in Taiwan sell very expensive things so we didn’t stay long.

At around 2:30 PM, we decided to just go to Taoyuan International Airport and wait there. We went back to the hotel, took our bags, rode 2 taxis, then went to the UBus station. The bus ride was around 2-3 hours. So we still had around 5 hours to waste at the airport. We spent our time eating, watching anime, surfing the net, and buying stuff. We also used all our EasyCard loads and bought more pasalubong in OK Mart

Our flight was delayed for a few minutes so we arrived in Manila at 1 AM, July 2. My JTA journey was an awesome experience. I am going to miss it so much.


Today was pretty much spent running errands before heading up to Taipei. We went back to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (the mall I was at yesterday) for blankets, but left empty handed. For lunch I had a yummy sizzling beef plate with noodles at a korean restaurant in the food court. Afterwards we went to a couple phone carriers trying to figure out if I should get a monthly plan or just prepaid minutes for my phone…I ended up just getting prepaid minutes at the local 7-eleven. If you don’t know already, 7-elevens in Taiwan are 1000x better than the ones in the US–they sell everything (seriously), and are basically at every corner. We ended up spending quite a bit and at 7-eleven they always have promotions where you can collect stickers and trade them in for fun gifts–the one we’re working on currently is angry bird cups. 

My dad had to go to the dentist at 6:00pm and so we called a cab and amazingly, it was the same cab driver from earlier today. The odds of that happening are basically zero, so I wanted to commemorate cab #111. 

While my dad was at the dentist, my mom and I went to the costco equivalent (where I learned about shopping carts and weighing fruit yourself) to return a pillow. One of the phones we were using was a sony ericsson (ancient now :O) and was accidentally turned onto flight mode. We couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, so I ended up asking one of the cell phone guys at the mart and the first guy couldn’t figure it out either. The second guy tried and after a few minutes he fixed it! I asked him what he did, expecting to have just blatantly missed the turn flight mode off button, and he said that he just rebooted the phone…but of course. 

For dinner, we ate at a different shopping mall and had some yummy noodle soup. The paper sleeve the chopsticks came in had a quote saying “Slowly building is actually faster”, I look at business through the same lens as life, I naturally hope I can walk the earth for a long time, I’d rather own ten well managed restaurants that last 100 years, than grow quickly and open 100 restaurants that only last ten years. 

TAIWANderful: Family (Day 2)

June 28, 2015. Providence University, Rainbow Village, and Fengjia Night Market.

How I got there: Providence University: BRT to Providence University

Rainbow Village: BRT to Fu-An —> Bus 27 to Ling Tung University —> Walk to Rainbow Village

Fengjia Night Market: BRT to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi —> Bus 5/Bus 33 to Feng Chia University —> Fengjia Night Market

We went to my school, Providence University, because we wanted to go to Mass. Unfortunately, we were already late so we chose not to go in because we might disturb them. We took some pictures in school after visiting the chapel. 

Next, we went to Rainbow Village. (See my previous post about this village here.)

Lastly, we went back to Fengjia Night Market and shopped once more!

June 29 on the next post.


Today my cousin (same from yesterday) picked me up to take me to see a Taiwanese movie, but she ended up mixing up the show times so we went shopping instead! My first shopping mall visit of this trip. We went to 新光三越 (xin1 guang1 san1 yue4), or Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, which is a huge shopping mall chain in Taiwan. It’s Fei1 Fei1’s birthday soon (the girl in these pictures), so we bought her a Hello Kitty backpack and a Dora the Explorer DVD. When my cousin picked up the DVD, I was so confused because I was curious how Dora spoke in Taiwan. As it turns out, Dora speaks Chinese and teaches English! I thought that was hilarious, so I had to snap a quick pic. After we went shopping, we went to pick up her kids at school–today was their first day! They are seriously way too cute so I had to take pictures of them playing on the playground. 

For dinner, my parents and I just went to a local stand and got some noodles. We actually passed by the pharmacy I went to yesterday! I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I have 7 humongous bug bites. Yesterday, my right thigh was completely swollen and the area around around my bite was extremely hot and getting hard–glamorous, I know. Apparently the poison is spreading around the area of my bug bite, so now I have to apply ointment 2-3 times a day on all my bites. I actually got two new ones last night…perks of having foreign blood. :( 

It’s been a pretty relaxing day! I’m going up to Taipei on Wednesday, so I’m savoring Tainan as much as possible. I’m so happy I got to catch up with friends today. Webcamming with Chen2 Yuan2 Yuan2 and Wu2 Xiao3 Ming2 (three different countries!) was hilarious & I was really happy to be able to talk to my roomie Jess who’s studying abroad in China this semester!!! (forgot to take a screenshot…but next time I will!) She mentioned potentially visiting me for a week in October in Taiwan, so I really hope that pans out! <3