Roman Gladiator Shin Guards, 1st Century AD

From the Gladiator’s Barracks in Pompeii. These elaborately decorated shin guards depict a celebration procession of Bacchus. They show images of Bacchus’ tutor Silenus, masks of the god and the lion skin of Hercules. The lower portion depicts a stork fighting a snake to protect her children.


America’s Pastime

Jackson was intrigued by baseball being considered America’s favorite pastime. “Why do only baseball players get to wear shin guards?” Jackson once asked Bush. “I’m going to wear them.” The equipment also served to protect Jackson’s knees and shins from his own athletic drills during his aerodynamic dance routines.

Many Hats

Jackson wore many hats, some pictured here on display in Bush’s L.A. studio. From top to bottom: the hat the 12-year-old Jackson wore for his first televised appearance in 1969 performing with the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show; the “Thriller” mask; a chrome tour helmet worn by Jackson to protect from pyrotechnics, explosives and sounds; the white “Smooth Criminal” fedora; a turban worn to disguise himself in public; and the black “Billie Jean” hat.


Fangirl Challenge: [15/∞ OTPs] –> Midorima and Takao (Kuroko no Basuke)

“Though they have a different style, they’re really similar to you guys. That really looks like the light and shadow of Shutoku.”

Uh, so… yeah…
These idiots are my versions of FNAF Security Guards~
98% of Vincents are just….. just nah…. I prefer Richard by ask-the-nightshift
but yeah….  here you go~? or somethin’?

Phone Guy in ponytail….. fandom will kill me so badly~! D:<
Super awesome gay Purple Guy….. now I’m ready to die….