shin megami tensei iv

I literally love this so much omg

So I’m watching the SMT IV Limited Edition unboxing set bc boredom, and the new PR director was going over how it has the OST tracks on it and shit- Anyways, he’s like “And it has an eighth hidden track on it I’m literally not allowed to tell you about. Our Project Lead’s standing JUST out of frame with a Nerf gun pointed at me, and he will shoot me.” and in the bottom of the screen is written (TRUE STORY.)

I love all branches of Atlus so much, holy shit.

smtiv/a silent protagonists and my interpretation of their ‘silence’

flynn: his silence is because he has yet to find his own voice, drawn to people with louder voices than his until he finds himself in neutrality, where he realizes that his voice doesn’t need to be loud to be overheard, it just needs to be shared

nanashi: his silence is not because he has no words to say, but it’s because of the lack of people willing to hear it. he’s a child, a cadet, a greenhorn. no matter how loud he screams if he’s irrelevant it will just be treated as a childish tantrum

No one in Tokyo has ever seen a rose. Sure they have seen Alraune, but she’s not a real rose. Granted, neither is Miss Isabeau, but she feels as mythical as the beautiful rose from the old days. Asahi has read many romance books depicting roses. ‘Women are roses, beautiful yet untouchable.’ seems to be a recurring theme. Asahi watches from afar and thought, yeah, Miss Isabeau is untouchable. And that’s a good thing in Tokyo! Untouchable means you won’t get hurt!



Isabeau is untouchable, until she holds Asahi’s hands and asks, “Would you like to see real roses when this is all over? I have a garden of them back in Mikado.” and this will be over soon, Asahi knows it will be, because Isabeau promises it will.
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guess who wrote and EVEN LONGER CHAPTER THIS TIME but at least all of my notes are covered now thank god.  no more notebooks sitting by the side of my bed open.

Mainline SMTs MCs meeting #1:

Kazuya and Aleph: Hey, how come they use magic and we don’t?

Hitoshura: *Magatama comes out of his mouth* hi.

Flynn and Nanashi in a corner: We… We have heard some shit.

Kazuya and Aleph whispering: …What the fuck.


i saw your headcanon for ring of gaea’s founder Kenji and ended up with my own: he left Counter-Demon Force after a nasty argument with Akira that was sparked by Past!Flynn’s sacrifice, that’s when he started his own organization based on his ideals. 

And when Akira left for Mikado, he visited Skins and Fujiwara again, confident they finally realized what a useless coward Akira truly was and extended his offer for them to join as Gaeans. When they refused him, Kenji realized they were still holding out hope for Akira to come back, even as they curse him as a traitor.

(And in the end, Kenji never got to find out that everything Akira did was for humanity)