shin yooncheol

Topp Dogg's real names
  • P-Goon:Park "These abs can make a grown man cry" Sehyuk
  • Jenissi:Kim "I'm always in the back for pictures when I'm the shortest" Taeyang
  • Seogoong:Park "I'll crush your head between my thighs" Hyunho
  • Gohn:Kim "I'll come back from the army ripped as fuck and no one's gonna be ready" Dongsung
  • Sangdo:Yu "Adorable as fuck to secondhand embarrassment real quick" Sangdo
  • Kidoh:Jin "Skip the adorable and go straight to secondhand embarrassment" Hyosang
  • Nakta:Shin "Tall drink of water is an understatement" Yooncheol
  • Hojoon:Jeon "No one was ready for me in Arario era" Hojoon
  • B-Joo:Kim "My hair is constantly having an identity crisis" Byungjoo
  • Hansol:Kim "I'm either too precious for this world or too sexy" Hansol
  • Xero:Shin "It's not my fault I'm so sexy" Jiho
  • A-Tom:Kim "Quickly becoming a meme thanks to my hyungs" Sanggyun
  • Yano:Seo "Raps like a monster but acts like a five year old" Sangwon

Hansol being naughty.

Nakta naturally reacting, as anyone would, to Hansol’s naughtiness

Hansol playing the victim (even though he started it)

B-Joo rescuing his “innocent” Hansolie from the “mean” Nakta.

………..Hansol, you devious little puppy…x3

Bc we need some more Nakta love out here

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What I learned in All-Kill Ep. 2
  • Never try to catch a chair, when  Xero wants to sit on the same chair
  • Never play a game about k-pop together with Nakta
  • Nakta don’t even no his own songs
  • Hojoon and A-Tom are really into girl groups 
  • Xero is a coolly thief and liar