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If you are a fan of Asian dramas

..then you will be able to relate with the particular instance,

When Guys are so passionate in their Kissing scenes, giving their all,

While the girls just stand there, with mouths closed shut..with either a blank or shocked expression…


A Few Seconds later We’d be like:


“I created this song relying 100% on my own personal experiences and memories. Since it’s about myself, I came up with the song rather quickly.  If I write out the lyrics, the melody would just come to mind allowing things to flow smoothly. If I really can’t figure something out I just let it sit for a while with a drink.  Whether it be writing lyrics or composing music. I wrote a sad song thinking many people would get emotional and cry while listening to it.  I sent it to Park Shin Hye and Yang Se Hyung. He said it was the perfect song to listen to when having a drink.” - Junhyung, Highlight

  • all three members are main vocals 
  • their harmonies
  • their harmonies 
  • their performance on immortal song
  • eunyong & wooyoung’s singing covers
  • they spend their free time playing with kids in the playground near the company 
  • geonhee’s fancam & dance cover 
  • wooyoung did an interview with MRJKPOP and she asked him to explain the difference between ‘belch’ and ‘burp’ because she is self teaching herself english and she had no one else to ask & she can also speak french
  • WOOYOUNG’S RAPPING IN ‘BAD GIRL’ & she also writes rap lyrics herself
  • they’re crazy talented 
  • geonhee has appeared in various music videos and has also made a cameo appearance in the drama ‘high society’ 
  • they all can sing, dance, play an instrument, 2/3 can rap 
  • as a hobby eunyong likes to write music, sing while playing the piano & cook food for the other 2 members
  • they have a very unique way to warm up their vocals 

purfles is an amazingly talented group with great personalities, please, PLEASE check them out and support them!!! they come from a very small unknown company (Crescendo Music) and the only way they can do well is through OUR support. i cannot, cannot, CANNOT emphasis enough how underrated these girls are and we seriously cannot let such a talented, amazing group go unnoticed! they need to gain more recognition and WE need to help them!!!!

you can watch their music videos here: 

A Bad Thing
Bad Girl  

BREAKING: Highlight's Yang Yoseob Reportedly Dating Musical Actress Shin Go Eun + Agency Responds

BREAKING: Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Reportedly Dating Musical Actress Shin Go Eun + Agency Responds

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On May 16, it was reported that Highlight’s Yang Yoseob and musical actress Shin Go Eun are dating.

The two met earlier this year, as they both starred in the musical “The Days,” which ran from early February to March. The two became closer as they acted in the musical together and helped each other with acting. Furthermore, the two bonded even more quickly over the fact that they both own dogs.

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anonymous asked:

I got into BTS today so I'm very new (to Kpop in general). What are their personalities like?

welcome to kpop and the bts fandom :) in terms of personalities, i really think you should find that out for yourself and decide based on your own thoughts rather than hearing it from me. it won’t be hard to see that they are all extremely loveable, hilarious, humble and down to earth. 

this is a good chance to catch up on bts content! i suggest you watch their bombs/episodes on their youtube channel as a first step in getting to know them. all of them are iconic so start wherever you like!

i also suggest you watch:

that’s only barely scratching the surface of all the good stuff bts has been on/done. but it’s a starting point! afterwards you should definitely check out some of their dvds which can all be found on @bangtanvideo​‘s tumblr under the dvd section. you should also watch some of their personal vlive’s bc there are some iconic ones :’) 

uhhhhh so, you probably just wanted me to describe each member but instead i shove this wall of text in your face, i’m sorry aksdkkd. this wasn’t a super comprehensive list but i hope it gives you somewhere to start!


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