shin yang

If you are a fan of Asian dramas

..then you will be able to relate with the particular instance,

When Guys are so passionate in their Kissing scenes, giving their all,

While the girls just stand there, with mouths closed shut..with either a blank or shocked expression…


A Few Seconds later We’d be like:

I really want to thank Kevin for being with Kris during his birthday every year without fail. I know in a recent interview Kris had acknowledged having only 1 or 2 close friends nowadays. Most of his close friends have married and have kids so he felt that their paths in life were deviating from each other. Although they have different paths, I know they still love Kris and consider him as a brother. It just saddens me to see less of his friends physically be there every year. 

2014: Ray, Song Bingyang, and Kevin

2015: Song Bingyang and Kevin

2016: Just Kevin

  • all three members are main vocals 
  • their harmonies
  • their harmonies 
  • their performance on immortal song
  • eunyong & wooyoung’s singing covers
  • they spend their free time playing with kids in the playground near the company 
  • geonhee’s fancam & dance cover 
  • wooyoung did an interview with MRJKPOP and she asked him to explain the difference between ‘belch’ and ‘burp’ because she is self teaching herself english and she had no one else to ask & she can also speak french
  • WOOYOUNG’S RAPPING IN ‘BAD GIRL’ & she also writes rap lyrics herself
  • they’re crazy talented 
  • geonhee has appeared in various music videos and has also made a cameo appearance in the drama ‘high society’ 
  • they all can sing, dance, play an instrument, 2/3 can rap 
  • as a hobby eunyong likes to write music, sing while playing the piano & cook food for the other 2 members
  • they have a very unique way to warm up their vocals 

purfles is an amazingly talented group with great personalities, please, PLEASE check them out and support them!!! they come from a very small unknown company (Crescendo Music) and the only way they can do well is through OUR support. i cannot, cannot, CANNOT emphasis enough how underrated these girls are and we seriously cannot let such a talented, amazing group go unnoticed! they need to gain more recognition and WE need to help them!!!!

you can watch their music videos here: 

A Bad Thing
Bad Girl  

Oh My Ghost

Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy

Year:  July 3 2015 to Aug 22 2015

Synopsis: A romantic comedy drama about Na Bong-seon who is possessed by a ghost and chef Kang Seon-woo who doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Review: How can I resist watching Jo Jung Suk as a chef? Like really? Im actually not even sure how to write this review. The cast is actually stellar and the story is very well put together. Usually I can peg the plot but I only had my suspicions here and it all fell into place at the end of the drama… not necessarily shocking but fell together well. Those… “AH-HA” moments that really make a good drama. As you can tell I’m trying not to give too much away.

The Chef
Jo Jung Suk plays Kang Sun Woo, a master famous chef of his own restaurant with a tight knit staff. One of my favorite actors to be honest. He plays a good hard-ass here. 

The staff
Amazing set of guys…I cant even tell you. Kang Ki Young, Choi Min Chul, Kwak Shi Yang, and Oh Ui Shik make up this stellar cast. Full of sass and charisma. You will seriously fall in love with them. Pssibly get annoyed with the Sous Chef… but he does a good job… 

Honorable mention 
I needed to see more of this guy… seriously. I fell in love with his “quiet, always watching and caring” character. I really wish that he had more of a story line. But alas, I will just have to force myself to watch more of the dramas/movies that he stars in…. 

The Ghost
Kim Seul Gi plays the virgin ghost. I have seen her in other dramas and OHMYGOD do I love her. She is spunky and hilarious and I would watch her in everything…

The asst chef
Park Bo Young plays Na Bong Sun, the very introverted and shy chef assistant who goes to work at the Sun restaurant. She does an amazing job playing her introverted self and the sex crazed virgin ghost. Its fun to watch her swtich between the two.

The surprise cameo
The only thing that I will ruin about the drama. Because I was dying when I saw this. At the end of the drama, they bring in a new Sous chef to the restaurant and this sassy cocky ass shows up. I was literally in stitches. Enjoy it for yourself when you get there!

Im not going to get any more into the cast/characters cause I feel like I would spoil too much of the drama. But I honestly recommend that you add this to your list.

The last thing I will mention is that there was no face-planting in this drama. The kissing met my standards… /claps.

Score: 8