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Animage September 2017 Special Feature - Rebellious Individual, Fudou Akio

Since it was just August, the 8th month, let’s support all players with the shirt number 8! A special feature about everyone’s beloved Fudou-san! 

Fudou Akio 

CV: Kaji Yuuki 

At first he was said to be a proudly independent rebellious individual, but through personal hardships he’s gradually demonstrated his character development. Basically, he’s not a bad guy. 

-Fudou from the Super Dimensional Dream Match. Was he the one who taught Hakuryuu and Baddap how to use Koutei Penguin #2? 

-Photo collection from Inazuma Japan’s victory. Someone wearing a number 8 shirt is shaking hands with a mysterious guy in a red cape. 

-Fudou from Ares no Tenbin. He’s wearing a horizontally striped t-shirt and a purple cardigan. It’s the same style as his clothes from GO - is this his preferred fashion style? 

-According to Coach Kudou’s strategy, he became a bench warming joker during the Asian preliminaries. 

-He says more with his eyes? Fudou is a very blunt person but in actual fact he makes a variety of expressions. From a suspicious face, to a face full of contempt, to a shocked face - his expressions are more honest than you might think! We’ve highlighted some of his expressions in this feature.

 In the previous IE series, Fudou Akio made his debut with a guest appearance during the Shin Teikoku Gakuen arc. During the formation of Inazuma Japan he made a sudden second appearance as the number 8 player and he continued to wear number 8 as a member of the Battle Eleven. At the beginning he was quite an outrageous character. 

However while he did nothing but bench warm during the Asian preliminaries, fans laughed along with his wisecracks. He’s had a rivalry with Kidou too, but while they fought together the distance between them had shrunk and in the end you can even catch a fleeting glimpse of them shaking hands. In the GO series he makes several appearances as a helpful character to the kids. Though he may seem board and contrary, he is a firmly loved character.

 Finally in the new series Ares no Tenbin since Aliea Gakuen’s take over no longer exists in this parallel world, his role and relationship with Teikoku is still unclear. In any case, he still wears the same mohawk as his Inazuma Japan self (white streak included) but what will his personality be like this time? Does he have any friends? What’s the financial situation of his family like? We’re super interested in everything about him! 

-Expressions from when he was a member of Inazuma Japan in the previous series. Compared with his Ares self, has his expressions gotten a little bit softer?

-In the previous series, while he was under the influence of the Aliea meteorite he made several psychotic expressions… 

-He’s not the only one! Here are some number 8 players from the previous series! 

 Matsukaze Tenma (Raimon Junior) 

Carrot Boy (Raimon Junior) 

Teikoku Shrimp (Teikoku Gakuen)