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The Strange relationship between Shinhwa and SHCJ

What I am about to write on is something that happened recently which made me half concerned and half amused at the outcome.

Shinhwa had a V live recently, called TOUCH talk. Whenever they do V live together its always so much fun!! So my mood was really up

But that day something was clearly wrong. It didn’t strike me at first glance, but after a few minutes I couldn’t not notice it, and then it became all I could focus on.

Kim Dongwan normally looks like this in V live.

But on this day he looked like this

He was so quiet and still. So unlike his normal self. and EVERYONE noticed.

Something I love about SHCJ, we know our boys. Everyone knew something was wrong

Posts that looked like this flooded my twitter feed, the Vlive comment section was full of worry too. I would bet anything that 90% of people watching were just staring at oppayam, waiting for him to snap out of it

And then he did!~

It was like the sun started shining again. You could hear an audible sigh of relief from the SHCJ community. Junjin then told us that Kim Dongwan had been feeling sick and it was the first time he had laughed all night (WE KNOW). After that, things pretty much went back to normal. We watched them chat and play and laugh and SHCJ laughed right along with them.

But for 30 minutes, SHCJ around the world watched our annoying, noisy hyperactive Denghole be not himself, and all our moods fell with his.

 In hindsight, it really wasn’t a big deal, he was a bit quiet but it didn’t look like he was at deaths door or that he was hating the world. Andy and Eric often look like that and no one makes much comment on it.

I loved that collectively SHCJ noticed his strange mood, I love that we know him so well that everyone got worried.

It was strange but heartwarming that the whole mood of the community on V live and Twitter lifted when his did, but I think this is strong evidence of the bond between Shinhwa and their SHCJ

Shinhwa love us alot and in turn SHCJ love them back. It has really transcended a celebrity- Fan relationship and become more comfortable and real. It is a strange thing that we have with them, but it works

Shinhwa, ever the unchanging Oppas. Kim Dongwan, never lose your smile again!
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Today’s crib is a short one, but it’s a face (or mask) you’re sure to remember: Mastema, adversarial Satan analogue and generally seedy customer. 

The inspiration behind Mastema’s ornate face guard appears to be a form of mask common to the burqa styles of the Minab region of Iran. His lacks the striking red palette commonly featured in such pieces, but the form and details are otherwise a 1:1 match, right down to the protruding fold that divides the eyes. It’s an ideal fashion accessory for a mysterious and shifty character like Mastema, and makes for an arresting visual, too.

Image source: Elena Senao, flickr (from 2007!)