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I have been a fan of them for 5 years and i wanna say thank you for being there throughout my school years in highschool, there is no group that given a great impact in my life, more than bts actually, they are the light of my life back then. 5 years are such a long year for me.

I went through so many hard days but they light those days with their meaningful and beautiful music, i still remember the lyrics and can still sing along with their songs

I can’t utter any word of how grateful i am to stumble into them in my life, I’m not regretting anything

Although they went through so many ups and downs, members leaving, additional of some new members, never won any music awards in their homeland, get criticized but they still stand n never giving up for 9 years!

As the years went by, two of them already became a father of two beautiful baby boy and the leader are going to enlist in the army soon, omg I’m so emotional of how much they have grown and how much i have grown with their music

I never get to see you guys live as the fate didn’t bring us together but I’m sure I’m going to see you guys with my own eyes before i close my eyes forever. OT10 now and always.

Thank you U-KISS for all those years,

9 years and beyond,
Once a KISSme, Always a KISSme

Much love,
an emotional KISSme that can’t stop crying lol

Thighs to die for. Even the other members can't resist.

(Kiseop knows what he’s doing.  The juiciest meat is always closest to the bone.  It’s also fun to hump Soohyun’s leg with your big gun.)

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soohyun thighs are top notch tho

thanks  hyunybunny~

Complete List of U-KISS Songs

Just updated with all the new music! Let me know if I’ve missed anything, it’s hard to keep track. I found 134 songs, not including intros and additional versions of songs. Enjoy. :)

By Song Title

A Shared Dream
Alone (including AJ)
Always – Real School OST
Baby Don’t Cry
Bad (나쁘다)
Bang Bang Bang
Because I Love You (사랑하니까)
Believe (A Shared Dream)
Believe (The Special to KissMe)
Believe (The Special to KissMe) (Japanese)
Bingeul Bingeul/ Round and Round (빙글빙글)
Break Up
Breaking Apart (망가져가) – Mr Idol OST
Bungee Jump
Can’t Breathe (숨도 못 쉬어)
Can’t Breathe (숨도 못 쉬어) Remix
Can’t Be Without You (너 없이는 안돼)
Come Back/Want You Back (돌아와줘)
Come Back to Me (다시 내게로 와줘)
Crazy 4 U
Dancing Floor
Dear My Friend
Distance (including AJ)
Don’t Act Innocent (내숭떨지마)
Don’t Break Us Down – Kevin & Jun
DoraDora (돌아돌아)
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Ending – Never End
Ending – You are the Reason
Erase – Hero OST
Every Day
Fall in Love
Feel It
Follow Me – AJ
Finally – Kevin & Alexander
Forbidden Love
Forget our Memories – Kevin
Gangstar Boy
Give It to Me
Give It to Me (Remix)
Head Up High
Heart Strings (言えないコトバ) – Hoon
Hey Man
I Don’t Understand
I Like You/ Ni ga Joha (니가 좋아)
I Like You (Remix)
Inside of Me
Interlude I - Possession
Interlude II - Now and Forever
Intro (ContinUKiss)
Intro (Moments)
Intro (Neverland)
Intro (Only One)
Intro (uBEAT - Should Have Treated You Better)
Intro - Before Yesterday (Break Time)
Intro - Black Hole (Action)
Intro - Fly High (Memories)
Intro - Imma New Thang (Stop Girl)
Intro - It’s Time (Bran New Kiss)
Intro - On Fire (Bring it Back 2 Old School)
Intro - Pump Pump (New Generation)
Intro - Something Special (Inside of Me)
Intro - Step by Step (Collage)
It Must Be Fate (인연인가 봐)
It’s Been a Long Time (오랜만이야)
Let’s Get
Lifetime/ For KissMe (평생)
Like a Fool (by Im Chang Jung; Soohyun cover)
Light it Up
Lights Out (불꺼)
Love of a Friend (친구의 사랑)
Love on U
Man Man Ha Ni/ Am I That Easy (만만하니)
Man Man Ha Ni (Remix)
Melody (メロディー) (by Tamaki Koji; Soohyun cover)
Missing You
Miss You So Much – AJ
More Painful than Pain (아픔보다 아픈)
Mworago/ What (뭐라고)
My Reason
Mysterious Lady
Not Young (어리지 않아)
Not Young (Remix)
OK! (Remix)
On the Floor
Once More (もう一度)
One (하나)
One Call Away – Soohyun & Kevin
One Love
One of You
Only You
Only You/ Kimi Dake Wo  (君だけを) – Soohyun
Out of Time (Korean version of Tick Tack)
Party All the Time
Party All the Time (Remix)
Play Back
Playground (놀이터)
Quit Playing/ Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)
Real Love
Remember – Syndrome OST
Rock Me
Rock Ya Body
Sexy Baby
Shape of Your Heart
She Ain’t Mine (AJ)
She’s Mine (내 여자야)
Should Have Treated You Better (있을 때 잘해 줄 걸)
Show Me Your Smile
Shut Up!! (시끄러!!)
Smart Love
Snowman (Soohyun)
Spring Rain
Squeaky Squeaky/Creak (삐걱삐걱)
Standing Still
Standing Still (Remix)
Stay Gold
Still – AJ
Stop Girl
Stop Girl (English)
Story of April (4월 이야기)
Sweety Girl
Sweety Girl (Remix)
Take Me Away
Talk to Me
Talk to Me (Remix)
Te Amo
Tell My Y
The Only One
The Sound of Music
The Words that Hurt Me… (내게 아픈 말은…)
Thousand Miles Away
Tick Tack
Time to Go
Title Undecided (タイトル未定)
Top That
Wait (잠깐만)
We Set Off!!
We’ll Meet Again (다시 만나요)
When Love Stops (사랑이 멈출 때) (愛が止まるとき)
Who Says/Who Was It (누가 그래)
Without You

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