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Ssk and Sskk chat
  • <p> <b>Dazai:</b> guys do u know mystic messenger?<p/><b>Akutagawa:</b> What is that, Dazai-san?<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> I heard from Naomi-san that it's a game which allows you to date handsome guys...<p/><b>Dazai:</b> ooooh yes atsushi-kun is updated. as expected loool. play it, it's nice.<p/><b>Akutagawa:</b> K.<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> I'm not really into it... But If Dazai-san says so. ^^;<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Y'know if I were you, I won't listen to him.<p/><b>Dazai:</b> bc u got addicted to it that ane-san has to confiscate ur phone lmaooo they have a new route, play again chibi<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> SHUT UP!<p/><b>After 11 days, Akutagawa and Atsushi:</b> DID YOU GET MYSTERIOUS MESSAGES?????<p/><b>Dazai:</b> yaaaas<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Why am I even in this chat<p/></p>
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Muses: Jeon Jungkook ft. Kim Taehyung & Park Jimin x Reader.
Genre: Fluff.
Words: 2.1k
Type: Hybrid AU / Watashi no Ookami-kun AU.

Description: In hopes of an invigorating change of scenery, you set out for a three hour drive to the small town outside of the city where your grandmother lives, thinking this is your escape from the ever evolving globalization and capitalism but little do you know what awaits within these forest bounds.

The universe must really hate you. 

First, the inconsistent reception in the area that hangs on a thin thread since you stepped out the yellow cab. Second is the arduous journey that is almost humanly impossible to accomplish ─ in heels. Third is said reception dying out from one bar to a big obese no service staring back at you in a face-rubbing mockery, you’re on your own, loser! as you ascend further away from civilization and into the ominous green and matted brown that lies ahead. And last, the scorching hot summer heat should be far cooler than away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and towering skyscraper, but no, it’s still 34567887654 degree out here. You’re basically melting.

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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden Shin Tsukinami route summary

So my copy of Lost Eden arrived recently and I thought I’d start off with my favourite character’s route. I haven’t seen much on Shin’s route so I thought I might as well share what happens. Warning for massive spoilers below the cut. Also my Japanese is super beginner and I got fed up of looking up kanji non-stop and ended up just going for it, so unfortunately I can’t vouch for my accuracy and some bits are guess work on my part. I tried my best and will update this when I’ve gone through it and looked up more of the kanji, if you notice I’ve got anything wrong or have anything to add, please let me know politely ^^

Possible triggers for blood and illness, and general dialovers shenanigans nothing too serious here though, I don’t think.
With all that out the way, let’s go!

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anonymous asked:

I just remembered that in one chapter in Shin's route, he feels anxious that Yui might leave him for Carla, so he starts thinking that if they met normally (when they were kids) he would have bullied and tormented her, but Carla would have opened up his heart to her and she would have been his. I just need someone to make a Child AU fanfic where Shin, Carla and Yui were friends as kids. Do u know someone I can request to write this fanfic? For free bcuz I'm too young to have a credit card lol

binch i want to write a story like that!!! that sounds fun as hell!

how do you think the tsukinamis & yui met in this au? maybe yui was a founder also and so their parents arranged playdates? what did u have in mind :0

Sakamaki Ayato Dark Prologue

*Translation of: Dark Fate - Sakamaki Ayato - Dark Prologue
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
*Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.

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General Prologue

Sakamaki Prologue || Mukami Prologue (here) || Kino Prologue

|| Shu route || Reiji Route || Ayato Route || Kanato Route || Laito Route ||Subaru Route ||  Kino Route ||

|| Ruki Route || Kou Route || Yuma Route || Azusa Route ||

|| Carla Route || Shin Route ||

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Dark Fate Yuma Dark Prologue Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

I know it’s past his birthday, but to celebrate the Big Bear Yuma, here have a translation anyway haha~

-Scene: Underground Waterway-

Yui: (――I was told to go to the demon world, but I’m worried about Yuma-kun)

(He’ll probably be angry if I go back, but… …)

(He’s important to me. I can’t just leave here on my own!)

Agh… …

*Yui Runs Back*

-Scene Change: Mukami Living Room-

Yui: Haah… …Haah… …

This room’s a terrible mess… …what happened here… …

That’s right, Yuma-kun and the others――

*Loud Thud*

Yui: … …! W-What the… …?

(Is something going on outside… …?)

Yuma: *from outside* … …Back the fuck off!!

Yui: Yuma-kun… …!

(It sounds like he’s in the garden… …I have to go. But, it’s dangerous to go out there in the open)

(I’ll sneak outside and find a place to hide)

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kisane-yuki  asked:

Can you tell me if Shin and Yui are married?

Do you mean in the vampire ending of Lost Eden? It’s never mentioned so I would assume that they aren’t.
However I know that they do get married in the vampire ending of Shin’s Dark Fate route. Lost Eden is a sort of sequel to Dark Fate but it excludes the end of Dark Fate (e.g. in Shin’s vampire ending in DF, Carla dies but he’s alive at the start of Shin’s route in LE).

In summary, they are married but in a separate canon to the one in LE. Hope that’s clear and answers your question ^^
Have a good day (^∇^)

(There’s also Shin’s Bloody Bouquet Drama CD, in which he marries the listener/Yui. Some people view the drama CDs as being with Yui but personally I tend to think of them as more of a self-insert thing. Thought I might as well mention it though.)