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“The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed…It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guides oneself…”

Characters of The Hierophant Arcana

hello with the help of natalie mourningtrance, i present to you a mix

001. like real people do - hozier // 002. change - white lies // 003. islands - young the giant // 004. she changes the weather - swim deep // 005. the funeral - band of horses // 006. is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975 // 007. all my friends - kodaline // 008. save face - smoke & jackal // 009. simple song - the shins // 010. love like a sunset - phoenix // 011. the spiritual - jukebox the ghost // 012. oblivion - bastille // 013. no. 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys // 014. addict with a pen - twenty one pilots // 015. kid - still life still // 016. sleeper 1972 - manchester orchestra // 017. on your porch - the format // 018. seaside - the kooks // 019. woman - the 1975 // 020. once like you - right away, great captain! // 021. all i want - kodaline // 022. truce - twenty one pilots


Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD "In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!"


Today I have something different for you~ :D I translated a special drama CD from Dark Fate. It’s pretty funny, so enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for providing me with this drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Title: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!

Japanese title: DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE ステラワース特典ドラマCD「魔界的!? 『ワル』ってどんなヤツ!?」

Cast: Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), Sakamaki Shū (CV: Toriumi Kōsuke), Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Shōtarō)

Duration: 14:26

Track: [ X ]

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a few things about carla and yui

just some stuff that’s good to know. (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

carla and shin didn’t have their eyes set on karlheinz. their main priority was to secure their bloodline. they needed to acquire yui and purify her so they could use her. with shin’s personality being brash, he wanted to get revenge on karlheinz and be on the offensive but carla was more interested in why he took yui in. he didn’t have any immediate need to face off with karlheinz until their current problem was resolved. making sure the founder race didn’t die out was really their main goal. karlheinz is an afterthought.

From the Prologue

Carla: That too. But I need to know the reason why Karlheinz has been hiding a girl with founder’s blood flowing in her veins.
Shin: Wasn’t he simply yearning for founder’s blood?
Carla: I still don’t know that. In any case, we need to dig deep and find his true motive.
Carla: For the sake of the founder’s future.


From Dark 08

Shin: We’re being made fun of by some inferior race!?
Carla: Just what will you accomplish by rushing out alone?
Shin: BUT!!!
Carla: It’s because he’s arranging all the game pieces under his control. It’s still too early to corner him.
Carla: Also, we still haven’t solved our problem.
Yui: (Problem…?)
Shin: Brother, if you take things too easy, we’ll miss our chance!?
Carla: Don’t be impatient. That’s exactly what he’s after. Because if we ruin ourselves, they’ll be able to do anything they want.
Shin: Damn it…!!!

dark fate is the introductory game / route for the tsukinami brothers. if we compare it with the other diaboys, their introductory routes all follow the same pattern. all the diaboys were sort of “antagonists” the first time they’re introduced. the pattern goes: mean -> yui remains kind and tries to understand / stands her ground and voices out her opinion -> chosen diaboy learns to love yui over time. the tsukinami brothers are no different.

carla doesn’t start liking every human because of yui but he learns to respect her (just her) as a human. what got carla to like yui wasn’t her strength but her compassion. sure, yui is strong but that wasn’t what moved carla. it wasn’t her endurance. it was because she stayed behind to care for him even after all that they’ve done to her.

he was weak from the effects of endzeit and yui had every chance to escape but she stayed with him. even after he tried to send her to shin, yui didn’t want to leave him. carla figured he was dying and shin would be the one to continue the bloodline. deep inside he really wanted her to stay with him but as the founder king he felt the founder bloodline took precedence over what he wanted for himself. yui asks him to think of -what he wants- not just what a king should do. 

lastly, carla isn’t a cold, selfish tyrant. yui didn’t teach him selflessness or kindness. rather, she reminded him of it. he has been shown to be selfless in the past (shin+ vibora incident). what yui teaches him is that it’s okay to have emotions besides what is required for his “king” persona. he has always been aware of emotions and feelings but circumstances leading up to the present hardened him and yui reminded him of everything he locked away.

From the Vampire End

Shin: Brother, what are we going to do? This girl will die at this rate…
Carla: As if I’ll let her die…
Carla: If this woman is gone… The Founders’ bloodline will cease to exist… But… More importantly…
Carla: If this woman is gone, I… I won’t be able to smile.
Shin: Brother…
Carla: I’ve forgotten it until now. No, I’ve been pretending to have forgotten it, this emotion…
Carla: Thanks to this woman I remember now.
Carla: Thanks to this woman, I realized that loneliness is bitterly painful…


Carla: Before you left Pandemonium. Back then you told me that I should be more selfish.
Yui: Oh, yes.
Carla: Back then I couldn’t understand it… No, wrong, I didn’t want to understand.
Carla: That sort of an act was the exact opposite of what I was trained to do as a king.
Yui: …
Carla: I was feeling shaken. I was thinking that something like this could never be allowed.
Yui: It’s justified, considering you were to become a king.
Carla: Yes. That’s why I couldn’t help thinking of you as a personal possession, and trying to make you weak…
Carla: That’s what I was thinking. That’s why… I was intending to live like a king should.
Carla: But then you appeared there suddenly…
Carla: Finally, by you using your own life, you made all the emotions I was holding back spill out…

anyway to sum it up, carla is more than just the ham-eating, coldhearted founder people like to portray him as. he is a smart and just ruler, and also a cuddle king lol (lost eden route). in the end, he cares about yui just as much as any other diaboy.


disclaimer: all posted snippets of carla’s dark fate route belong to a friend. do not take please~ this doesn’t cover the whole carla and yui relationship but it gives an idea of it.

Am I the only one that looks at someone in a different way when I’m reading a fanfiction that pictures that person the opposite than he really is? Just while I’m reading it though, then a day later I come to my senses.. but isn’t it kinda weird?

Yona ch.137 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 137 “To our allies” summary with pics

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So much for my happy ending

Your relationship with kiseok is not perfect as people sees, you have ups and downs, you fight and have misunderstanding many times but you still manage to save your relationship, you both know how to apologize and admit your mistakes. You made sure that you are alright before you sleep, you talk the problems and find solutions and promise to each you won’t fight because of one problem again. When you forgive one another and forget about whatever reason you are fighting you never brought it again. You are six years younger than him but you are matured as him, sometimes more matured than him. You know how to calm him down when he can’t control his anger and he knows how to cheer you up when you are feeling down or when you have your period. You accept him with all your heart and he was thankful for that, he treats you like a queen like how you treat him like a king. Kiseok is sure about his feelings for you, he loves you with his all heart and he never looks to other girls, that’s why after two years of your relationship he asked you to marry him and you gladly say yes.

You are very excited to plan your wedding, you personally design your invitation. Kiseok chooses the motif of your wedding, black and red. It’s been three months since you start planning your wedding day. You found a very good stylist for your wedding dress. You are trying your best to attend all your schedule and your work. There is a brief moment that you feel tired and exhausted but whenever you see the invitation card with your name and kiseok’s name you feel recharged and alive again.

“You look great” your friend exclaims as soon as she saw you wearing a long white gown. You smile widely and examine the gown “I can’t decide, I love all designs” you laughs “How to choose? I want all of them” you added “Why don’t you asks kiseok? Maybe he can help you” your friend suggested, making your heart ache. You have had a small fight with him last night because he didn’t show up on your meeting with wedding coordinator, he said he forget. He forgets because he is with the boys which made your heartache because this isn’t the first time he forgot or didn’t show up on your meetings about your wedding. “he’s busy because hoody will release an album” you force a smile “Whatever. I will take picture of you so smile beautifully” she said pointing the lens of her camera on you, after few shoot she smiles at you “I send you a copy” she said “Thanks, I go change. I have to meet the Jaemin for our cake”

“This is strawberry cake vanilla with buttercream frosting, we can add some strawberries for decoration or if you want we can put some pearl on layers” the food caterer explains “Vanilla seems plain maybe we can add a few strawberries icing on the edges of layers? then pearls? what you think? it will fit on our color motif right?” you said “That’s a great idea! We will do that but how about the drinks? Do you prefer soda, ice tea or wine?” Jaemin asked you “I’m not sure but can we have ice tea and red wine? I don’t know which label is the best” you answer “It’s alright. we can do that too. what about your groom, maybe he knows or want a specific wine” she asked “I will ask him” you smiles at him, suddenly you felt your phone vibrate inside your bag “Sorry excuse me for a minute, I need to take this” you excuse yourself, walking into corner of the room before you answer your phone “Hello Mr. Shin? Is there any problem?” you immediately asked “I’m sorry to disturb you but supposedly we have a meeting with Mr.Jung for his wedding coat but we been waiting almost three hours for him, we can’t contact him too so we decided to call you” he explains a little bit of worried and disappointment on his tone “Really? I’m so sorry, Can– can you set a new schedule for him again? I’m really sorry I–he-we been busy with these past days. I’m sure it’s not he didn’t mean not to show up”

After your food tasting, you hurriedly get your car and drive to AOMG office. You can’t understand what you feels right now, anger, disappointment, and confusion. You tried calling kiseok but your call always went to his voice message. You are on verge of tears but you are trying hard not to cry but you can’t stop feeling hurt, yesterday he forgot your meeting and you ended up fighting, he apologized but it happens again, this isn’t the second time, you don’t know how many time he forgot about your meetings. You also noticed how became less interest on your wedding preparations, when you have to meet with coordinators he’s always on his phone or his mind is thinking something else. You did all decisions, when you asks his opinion he would always say “Whatever you want, let’s have it” “I don’t know, you choose” “it’s up to you” “if that’s what you want”

Parking your car in front of the building you jump out of your car and hurriedly went inside “Where is he?” you asked the Mina “He’s ion studio with gray and jay” she answer you “Thank you” you said, your feet moves on its ways completely know their destination, you are ready to burst inside when you hear jay’s voice. You stood in front of the door as you listen to what they are talking

“What do you mean you don’t want to do it anymore?” Gray asks the older man “Maybe you are just stress” he added “I didn’t say that I don’t want to do it” Kiseok sighs “It’s just so–everything is so fast—I’m starting it’s too sudden—Maybe I was so stupid to ask her to marry me–I do love her very much it’s blinded me..I never thought about what will happen in future, I don’t have a plan for us” he sighs shoving his head on his palms “What are you saying, dude? You two are happy with each other, you love each other what went wrong?” Jay asked his friend “I don’t know, I’m just–” “You are having a second thoughts about getting married?” gray finished his word, kiseok look at him and sighs “Yes” Jay sighed and sit beside him “Maybe you are stress with all these preparations, what if take a break? postpone the wedding? and come to our tour? We will be travelling for two months, maybe it will help you”

You feel your whole world starts to falls after hearing those words, you move your hands from the door knob to wipe your tears away. Turning your feet around, you slowly start walking away with a heavy heart. “Miss? Are you alright?” minah asked you when she saw you walking out crying, you wipe your tears dry and took a deep breath before turning to her “Yes” you forced a smile “I–Just don’t tell them I came” you said “O-Okay” she nodded her head “Are you sure you alright?” she asked again “Yes. Don’t worry, I’m just tired, they are doing something important I can’t disturb them” you smile again “Alright, Take care” she bow at you.

You left the building and went inside your car, you sat there feeling hurt. You watch your life crash in your eyes, his words still echo on your mind, how unsure he is, “he’s having second thought about our wedding, he didn’t see himself with me” your tears keep falling down “I thought what we have is real, I thought you want to be with me” you hiccoughs “I thought—So much for my happy ending” you cry.

After few minutes you manage to calm yourself before driving home. When you arrived home, you didn’t waste anytime you packed all your clothes and important things. You made sure you pack your passport and important IDs. After making sure you are packed you grab your phone on the table and dialed your co-worker’s number “Hi, Zia. Sorry to call you this hour but I have some favor to ask, can you tell our boss that I can’t  go to work for days? Something comes up. Thank you” you said “Thank you” you turn your phone off then you saw the ring in your hand, you sadly look at the gold metal wrap around your finger. “You used to bring happiness” you whisper “It’s sad that you are meaningless now” then you removed the ring from your finger, you’re heart skip a beat when you hear your name being called “What’s going?” you turn around to see kiseok looking at your packed bags “You leaving?” he asked finally looking at you “What’s going on? did something happen?” he exclaimed seeing your swollen eyes, he attempt to step closer to you but he stop when he saw the ring in your hand “Let’s end this” his head snap at you “What the fuck are you saying?” he asks “What’s wrong? Why you want to end this?” he started to get angry, after the talks with gray and jay he decided to go home to talk to you about your wedding but he didn’t expect this will welcome him home “I don’t know if I can stay any longer knowing that you are not sure about our relationship” you cried “Why you asks me to marry you when you are not sure if you really love me?” you asked him “What are you saying?” his tone changed “I heard you. I heard that you are having second thought about us, now I know why you are not interested on planning our wedding, I finally understand why you always forgot our meetings and schedule because you don’t really want to get married” you cries, kiseok’s heart torn apart seeing you crying, he step forward he attempt to touch your face but you move away “It’s not like that. I was just–” he sighs “I don’t really know why I am like this” he admits “But please you don’t have to leave, we can fix this” he begs “No. I’m leaving. I need to do this” you firmly said “I love you, it’s real I do really love you"kiseok exclaims "No you don’t love me, because if you really do. You won’t have a second thought about us” you sighs looking at his eyes “I’m leaving so won’t make any excuses, you don’t need to say our love is true because not it became a lie” you reach his hand shoving the small ring on his hand before moving  away getting your bag and suite, Kiseok stood still fighting the tears, his mind was blank and he can’t think straight he stares at the ring on his hand “Sorry If I wasn’t enough, sorry if I didn’t reach your expectation and you still doubt if I was the one for you and Thank you because you made believe that what we have is real. Don’t worry I’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry about me anymore” you said before leaving, when he heard the door slam shut, his tears finally fall down from his eyes.