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Monsta x Reaction to s/o calling them oppa for the 1st time

Alrighty, my other babies Monsta x deserve some love too! So I have decided to do a couple of reactions for them.This is inspired by the BTS one which you can find here!

I am working on the requests I have as well, but there was no MX so here is one for all you lovelies out there! Gifs not mine. Credit to owners


You were high, on sugar of all things. “Stop with the cola will you y/n?” I.M scolded you. “Yah I am older than you, respect me” you told him. He stuck out his tongue. “Shownu OPPA!!” you yelled. Changkyun choked on his drink, since it was the first time you called him that. Shownu’s jaw dropped to the floor. He smiled to himself shyly. “Oppa, tell him to respect me” you whined to him. I.M shook his head. While you two argued, Shownu stood there with a smile on his face the word “oppa” repeating in his brain.


It was Friday night and you were watching your fav movie. You were so immersed in it that you didnt notice the couch dip beside you. Wonho sat next to you. He gently brushed your hair aside, and softly kissed your neck. “Not now.. oppa” you said. He stopped mid action and just stared at you. You did not even look at him. But a smile graced his lips, and he gently turned your head towards him “Say that again” he whispered while his lips ghosted over yours. In an equally low voice you whispered oppa, and the moment that word left your mouth, he dipped his head gave you a kiss, making you giggle. “You have created a lot of trouble for yourself, you know that?” he winked, making you playfully push him away.


You were gushing to your friend about Minhyuk since you had recently started dating. “Minhyuk oppa is so cute” you squealed to your friend. Unbeknownst to you, Minhyuk was standing in the doorway of your room, and he was just watching you. The minute you said oppa, a smile appeared on his face. It was the cutest thing for him. When you hung up, he coughed in order to get your attention. “So… why have you never called me oppa before?” he asked. “I didn't think you would like it” you mumbled. “Please say it more often” he hugged you tightly, almost knocking the air out of you.


Kihyun decided to take a shower after coming back from work. He opened the door to the washroom, and as soon as he stepped foot inside, flour fell on him. You came up from behind him and started laughing. “Y/N” he yelled. You laughed and ran away. He chased you around the house. He was about to throw flour on you as payback, when you said “Oppa sorry” and shielded yourself. He stopped mid air. “What did you say?” he asked. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry and a million times more sorry” you replied. “No before that. You said oppa” he replied. “Yea..” you mumbled. “You are lucky. That word just saved your life” he replied, while dusting off the flour, and trying to suppress the smile that threatened to break out. 


Hyungwon and you were having dinner, when suddenly your eyes fell on a spider. “OPPA!” you screamed. He choked on his food. “What?!” he asked alarmed. “Spider..” you pointed behind him. He turned around and chuckled. He took a broom and guided the spider out into the backyard. You were still scared, so you hugged him tight. He wrapped one arm around your waist, while with the other hand he gently patted your head. “Its okay, oppa is here” he smiled widely. Oppa, he kept on mouthing to himself and smiling while hugging. He was so giddy it was hard for him to stop, but he didn’t show it.


Jooheon was was in the studio practicing with the boys, when you entered with food. The smell of the food made them stop, and they all crowded around you to get whatever they ordered. Jooheon was last. He came up to you and smiled, his dimples making him look years and years younger. “Here you go oppa” you handed him his food. He looked at you shocked. The food dropped to the floor, because he was way too surprised to take it from you. “Did you just call me… oppa?” he questioned. You nodded. “Jagi!” he would hug you tightly, in excitement. “I was wondering when I would hear that, so thank you” he smiled brightly while swaying you side to side in his arms.


“I heard it” he yelled, when he heard you mumble oppa. “Y/n, I heard it. Dont pretend you didnt say it” he pointed his finger at you playfully. “Say what? Get your ears checked babe” you feigned innocence. “You are lying. I heard you say oppa! say it again” he bothered you. When you didnt, a tickle attack ensued. :Okay..okay fine. Oppa please stop” you said while trying to catch your breath. “You have to call me that everyday from now. From now on my name is oppa for you, not changkyun, or I.M, or anything else. Just oppa. Got it?” he asked you. When you nodded, he finally stopped his attack, and helped you up.

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170226 Leo Twitter Reply Compilation

☆ But I really think I was born lucky. I think I always have good luck. I hope only good things will happen until the end. Of course I’ll make my own happiness! hing I miss you, oppa. It seems like so long that I haven’t seen you.. Your face is just haunting meㅠㅠㅠ
Leo: just haunting you?

☆ wow
Leo: wow

☆ Let’s get married Jung Taekwoon
Leo: Why?

☆ omg oppaㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠ
Leo: What

☆ I want to see you so much I could die Jung Taekwoon
Leo: You shouldn’t die

☆ omg I was just listening to Words to Say and you are here now 8ㅅ8
Leo: keep listening

☆ Taekwoon-ahㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI’m being haunted but can’t see you When will I see you?????? Why can’t I see you in front of me
Leo: come here

☆ omg oppa omg
Leo: omg what

☆ Oh my Have a good night
Leo: Sleep is a long way off

☆ Wut are you doing
Leo: working

☆ OMG Oppa, you came at Sanghyuk o’clock
Leo: I came at the wrong time
T/N: The month and day of the members’ birthdays correlate to their “time of day” in hours and minutes.

☆ Daeguni, are you not eating dinner..?
Leo: Your picture is sort of burdensome
T/N: Their dp is N looking into a camera shot at an odd angle.

☆ omg omg I was having a hard time, but now I’m so happy to see youㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Leo: Why are you having a hard time

☆ omg What is this Oppa All of a sudden omg What’s this What!!!!!!!!!
Leo: Change your picture
T/N: Their dp is a picture of Leo yawning.

☆ OMG It’s Jung Taekwoon
Leo: It’s me

☆ I can’t have something like the good fortune of getting a reply right~~~~
Leo: Here, good fortune

☆ Oppa, what are you doing recently? Have you been well?
Leo: I’ve been working

☆ DaebakjeokㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜThanks for coming
Leo: What is daebakjeok
T/N: Daebakjeok is basically “amazing”

☆ I almost lost my breathㅠㅠㅠ Oppa, would you like to eat ramyun?
Leo: If it’s Shin Ramyun

☆ Oppa where are you?? I miss youㅠㅠ It’s been so wong since I’ve seen youㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Leo: Is this aegyo?

☆ Today is work and giving a recitation
Leo: work work work

☆ Hello It’s me Are you doing well there~~
Leo: very well

☆ Oppa, can you tell me when the concert will be this year so I can plan my vacation?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I almost overlapped it with the concert last year
Leo: When will it be

☆ Pleeease release a 2nd LR album….
Leo: Is this a confession all of a sudden

☆ Are you sick at all?ㅠㅠㅠ
Leo: I’m very healthy

☆ What are you doing recently?
Leo: I’m working recently

☆ ㅜㅜㅜNoo …… You left I’ll send this praying that next time I get a reply ㅜㅜ I just can’t let you go!!!!
Leo: I haven’t gone

☆ Oppa disappeared so quietly…….. Someday me too…..crying
Leo: I’ll disappear soon 😶

☆ During the semester, no matter how busy I am, I’ll send mentions to you one at a time. This is my plan! I don’t know whether you will read it or not, but if happen to read it I hope I can be a little of your strength. I hope you always smile 😊
Leo: Good luck on your new semester!

☆ You don’t have to reply, so please just lookㅠㅠ The daily temperature range is huge, so wear warm clothes! Don’t be hurt! While waiting for the next comeback I’ll study hard! I’ll do my best and look over you! Goodbye!
Leo: Thanks

☆ Hellow!!! Mr. Jung Taekwoon!! Please say something to the office workers who have to go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!
Leo: I go to work everyday

☆ Hello〜I’m sending this from Japan It’s so hardㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠbecause I’m busy with workㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Leo: Thanks
T/N: Leo replied in Japanese

☆ Oppa, please say that my class assignment will turn out well…🙏
Leo: Class assignments are up to the heavens

☆ Leo-saーーーーーーn
Leo: Why
T/N: In Japanese

☆ Good evening (=^^=) Did you eat?
Leo: Not yet
T/N: In Japanese

☆ You are really the kindest person in the world .. Thank you
Leo: You all mean that to me too


잠깐이지만 오늘도 재밌었어. 모두 감기 조심합시다!

It was just a short time, but today was fun. Everyone, let’s be careful of colds!

the curious tale of yeo one, crayon shin chan and scams

when changgu aka yeo one was first scouted by cube, he thought it’s a scam and introduced himself as jjanggu, which is korean for crayon shin chan. why he thought it was a scam? when a scout (now cube trainee departament head) was giving him name card, another name card was pulled with it. these were from two separate companies so changgu though it’s surely a scam! actually he gave him his number anyway, but used a fake name still.

according to hui, he was pretty naive and innocent at the time (still is lol), and hui felt like he needs to take responsibility for yeo one. they joined cube at the same time, in 2013.

changgu apparently was ”in charge” of nagging new trainees. for hongseok it was bit flustrating at first. he joined cube last year and yeo one approached him at restaurant and said ‘hello i’m your fan’. jinho is very shy with stangers, but yeo one approached him and said ‘i’m changgu but you can call me jjanggu (crayon shin chan)’. for yeo one jjanggu is a comforable name.

to complete his image, changgu even has crayon shin chan slippers


Yeondu shares how she and Sangmin first met “I fell for Kim Sangmin from the first moment I met him and we decided to date. I like him much more than he does to me. Now too, i’m crazy about him!” Sangmin, on the other hand, trying to clarify the actual fact “Hey! I like you more than you do! I miss you more and i was only thinking about you only!”