shin megami tensei: persona 4 arena

  • Persona Series in a nutshell: Boi, the gods have gone crazy and only Philemon and a large nosed elegant old man recruit students who feel out of this society and/or world to make them know that the power of friendship and summoning stands are powerful against anything

They said “All teenagers scare the living shit outta me”

The IT is probably the least scary group of teens SMT has brought to the table

                                                       But then again…mystery food x

I’ve used this song before…

The song is ‘Dance All Nite

There is a game called ‘Persona 4 Danceing All Nighte

                                                                   …How have I been so blind?

Let’s Dance! Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. A culmination of my favorite P4 Dan segments. This was a finalist in the AMV contest at my last con (CTCon) this year.

March 26th Atlus Stream predictions

Ok I’m calling it on these games that are most likely to happen (at least this year) and these are new games (minus Persona ports or remasters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few of those):

  • P3D (they’ve had like a year+ to work on it behind the scenes and have teased it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got it)
  • Catherine 2 (years ago they stated the would make it a franchise, each year it’s gets more unlikely but I’d love it to happen)
  • Deviliser (back in 2013 they trademarked this name, I’m thinking it’s SMT related imo or a new ip, heck didn’t they announce an SMT game for the 3DS? It could be this)
  • Project Re Fantasy (or at least a look into it, gameplay or story wise)
  • Maaaaaybe a P5 spinoff game (be it a crossover with P3 and/or 4 or by itself, that or they’ll be waiting till 2018 to do a few of them)
  • Maybe a P5 sequel (probably a spinoff game but yeah they might have one in the works, but I’m still aiming for that to be 2018)
  • P5 expansion DLCs
  • SMT port/remaster (to 3DS or Switch, hey I said minus Persona ports/remasters)
  • Devil Survivor/DDS/Devil Summoner or another Megaten game port/remaster or sequel
  • Another P3/4 spinoff game (one that ties up, or help ties up loose plot threads and maybe sets the stage for a P3/4/5 crossover game)
  • P5 anime announced (not game but I’m waiting Altus :/)
  • P4 Arena/Q/Ultimax anime announced (C’mon Atlus do the Labyrinth trilogy please)
  • P3 The Answer movie or anime announced (still waiting Atlus)