The Empress:

“Express your ideas and take calculated risks. Getting what you want is your responsibility. Your passions are primary importance to you now. News of wedding, pregnancy, or children arrives.

When reversed: Are you feeling inferior about your intellect, education,or communication skills? Stop it! Don’t exaggerate your fears or be reluctant to take action. Problems with your mother and other intimate woman are imminent.”

The WIP of this drawing has been sitting on my computer for like 2 months, but I finally finished it! ^^ I really enjoyed playing the first game this year! I’m glad I got it. Playing through the Overlord/Warlord route was great.

Kazuya’s my favorite Devil Survivor character so I wanted to draw him first (along with Frosty X3)! I’m really happy with how this came out! ^^ And I really like how the manga made Kazuya’s overlord cape a representation of his Bel powers, as well as a part of him.

I plan doing a similar drawing with Hibiki, along with drawing some of the other Desu characters! :D

Please do not repost.