shin in geun


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………

loveotaku54321blog  asked:

I'm so sorry to distub. I'm new to btob but who was the dude in the boston collage shirt in your latest video of them ? He looks really cute !

He IS really cute! That’s Btob’s Peniel, born Peniel Shin, (Shin Dong Geun) in Chicago, Illinois.

He is the main rapper and a vocalist…they are all amazing vocalist in that group. When you look at newer videos of him you will begin to notice that he is always wearing a hat.

He came on a show recently and talked about his struggles with stress…and how he had developed Alopecia areata because of it, causing him to loose large patches of his hair, and how he had been struggling to hide it for over a year. He has finally given up and shaved his head. I think he’s still beautiful!

He has a wonderful personality and is super talented…and like all the guys in BtoB…is funny AF.  I love them all ♥