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Reactions for the boys when their s/o shouts "Well then maybe we should just break up then!" at them in the middle of a fight/argument. For Atobe, Sanada, Tezuka, Fuji S., Inui, Yanagi, Kirihara, and Tokugawa.

Here you go, love. <3

It started out as a small, even silly argument, but in a matter of minutes blew out of proportions.


Atobe’s expression stiffened, his hand falling limply to his side. The expression on his face alone made you want to take your words, your eyes wide in shock over your own words. Atobe shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and with two long strides he was standing in front of you. His eyes were intense and you almost wanted to recoil, but Atobe gently placed his finger under your chin, tilting your eyes upwards to meet his gaze. He let out a quiet sigh, “Don’t ever say that, love. No matter how much we fight I always love you. You hear me?” You nodded meekly, blinking away the tears as Atobe smiled at you softly before kissing your forehead.


Both, Sanada and you, froze at your words, a tense silence filling the room. You opened your mouth to say something – anything to take the words back, but  Sanada beat you to it. He had his hands balled into fists, but his voice was calm, “Do you really mean that, (Name)?” Your bottom lip started to tremble when you realized just how stupid you had been for saying something like that because of a silly fight. With tears sliding down your cheek you shook your head while repeatedly choking out “No… I’m so sorry, so sorry.” Sanada wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest, “Shh, just don’t scare me like that again.”


Only a small twitch of his eyes indicated that Tezuka even heard your words, his expression remaining completely calm otherwise. The silence made you want to crawl into a hole. Sighing Tezuka reached out to take your hand, “If you really would want to break up you wouldn’t bother fighting with me in the first place.” You knew he was right, you couldn’t even imagine being without Tezuka and despite this fight he always made you happy. Exhausted you let your head drop against Tezuka’s shoulder, his arm immediately wrapping around your waist. You pressed closer to Tezuka, inhaling his scent “You are right. I’m sorry for saying something like that.”


Fuji went completely silent, but that only made things worse for you. The look in his clear blue eyes was enough to make you realize how hurtful your words had been and you wanted nothing more than taking them back. Without thinking you rushed forward, wrapping your arms around Fuji’s neck, your face buried in his chest while you mumbled into the soft fabric of his shirt “I’m sorry. I don’t wanna fight anymore.” Fuji didn’t react immediately and you clutched him tighter until Fuji gently stroked over your hair, his arm securely wrapping around your waist “Just please don’t say things like that. I love you, no matter what.”


His face went pale and Inui opened his mouth a few times without any words coming out. You had to swallow hard, the words you said replaying in your head. Why had you said something like that?! Inui studied your face for a while before letting out a breath, “78 % the couples regret breaking up during a fight.” Your eyebrow shot up in surprise and Inui quickly waved his hand around to explain himself “W-What I wanted to say is that I don’t want us to break up. I love you and I want us to be together…” You smiled and leaned up to peck his cheek, the blush dusting his cheeks making your smile widen, “I didn’t mean what I said. Let’s just cuddle and forget about the fight.”


You could see how his composure faltered, his shoulders slumping and suddenly all the tension from the fight was gone, the shouting and yelling making place for a far worse silence. Yanagi’s voice sounded incredibly fragile when he spoke up, making your heart clench, “Are you serious? I know it was a stupid fight, but…” You didn’t give Yanagi time to finish his sentence, quickly shaking your head “No, no… no. I was just angry… it slipped out. I’m sorry…” Tears of exhaustion and frustration welled up in your eyes, but before you could wipe them away Yanagi had pulled you into his arms. He rested his forehead against yours with a small smile, “Good, because I love you too much to let you go.”


Kirihara immediately clamped his mouth shut, staring at you with wide eyes. You stared back with equally wide eyes, none of you moving for a while. Only when big tears started to slip down Kirihara’s cheeks you rushed forward, Kirihara’s arm already open to pull him to him. He pressed his face in your neck, squeezing you tightly in his arms, “Don’t leave me alone… please. I love you…really.” You gently patted Kirihara’s hair, hating yourself for what you had said, “I’m not leaving… I’m sorry. I love you, too.” Kirihara let out a relieved sigh, still squeezing you in his arms when he childishly mumbled, “I don’t wanna fight ever again.”


Tokugawa clenched his jaw and the pain in his eyes was enough to make you sob. God, how could you say something like that? Unsure Tokugawa held out his arms to you and you didn’t waste any time, immediately letting yourself collapse against his chest. Silently Tokugawa stroked over your hair, letting you cry until you calmed down enough to look back up at him. Tokugawa softly wiped the tears from your cheeks, looking at you like a lost puppy “W-We are not breaking up, right?” You let out a small giggle, shaking your head “No. I don’t even know why I said that…” A look of relief washed over Tokugawa’s face and he gently kissed your nose “Next time let’s just talk and not fight…”


Tenipuri + Kareshi inside cover scans and translation [x | x]

Look at all these mainstream characters. Look at Inui’s uncovered eyes. Look at Yanagi and/or Fuji’s opened eyes. Jesus, there are four Rikkaidai members here.

Echizen: Hey, come closer to me. It’s embarrassing? …You still have lots more to work on.

Fuji: Do you want to try having me at your personal use, anytime? Hehe, you should tell me what you’re thinking. [T/N: i hate dat last sentence]

Inui: If you lose the game, then I’ll give you this Deluxe Drink to gulp down. But be warned, it is a love potion. [T/N: still probably tastes liek shit]

Marui: Gum? The one I’m chewing right now is my last one, so I can give it to you by mouth-to-mouth<3

Niou: Do you wanna try seeing how it is to act in love with me? [T/N: not too sure about his line]

Kenya: Whenever you’re in trouble, just call the Speed Star of Naniwa and I’ll come running to you!

Yuushi: Why do I wear fake glasses? When we kiss, you can take them off for me.

Yanagi: The probability of you thinking about me is… 100%. I can look into your mind and see everything, because I also feel the same way.

Yukimura: If you look at other boys, I’ll have to steal away your sight. …Just kidding.

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HC of getting pranked by their gfs for: Sanada, Kaidoh, Yukimura, Fuji S., Tezuka! Thank you so much!

I wasn’t really sure what to write, but I hope you like it, nonetheless. xxx


  • it’s pretty easy to prank him
  • yells around a lot when he gets pranked and the whole tennis team loves to help you with your pranks – especially Niou
  • after getting pranked Sanada would always try to scold you, but he never does it seriously, so you just smile while listening to his rant
  • never pranks back


  • he’s even easier to prank than Sanada
  • Kaidoh always falls for the same things, so you don’t even have to be good at pranking
  • only glares at you when you prank him again
  • tried to prank you once, but he almost made you cry with his prank – he felt so bad, so doesn’t dare to do it again


  • it’s almost impossible to prank him because he always seems to know exactly what you are planning 
  • always looks at you with a gentle smile whenever you try and fail to prank him again
  • when you finally manage to actually prank him his smile is so soft and gentle it’s scary
  • Yukimura pranks back and believe me, you won’t prank him again afterwards

Fuji S.:

  • it’s almost as hard to prank him as it’s to prank Yukimura
  • Fuji actually congratulated you when you finally managed to prank him
  • he’s great at pranking and if you prank him once he pranks back at least twice
  • after you managed to prank him he allowed you to help him prank Yuuta


  • it’s not easy to prank him because most things just don’t faze him
  • his reaction to pranks is so calm it’s no fun
  • Tezuka would just look at you disapprovingly after you pranked him and you’ll end up apologizing like a little girl
  • Inui monitors all your pranking attempts because according to him it’s important data

Tenipuri + Kareshi ~4 seasons~ special add-in and translation

Man, I did this in a couple of hours. See, I can power through things for you all. Enjoy the summer festival, sports day, school beginnings, Tanabata, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke: “Again with outfits like this yukata… Because you look so defenseless with that thing on, you have to be careful, okay? Don’t space out on me or anything.“

Echizen Ryoma: “Wait, you’re bleeding. Honestly, you’re always so clumsy. I’ll make sure it doesn’t become infected. ……What’s embarrassing about this? You still have lots more to work on.”

Fuji Shuusuke: ”Are you a new student? You must’ve gotten lost, right? Here, I’ll show you around. Make sure to hold my hand tightly and don’t let it go.”

Zaizen Hikaru: ”What’s with you all, this day isn’t really something to be writing anything special. Then, what did you write down? … …To be with me forever? … …Hmm…”

Atobe Keigo: ”So you’re already feeling intoxicated by just looking out at this night view with me. This night isn’t ending now, right? Ahn?”

Yukimura Seiichi: ”I’m grateful to be accepting your feelings. …But right now, I want to eat something that’s much more sweeter. … …Is it alright?”

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May I request Ryoma, Ryoga, Irie, Tokugawa, Kikumaru, Yukimura and Fuji reacting to their girlfriend, who is a ballet dancer, slightly injuring their foot while practicing dancing en pointe?

Ah, I took ballet lessons and I loved it so much! I hope you like it, love. <3


Ryoma looked up from his position underneath a tree near the tennis court his father build when you hobbled towards him. Karupin jumped up from Ryoma’s stomach and went to greet you. A small smile spread across your face when you bend down to pet the cat, but the smile soon morphed into a grimace when you took another step. With a groan Ryoma sat up and you plopped down into a sitting position next to you. Ryoma’s eyes were fixated on your foot, something that could only be described as worry flashing in his eyes “Mhhm, did you hurt yourself during training?” His voice sounded nonchalant, but you noticed how he intensely observed your reaction “Not really… you know that I started practicing dancing en pointe and I’m just not used to it yet.” Ryoma raised an eyebrow “That’s no explanation for why you are limping.” Carefully you slipped off your shoes, showing Ryoma the chafed skin on your feet. The skin was an angry red and on some places had open wounds. Ryoma gently grabbed your food and pulled it on his lap to inspect it closely. After a while, he let go of it with a sigh “Mada mada dane, (Name)-chan.” You just wanted to complain about his remark when he pulled something out of his pocket and threw it on your lap “This tape should do for your next training, it’s pretty good.” Ryoma acted like it was no big deal, but his gesture showed that he really tried to support you. Suddenly he lightly flicked your nose “Stop grinning like an idiot… Looks like I have to take care of your injuries, let’s go back to my place.” Ryoma crouched down in front of you, gesturing for you to get on his back. Carefully he stood up, tightening his hold on your thighs. After he took a few steps he looked at you over his shoulder “Don’t expect me to carry you again, (Name)-chan, so you better be more careful next time”


You already had practiced dancing en pointe for quite some time, but in a few weeks you had a performance – the first performance you were going to dancing en pointe… You wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t mess anything up so you stayed behind after training to practice a bit more. Ryoga had come to pick you up from training, so he patiently sat in a corner while you did some barre work. You straightened your body, smiling at yourself in the mirror. You could see Ryoga smirk at you through the mirror and your attention darted to him for a short moment. That moment was long enough to make you lose your balance and you stumbled forward. The leg you had placed on the bar scratched painfully over the wood  before you landed on your knees. With an annoyed groan you tried to stand up again, but Ryoga was already at your side, lightly grabbing onto your upper arm to help you up “Wooah, careful there, ballerina.” Despite the silly nickname he always called you, you could make out the worry in his voice. You sent Ryoga a small smile before shaking off his hand. Walking back to the bar you started to mumble to yourself, annoyed that you had messed up “Ugh, I really have to train more when I want to not mess up during the performance…” You didn’t get far before Ryoga grabbed your arm again, this time a bit tighter “I don’t really want to spoil you training sweetheart, but maybe we should take a look at your foot first.” Confused you raised an eyebrow, looking down on yourself. Your white leggings was ripped and had a few blood stains. Seemingly you had managed to scratch your leg on the bar when you slipped. Bewildered you stared at the sight for a bit longer, just now you starting to feel the pain. You plopped down on the ground again and Ryoga kneeled down in front of you to examine your foot. His fingers gingerly ghosted over your skin an unusually concentrated look on his face. After making sure you weren’t seriously injured he lightly patted your knee “Well, everything looks fine except that you probably need new leggings…. But I would say you had enough training for today. Let me bandage you up and then I take you home” You wanted to open your mouth to protest, but Ryoga quickly pressed a finger against your lips “Don’t even try to argue with me about it, ballerina.”


Irie always loved watching you practice ballet, so he decided to tag along when you went to the dance studio for some extra training. Your coach had kindly given you a key, so you always could use the hall of mirrors when you felt like it. You loved training by yourself, but it was more fun with Irie there, who handed you a water bottle during every break you took or honestly told you his opinion on your dancing. You had been excited when you finally started training to dance en pointe, but you never expected it to be so hard. Your feet hurt all the time and you had to fight to not show the pain on your face, knowing that it was part of your sport to make the dancing seem effortless despite how hard it actually was. You just wanted to do the Arabesque when suddenly you got a cramp in your leg. You didn’t expect the pain and immediately you lost your balance, twisting your ankle. Painfully you landed on the hard ground, whimpering slightly. Irie had watched the whole incident with wide eyes, but rushed to your side when he heard you whimper “(Name)-chan?!” He slid to a stop next to you, crouching down, so he could gently cup your face “Hey…hey look at me, doll.” Irie waited until your eyes met his, his thumb comfortingly stroking over your cheek “Did you hurt yourself?” You let Irie help you to sit up and with a frown you lightly tried to move your foot “I guess…” Irie carefully lifted your leg to place it on his lap. Gently he took off your pointe shoe, you winced when he accidentally moved your ankle in the process and Irie sent you an apologetic look “Sorry, doll. I try to be careful.” When he finally had taken off the shoe he lightly palpated your ankle, “Mhm, seems like you really twisted your ankle. It’s not bad, but I guess that was it with training for today.” You knew that it wasn’t Irie’s fault, but you still sent him a pout, “But I want to train more!” Irie chuckle and placed a soft kiss on your lips “Well, I want to take care of my girlfriend, so I’m going to make her rest and maybe if she’s nice I’m going to order some takeout and cuddle with her while watching a movie.” With a frown you took off your other shoe and huffed “Fine, but you are giving me a piggy-back ride home.” Irie laughed, showing his white teeth “Yes, ma'am.”


Tokugawa often picked you up after practice. Sometimes he showed up a lot earlier, saying that it was a coincidence, but you knew that he was just too shy to admit that he wanted to watch you train. Today Tokugawa showed up early again and you sent him a small wave from where you were sitting on a bench. Training was still ongoing, but you had to take a break. Dancing en pointe was exhausting and your feet hurt so much, you didn’t even know how that was possible. Honestly, why were this damn pointe shoe so uncomfortable despite looking so pretty? Tokugawa walked up to you, mumbling a small greeting before looking down at you with confusion – you usually never took extra breaks during practice. You tried to smile through the pain “Hey, Kazuya-kun. It’s nice that you came to watch me practice.” Tokugawa immediately blushed “Uhm, I just was nearby…” You laughed and placed your water bottle back down before standing up. You swayed a bit, feeling your feet ache under your weight. Observant like he was, Tokugawa immediately noticed your swaying. You took another step and stumbled, but Tokugawa quickly reached out his arm to stop your fall. His muscular arm was wrapped around your waist and without a problem he lifted you up to sit you back down on the bench. Wordlessly he crouched down in front of you and pulled off your pointe shoes, his brows furrowing in worry when he examined your feet. His fingers lightly brushed over the red skin, “You are training too hard, (Name)-chan. You still aren’t used to the shoes and it won’t benefit your dancing when you hurt yourself more than you already did.” You didn’t answer, knowing that Tokugawa was right with what he was saying, but ballet was your passion and you always tried to train as hard as possible. You could hear Tokugawa sigh before he pulled a some tape out of his tennis bag. He expertly taped your feet before wordlessly helping you into your pointe shoes again. Tokugawa’s big hands curled around your wrists when he pulled you up into a standing position. You were surprised about how little pain you felt, the shoes no longer painfully rubbing against your skin. Excitedly, you pulled Tokugawa in a hug and he shyly stroked over your hair before he mumbled, “Just take it easy for today, okay?”


Having Kikumaru watch your training always was a tad bit disturbing. He loved watching you dance, but it seems like he didn’t understand that usually no one was whooping during ballet. Kikumaru always was yelling things like “Go! (Name)-chan, go!” Despite your coach shooting you dirty looks every time you thought it was adorable. Training to dance en pointe was hard, but you felt more confident in yourself when Kikumaru was there. Your coach just had praised your posture when the girl next to you stumbled a bit and knocked into you. You weren’t prepared for the impact and you immediately lost your balance. As soon as you landed on the ground everyone started to crowd around you. Kikumaru had jumped up from his place and quickly pushed through the crowd until he was able to kneel down next to you. His hand found yours and squeezed it lightly “Does something hurt?!” His eyes were wide while he searched your face for an answer. Still a bit dazed you sat up “Uhm… I think I just twisted my ankle or something.” Your coach started to check your foot for injuries while Kikumaru still hovered next to you. He was unusually quiet and you could see him anxiously bite his bottom lip. His hold on your hand tightened when your coached looked up from your foot and he blurted out a nervous “And?” Your coach smiled a bit “She’s okay. I think she just twisted it a bit.” Kikumaru still seemed anxious “But she can dance again soon, right? She can still do ballet, right?” With a small laugh your coach nodded her head, “Yes, she still can dance. She just has to rest her foot for a while.” Kikumaru let out a sigh of relief before turning to your with a wide grin “It’s okay, (Name)-chan! You can continue doing ballet and I’ll make sure that you are back to perfect health soon, nyaa!~” Later that day when you asked Kikumaru why he got so worried about if you still would be able to dance he replied with a shrug that ballet was your dream, so it was important to him as well.


You were sitting on a bench in front of the dance studio, waiting for Yukimura to come to pick you up. You face was set in a frown when Yukimura finally came walking up to you. His smile fell when he saw your expression and he lightly raised an eyebrow “I know that I’m early, so why are you already out here, (Name)-chan?” You weren’t in the mood to answer his question so you only shrugged “No reason.” Yukimura could see straight through you and continued to closely study your face “I know that something happened. You are not so hard to read…” You rolled your eyes and stood up from the bench “Let’s just go home, Seii-chan.” Immediately Yukimura noticed how you didn’t put pressure on your left foot despite your attempt to hide it. His eyes trailed over your leg and landed on the bandage poking out of your shoes. Before you could even take a single step Yukimura had guided you to sit back down on the bench. It was impossible to miss the worry in his eyes when he crouched down in front of you. He rested one hand on your thigh while his other hand cradled your face “Did you get hurt during practice, flower?”  You let out a frustrated sigh and nodded your head “Yeah…. you know that I’m practicing dancing en pointe at the moment, right? I was clumsy again and twisted my ankle. And I just want to improve as much as possible, but my coach said that I won’t be able to train during the next weeks because of my foot. I tried to convince her otherwise, but she didn’t even listen, so I bandaged up my foot and decided to wait outside. I don’t want to fight with my coach, so it was probably better that I left.” Yukimura closely listened, lightly squeezing your thigh when he saw the frustration in your eyes “I know how it is when you want to train, but you can’t. I know that it’s frustrating, but your coach is right. The more you rest now the sooner you’ll be back to training again and you have me to take care of you. That’s at least something, right?” You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t suppress a small giggle. Yukimura’s expression turned soft when he placed a tender kiss on your forehead “Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?” You knew that Yukimura was right so you nodded your head “But I want a lot of cuddles and ice-cream when you are taking care of me.” Yukimura laughed, “Sure, but first let me bandage your foot properly and then we can do whatever you want.”


Fuji arrived early to pick you up from your ballet lesson. He shrugged it off and walked into the dance studio, it was a good opportunity to watch your training. As soon as he neared the training room he could hear you discussing loudly with your dance instructor. Quickening his pace, Fuji stepped into the room. You were standing barefoot in front of your instructor, holding your pointe shoes in one hand. You didn’t notice Fuji steeping into the room, focused on your instructor who calmly explained, “We can’t continue training today. You are already making good progress, but you have to let your feet heal first before we continue working on your en pointe dancing.“ One look at your feet told Fuji that your instructor was right. The shoes had chafed your skin and your feet were littered with blisters. Seemingly you didn’t agree with your instructor and with a frustrated groan you dropped your shoes. Fuji took it as his cue to step in and he made his presence known by stepping fully into the room. You turned your head to look at him and Fuji could see the frustration burning in your eyes. With a gentle smile on his face, Fuji walked up to you and bend down to pick up your pointe shoes. After straightening himself he took your hand, feeling you relax a bit under your his touch. Letting out a small sigh Fuji pulled you closer to him “I’m taking her home, sensei.” Your instructor nodded and wordlessly Fuji pulled you out of the room. He led you into the changing room and made you sit down on one of the benches. He kneeled down in front of you and inspected your feet before letting out another sigh “Mhm, it doesn’t look like you are going to wear any shoes today, it would just make things worse.” You grumpily looked down at Fuji and mumbled, “It’s not so bad… I could have continued training.” Piercing blue eyes met yours “No you couldn’t have. You have to take the time to heal. It won’t come out anything good if you continue like that. Just let me take care of you, (Name)-chan.” You knew that he was right, so you meekly nodded your head. Fuji lightly placed a hand on your cheek, smiling at you encouragingly “I just don’t want to see you hurt.” His thumb gently caressed your cheek before he pulled you down in a soft kiss.