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My Favorite Kdrama Kisses from 2015... (in no particular order)

Ji Sung Joon & Kim Hye Jin (She Was Pretty)

Cha Hong Do & Ko Yi Seok (Heart to Heart)

Na Bong Seon & Kang Seon Woo (Oh My Ghostess)

Kim Young Ho & Kang Joo Eun (Oh My Venus)

Ji Eun Dong & Park Hyun Soo (My Love Eun Dong)

Oh Ri Jin & Shin Se Gi (Kill Me, Heal Me)


Solomon’s Perjury // Episode 3 & 4

“i plan to stop acting so innocent. i won’t pretend to not know anything or i’ve got nothing to do with all this, or hide. we just sat here quietly, listening to the adults. we were hoping that they’d help and resolve all this. we just waited for them to do something. but look what happened! i think we have a right to know now. if no one is going to tell us, we need to find out ourselves. we need to find out what happened and how! so, let’s find out ourselves, the reason lee sowoo died.”

Thoughts about Goblin, Part 1
  • I think Grim Reapers choose to forget their past memories because of the overwhelming guilt  they felt about the crimes they’ve committed. They repent by  seeing to it that the departed get the peace or the punishment they deserve, something that is out of reach for them.
  • I like how the show is letting Eun Tak grow up, even just in the sidelines. While haters might find her relationship with Kim Shin nauseating, I like seeing them together because it somehow brings light into Shin’s world. You see an almost-millenium old man who is grasping straws about his very first romantic relationship with a girl who is simply making the most out of her life. Hate her and them together for all I care but I like them. Eun Tak, as his bride, is the beginning and end he desperately needed, but he wouldn’t gain that without a transformation with him.
  • If I have every moment to dissect Wang Yeo and Kim Shin’s relationship, I will. I love them. They’re brilliant together, which should have been the case about 900-and-so years ago had Wang Yeo listened to him. I am definitely looking forward to their confrontation. Wang Yeo needs to hear it, and him as the Reaper will definitely listen. Kim Shin, on the other hand, will definitely be full of rage, something that is understandable. I want them to get on with it, because this is their second chance.
  • Sunny continually gets torn between her brother and lover, which saddens me. I want Grim Reaper/Goblin reconciliation for her! I want Eun Tak to be her support (because she’s the variable, stop dissing her) because Eun Tak could provide her the perspective to decide to save herself. (Girl got to have self-preservation after eons.)
  • I really have no idea what will happen to Wang Yeo in the end. I want him to gain his second chance as a person, but will God give him? Will he be given the chance to choose? For me, he deserves it.
  • BUT GOBLIN. PLEASE PLEASE LET HIM LIVE. I think I’ll cry buckets when he “goes to nothingness” because why in the world did I invest myself in this drama if not for him? Lol. I want him to live. He may/may not remember, but just like Sunny and Reaper, the goblin and his bride deserves to eventually find their way back together.
  • Seriously, I just want to cry watching the last four episodes of Goblin (or maybe cry because I have so many school related things to do while waiting for it).

The song that we have been waiting for

See Ya
Never gone my way
Better will someday
Never far away
See Ya
Never gone my way
Better on my stay
Never far away
Round and round
and I never know why
Round and round
and it will show us way out
It’s my delight
As day goes by
you hold on tight
another day
You’re wondering why
but you know why
no other way
Somedays the sun will shine down
Somedays the moon will cry
Tomorrow we‘ll see
Tomorrow we‘ll be
As we go on our way
The world in your eyes
forever is lie
as we go on our way
There is a thousand things to know
Sometimes we’re standing by
the things we never understand
As we go on our own way
The sun goes down
The tides are low
I’ll see you on the day
Letting you go on your way
See Ya
Never gone my way
Never we‘ll someday
Never far away
See Ya
Never gone my way
Never on my day
Never far away
Round and round
and I never know why
Round and round
and it will show us way out
It’s my delight

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