shin chan being a cute tsun

mayumacaron  asked:

awe yir an open ask box! Could you please do a scenario with the precious tsundere Shin-chan having an over-affectionate s/o who just embarrasses him at any chance she gets with hugs, kisses and lewd comments just to see him become a stuttering blushing mess? (I am a thirsty girl for dat tsun ØwØ)

who isn’t thirsty for that tsun

Dating her was a nightmare, Midorima was positive of it. Every single day since asking her out, he’s gone to bed utterly exhausted by your energy. It was boundless, as if there were a new reserve for energy built overnight. It was especially bad when you were in need of physical affection. As if being told he was ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘moe’ (whatever the hell that meant) was bad enough, it was when she wanted a kiss or a hug…or more…that was especially bad. 

No sense of shame, he always complained about it to her. She always spoke freely of what should be kept a secret, grabbing his privates in public places, never failing to make his cheeks turn the rosy red she adored so much. Takao gets a good laugh every time she sneaks up behind him to grab his ass, claiming that he should pull the rear cart to get a nice rear end like Takao. That statement never failed to rile him up. He would ask her if she liked Takao’s…er…rear…so much, then she could date him. Then she would tilt her head and say something that would make him blush profusely. 

“But you’re the one I love, Shintaro!” She was an irritating one, indeed. Tackling him in the hallways and kissing him in front of his team mates. Once he had happened upon her with her friends, describing in detail their recent debacle in the locker room after practice, which occurred only because she had driven him to it by putting on his extra jersey and parading around in it as he was changing, refusing to put pants on until he made her. This led to a romp in locker room that still makes him flush when he thinks about it.

“Shin-chan!” He can’t help but tense up when he hears the playful tone of her voice as he prepares for bed. He didn’t dare turn around. (First) was most definitely in her pajamas: a t-shirt and shorts that fit her very very well. He was as still as a statue as he felt hands wind around him, and lips at his shoulder blade. 

“We have school tomorrow, nanodayo.” 


“Not tonight, you fool. You’ve been complaining about your grades, haven’t you?” He could practically hear her pout. 

“Fine.” His shoulders relax as he believes she has given him, turning around to kiss her forehead, which he believed would calm her down. He’s instead met with a pair of soft, sweet lips over his, arms around his neck, (h/c) locks tickling his skin. She knew full well that when she kissed him, he forgets everything. 

Without another word, he lays her down on the bed, ignoring her knowing giggle and climbs on top of her, dipping down to kiss her neck.

Midorima stares vacantly at the ceiling as she sleeps beside him, naked and satisfied for the time being. He glances down at her, brushing a lock of hair away from her slumbering face, unable to help the softening of his features as her eyelashes flutter and she smiles, as if dreaming of something pleasant. She was insufferable, insatiable, embarrassing, and she got on his nerves like no one else. 

Yet somehow he wouldn’t trade her for anything. He realizes this again and again, every time she laughs, every time they kiss, every time they intertwine. Before he knows it, the corners of his lips turn up ever so slightly, and he presses his lips to her eyelid. 

“Such a fool, indeed.”