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EXO’s reaction to when Child Actress Kim Hwan Hee, who had appeared with them on Happy Together, admitted to liking BTS more than EXO to the members (ft. Savage Suho)

I know this is funny, but it’s also kinda sad because this is the second time EXO has guest-starred on a show with similar circumstances. EXO are constantly being used as a means to boost ratings for shows and not only is it disappointing to the members, but it’s very disrespectful, too. 

UPDATE: they literally did not ask at all what groups she was into or if she liked bts more than exo. the question was “so, do you like exo?” she simply could have said “yes” or could have at least phrased what she said differently, like: “yes, i like them but my taste in music is more x/y/x”. if not to be less abrupt, then to at least be respectful to the fact that three exo members are literally sitting right across from her?? you can tell just how awkward the show gets all of a sudden and the disappointment in their faces- props to suho for not trying to hide it either. 

[BONUS: *because suho’s killing me with these roasts omfg* one of the child actresses, Seo Shin Ae, also commented that she liked AKMU more than EXO and Suho reacted by saying “But who asked me for a picture first? It was you, right?”]