V`s face as he makes an imitation of an old man`s voice and shindong`s epic laugh :p

03/07/2014 Shimshimtapa - Formal Language
  • Listener:Why is Eunhyuk oppa still talking formally to Heechul oppa?
  • Shindong:Are you still using formal language? Not informal language?
  • Eunhyuk:No, I still speak formally.
  • Shindong:As for Leeteuk?
  • Eunhyuk:It's half of both.
  • Shindong:As for the rest of the members?
  • Eunhyuk:When I speak to the rest it's informally.
  • Shindong:You speak informally to me.
  • Kangin:To me as well.
  • Shindong:Is there anybody else who still speaks formally in this group?
  • Eunhyuk:Sungmin!
  • Sungmin:I still speak formally to all my hyungs.
  • Chinese trans CR:@凝幻 weibo