w ow thank you all so much for the overwhelming support, especially those who sent messages of condolences regarding the theme theft (the bottom three images almost entirely consist of these)! ;u;

@shingeki-no-kyo: Code fixed! Sorry about that… ^^;

@soul-of-crona: You can find out how from this tutorial. :>

@icecreamwonderland: Infinite scroll only works when you do not have 1 column selected, sorry! ;;

@drsuperninja: goodness, this ask really made me extremely happy to know there was someone who enjoyed my themes this much ;____; thank you so much for the support!

@kamiyalucifer: Oh!!! I’ve actually seen your themes before in the past! I don’t really have much to go on, but I think you’re off to a good start. c: Don’t give up! 

@shingeki-no-valvrave: woww your message almost made me laugh out loud. :D thank you, and all the best for your o’ levels!! \o/

@nuclear-powered-heart: oh my gosh yes this really cheered me up! i really appreciate you taking the time to drop by and send this absolutely lovely message sobsss ;;

PSA: I would also really appreciate it if no one sent somewhatsassy-themes any hate. Theft is bad, but so is bullying. Thank you.