shimmy knows how to get girls

A GOOD CONCEPT!!!!: Being able to experience…
Taylor rising from the stage for the first time and Welcome to New York’s chill-inducing opening, “I was born in 1989!! ‘Cause baby, I could build a CASTLE!!!”, the Blank Space loop and “BOYYYYYYYS only want LOVE if it’s TOR-TURE!!!”, I Knew You Were Trouble smoke effects and the remade, SPOOKY AF intro (“Shame on me nowwwwwww….”), the I Wish You Would shimmy and mini-speech, How You Get the Girl “LET ME SEE YOU JUMP, JUMP!!” and glow-in-the-dark costumes, I Know Places “And we RRRRRRUNNNNNNNNN” growl and choreography, All You Had To Do Was Stay DRAMATIC CHAIR DANCING, SPECIAL GUEST FOOTAGE???!!!!, the You Are in Love stadium singalong aka i’m emo (Silence, SILENCE; Way home, WAY HOME; Lights Out, LIGHTS OUT…), THE FREAKING CLEAN SPEECH AND PERFORMANCE, 1989 Love Story remix on keyboarddddd!!!, EVERY SECOND OF THE STYLE STRUT-A-THON!!!, the pure MAGIC of This Love….like OMG, “UGH!!!!” and “MUCH COOLER THAN MINE!!!!!!!” during the badass rock We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together slay-show, 100% perfection in “I was Enchanted to meet yoOOuuuUUUU…….He said, 'let’s get out of this town……’”, The REPEATED BRIDGE OF OUT OF THE WOODS OMG THE REPEATED BRIDGE OF OUT OF THE WOODSSSSSS, and the absolute party that is SHAKE IT OFFFFFF!!!!!!!!
This 1989 Live Concert is going to let us relive all of that with GREAT SOUND AND VIDEO QUALITY. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS I MIGHT COMBUST INTO A PILE OF GLITTER AND BLISS…!!!!….