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Bend Your Knees

When you’re too hype for boatsex to wait for smut fest … how episode 6 could’ve went down. (This is part 1/3)

Warning: Smut ( lots and lots of it but hey)


“My Queen, if I may …”

She nodded her head and their lips met tentatively. They parted again, a centimeter of space between them. Their eyes met; and in a heartbeat they we kissing again, now with Jon’s hand cupping her cheek, pulling her closer.

In his mind he was still riding for the wall. Uncle Benjen’s horse was endlessly galloping below him, his body shivering all the while. When he finally woke he was sure he was dead.

His eyes fluttered open and his vision slowly came to focus. The silver hair of the dragon queen shown bright in the sun peering in from the window. Her face was solemn; eyes glossy. 

He didn’t feel as if he was riding anymore. Suddenly the world was painfully still. Looking up at her from the furs he remembered. 

“I’m sorry,” he breathed. “I’m so sorry.”

Dany shook her head. Somehow he felt the pain of it. He could see the vision floating behind her eyes, her child speared in mid flight only to crash and sink under the same icy water he crawled out of earlier. He took her hand in his on impulse.

“I wish I could take it back. I wish we’d never gone,” Jon said.

She shook her head again, blinking tears away. “I don’t … if we hadn’t gone I wouldn’t have seen. You have to see it to know.” 

She could see it so clearly still. The night king and his spear, the others closing in on all sides, Viseron falling … Jon falling. “Now I know,” she said.

She had sat there for hours waiting for him to wake, and now she had run out of words. He was staring up at her longingly. Just as Tyrion said he would. Only now, he didn’t look little as she said before. 

His body stretched out on the furs below her, his scars decorated his muscles. His dark eyes were deeper than she had ever seen. 

She had to pull herself out of them. Back to reality. 

“The dragons are my children. They’re the only children I’ll ever have. Do you understand?”

Jon bowed his eyes to where their hands met in the furs. Her skin was suddenly warmer against his. He nodded and looked back up to meet her violet eyes; resisting the urge to pull her closer. 

“We are going to destroy the Night King and his army. We’ll do it together. You have my word.”

I want more of you than your word, Jon thought secretly. He gulped that thought back. “Thank you, Dany.”

“Dany…” she breathed. “Who was the last person who called me that? I’m not sure, was it my brother? Not the company you want to keep.” 

“Alright, not Dany,” Jon said. “How about my Queen? I’d bend the knee but …”

“What of those who swore allegiance to you?” 

“They’ll come to see you for what you are.”

Dany’s breath caught in her throat. Somehow his word meant more than any others who had bowed before her. “I hope I deserve it.” 

“You do,” Jon said. 

Suddenly Dany became even more aware of his eyes bearing into hers. In truth she wanted to dive into them, memorize ever glint of dark color in them with their foreheads pressed together, her legs straddling his sides … 

She snapped of it. Her eyes shied away and she tried to slide her hand free from his but Jon ever so slightly pulled back. 

Their eyes met again and she understood. He was thinking the same way. But she knew she shouldn’t. 

Jon rustled beneath the furs. Suddenly Dany was seated at the edge of her chair. Jon sat up slowly until their faces were inches apart. 

Dany closed her eyes. Her lips parted ever so slightly. She could feel the heat of his breath against her lips. Her chest rose with hers, ever so slightly brushing against his bare skin. She waited for his lips to meet hers, ever muscle in her body clenching in anticipation. 

“My Queen, if I may …” 

She nodded her head and their lips met tentatively. They parted again, a centimeter of space between them. Their eyes met; and in a heartbeat they were kissing again, now with Jon’s hand cupping her cheek, pulling her closer. 

Their tongues danced like dragons in the sky. Her hands grazed his chest, fingertips gliding lightly over the scared tissue. Jon’s lips traveled to her neck sucking at the skin that was exposed there. Before she could stop herself she was gasping, her fingers entwining in his curls.

As Jon flicked his tongue across her silky skin he realized they were not nearly close enough for his liking. He wrapped his arm around her waist, guiding her off the edge of her chair and easing her gently onto his lap. 

He kissed down to the base of her neck, feeling himself swell beneath her as she gasped, face tilting up to the ceiling. With the urge to kiss her more he reached up to unbuttoning her fierce black coat. He lifted it off her shoulders and down her arms until it lay at the foot of the bed.

She looked smaller without the coat, softer even. A black dress still covered her from the chest down, laced tightly at her back. Dany’s hands fell to his chest, her palms pushing flat against it as she guided his body back down against the furs. 

Her legs straddled his hips now and she could feel his hardness growing beneath the furs. She ground her hips back against his just enough so he could feel her heat pressing against him through the furs.

Her black silk dress still flowed around her legs and squeezed her chest. As she leaned forward she kissed him with ferocity. 

Jon pressed his lips hard against the heat of hers, all the while the subtle grind of her hips driving him close to insanity. The Queen knew what she was doing, but so did he. 

 His hands, which had settled around her thighs moved down to pry at her ass, gripping the skin and then releasing. He followed the rhythm of her hips. 

In response, Dany reached behind her, pulling at the lace of her dress, loosening them until the cloth fell away from her pale chest and pink peaks, taught with excitement. The silk sank only to her hips, covering wetness that was pooling where her legs met. 

Jon drank her in with his eyes and almost immediately began to kiss her nipples, his mouth toying with one and his thumb another. As he released the one in his mouth with a pop Dany let out a whimper, moaning and throwing her eyes to the wooden ceiling of the rocking boat. Her silver hair shook around her.

Jon looked up at her figure and couldn’t stand it anymore. He backed up on the bed, lifting her hips with his palms. He shimmied the black dress away from Dany’s hips and off her body until she was bare in front of him. 

“gods,” he whispered, the word slipping from his mouth. Dany was staring down at him, her silver hair cascading down her chest and back. 

She leaned down to kiss him again but Jon backed away with other intentions. Possibilities danced through his head. He lied back down on the furs, propping his head up on the pillow. 

Dany began to push the furs back to reveal his length, ready to ride the wolf. But Jon pushed her hands away. 

“I want to kiss you more.”

“Jon, I …” Daenerys’ heat was burning with an intensity. She needed more. 

Jon wrapped her hands around her thighs again and began to pull her closer. He guided her forward until Dany’s cunt hovered over the top of his chest. The Queen looked down at him, confused. Jon said nothing to help her understand, just lifted her up so her knees lay at either side of her head, until he was staring up at her dripping cunt.

“Bend your knees my Queen.” 

Dany had not been confused in bed for a long time, but he trusted the wolf. She obeyed, lowering her heat down until it sat right above his lips. She peered down at his dark eyes, checking to see if this is where he wants her. 

Jon kept her eye contact and blew a hot breath across her wet cunt. Dany shivered. He nipped at her inner thighs with his teeth, reminding her again of the wolf he was.

Lust swam in his eyes and heat trickled through his veins. He longed to kiss her there. He dipped his head and licked upward, lapping up her juices. 

Jon’s beard tickled her skin and Dany stifled a scream as he swirled his tongue around her clit. Her hips bucked. She leaned a hand on the wooden wall for support. No one had kissed her like this before. Not there. 

She lowered herself back down for more.

Jon’s tongue dipped inside her and Dany felt pressure building. He kissed her inside and out until she was moaning and biting her lip to stop from screaming out. 

“Jon …” she pleaded.

Jon felt her muscles clamp and held onto her thighs. He supported her above him, guiding her up and down his face so he could devour her like a wolf does his prey. He buried his face in her warmth, humming all the while. His tongue swirled inside her, his nose nudged her clit.

When she moaned his name again he knew she was close. He flicked her most sensitive spot with his tongue until he felt her legs begin to quake. 

Dany was just at the edge, her toes curling, pressing into Jon’s shoulders. She didn’t know whether to beg for more or clamp her thighs around his head until she came. But before she could decide he stopped. 

Dany raised herself up on her knees again, still leaning on the wall for support. Jon helped her climb back down the bed until her eyes hovered over his again.

She gripped his face and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, feeling where her wetness had dampened his beard. 

She opened her mouth to ask where he had learned such a trick but only managed to huff out a breath, stuffing her face in his neck so she could kiss him there. 

Jon let out a small huff of a laugh and she could feel him smirking, proud of himself. 

It was her turn. 

Intent on hearing Jon moan, she pushed the furs back with her feet, feeling his stiffness bump against her ass. Dany took him in her hand and rubbed his tip through her folds before lowering herself onto his length. 

Jon let out a low growl, his teeth parting slightly. His eyes fluttered open and closed as Dany raised herself up again only to lower herself back down. She rode him with a steady pace until Jon was nearly panting.

 He watched her with wide eyes as she twisted a nipple between her fingers and pushed her long silver hair out of her eyes and behind her back. He bucked his hips to meet hers. 

His calloused hands glided over her soft skin from the curve of her breasts to the indent of her where her hips met her thighs. Jon concentrated on tracing careful circles there with his thumbs for fear he cum too soon under her control. 

Dany bucked her hips more, her ass slapping perfectly against his balls. And when she noticed how that made his eyes roll back and his throat tighten she reached a hand back to caress him there. 

“Daenerys … please.” Jon could feel himself climbing. 

Dany just smirked down at him and quikened her pace, pleased with her power. Just as she was about to let a finger slide down to where their bodies met, Jon’s grip on her hips tightened. 

She met his eyes and caught a glimpse of his need just before she felt her body being thrust around. Jon rolled them over so he was on top of her. His elbows, planted on either side of her head steadied him. He lowered himself down until he was just inches from her face, his mouth agape. 

They breathed in and out, their chests heaving against each others. Dany craned her neck up to kiss him, but Jon pulled away with a sly smile. His hot breath tickled her neck and then he crashed his lips against hers. He pushed into her again and Dany moaned at his length. 

Jon bucked his hips, grunts escaping him. His sweaty curls ticked Dany’s forehead. Then his arm hooked around Dany’s right leg, raising it up to where her knee almost banged against her own shoulder. 

Still inside her, he held her leg in position, Jon nipped at the skin of her calf with his teeth making her gasp. He pushed into her harder. 

Dany cried out this time, the angle finding her sweet spot. Her eyes scanned his scars before their eyes locked on each others and Jon continued pumping into her, his speed and force increasing. 

Jons’ name escaped her mouth moaned again and again. Jon felt her muscles clench and he brought his thumb to her clit, using his shoulder to keep her leg suspended.

Dany bit back cries of pleasure, sinking her teeth into her own knuckles. She squirmed below him, unable to control herself, she threw her head back and closed her eyes. Her back arched off the furs. She felt herself shake around him and snapped her eyes open again when he called her name. 

Dany watched as his mouth hung open in pleasure, his eyes squeezed tight. Jon felt her clench as he rubbed furious circles on her clit. She shook in his arms he felt his high coming too and quickened his pace, cumming inside her. 

They were still for a moment.

Then they breathed out sighs at the same time. Jon pushed into her slowly a few more times before pulling out completely.

 Dany opened her arms to him as he gently collapsed in pleasure on top of her. 

Jon lay his head on her chest, listening to her heart beat as it began to slow. Dany wrapped her fingered through his dark hair, pushing the sweaty strands from his face. As she caught her breath she looked down at his back, watching it rise and fall with his breath.

“Daenerys?” Jon whispered, still catching his breath. 


Jon nuzzled his cheek gently across her breast. 

“I would’ve bent the knee sooner, if I’d known.” Jon smiled up at her. He lay a gentle kiss on collar bone. 

“Me too.” Dany laughed. 




PART 2!   PART 3!

Terms and Conditons. (M)

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Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Jungkook was out looking for a new flavor of the month and his eyes land on a certain previously taken girl.

Warning – This is a sugar daddy Jungkook scenario. 

Words – 2.3k. 


The energy was heightened as groups of individuals danced around the large ballroom held for an extravagant party. Jeon Jungkook was known to be quite a party planner when it came to his business because he always wanted to make a strong entrance plus he wanted to impress the girls that might be lucky enough to land in his bed that night.

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Warnings: smut, spanking, all that jazz. Oh and daddy kink ofc

The bass pounded against the walls as Ethan lead you through the crowds of people to the dance floor. You always wondered why your boyfriend always came to these parties when he never drank. You smiled as you reached your hands up to feel his chest as your bodies swayed to the beat of the music. You did have one drink in you but it wasn’t enough to make you tipsy but you did feel pretty confident. You slowly turned around as Ethan’s hands trailed down your back, watching as you ground against him. He pulled your back against him as he kissed your neck, leaving love bites. You reached a hand up behind you to lace them into his hair as your hips were still in movement.
“Maybe we should take this back to my place?” Ethan whispered in your ear, biting your ear lobe lightly. You smirked, turning around to pull him into a deep kiss.
“Let’s go.” You smirked, pulling his hand. You both got into Ethan’s black Subaru as he quickly started the car. You both put your seat belts on and Ethan pulled out onto the road. You bit your lip, looking over at him. His hair was ruffled, his jawline prominent from the street lights. You slowly slid a hand down onto his thigh as you snaked your hand upwards. You lightly gripped his member through his jeans as he shifted in his seat,
“Can this wait baby? I’d rather make it there safe than have to explain to our parents why I totalled my car.” Ethan quickly glanced at you as you bit your lip, returning to your seat. Your hormones were raging. You slowly slid your black dress up, sneaking a hand into your panties. You started rubbing your clit as you looked over at your boyfriend innocently as he drove. You let out a small moan causing him to look over to catch a quick glance. His right hand pulled your hands out of your panties.
“You think you can touch yourself without daddy’s permission?” Ethan’s jaw clenched as you felt him push on the gas pedal harder. You smirked as you slowly pulled your dress back down, you were throbbing.
“So impatient, I’ll have to punish you when we get home.” Ethan gripped the steering wheel tightly.
He quickly pulled into the driveway, shutting the engine off as he strode to the front door, you following closely behind as he unlocked the door. You both stepped in as Ethan slammed you back against the door.
“You’re such a bad girl. It’s like you want to be punished.”
“Maybe I do, daddy.” You smiled at him. He grabbed your ass motioning for you to jump as he carried you up the stairs. You were both lost in each other’s kisses as he laid you down on the bed.
“Don’t tell Grayson we fucked in his bed. Got it?”
“Got it.” You laughed as you realized you were in the room of his brother.
“I just couldn’t make it to my room. I can’t wait any longer.” Ethan said, pulling his shirt over his head.
“I want you to strip for me baby.” Ethan demanded as he took his belt off. He gripped the belt as he watched you shimmy out of your dress. You slowly unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the floor as you turned around. You gave Ethan a full view of your ass as you looped your thumbs around your panties, slowly sliding them down. Ethan sat on the edge of the bed as you slowly walked towards him,
“Bend over my lap, princess.” Ethan demanded, folding the belt in his large hands. You bent yourself over his lap as you felt Ethan’s warm hands grab your ass. You heard him groan as he took the belt and slapped it down on your ass. You bit your lip, your body jerking from the sudden pain as Ethan quickly rubbed his hand over it, watching the skin turn red.
“You’re such a bad girl. Trying to touch daddy while he’s driving.” Ethan let down another crack of the belt,
“Touching yourself without daddy’s permission,” your body jerked as he spanked you for the third time.
“Now, I want you to ride daddy’s face. Do you want that?”
“Of course, daddy.” You bit your lip, watching as he lied back on the bed, his head on the pillows. He motioned for you to go over as you slowly straddled his face. He reached his large hands up to grab your thighs as he lowered you down onto his tongue. You gripped the headboard as Ethan began eating you out. His tongue moved in circles as you moved your hips along with his movements. He stuck his tongue into you as you became a moaning mess.
“Fuck daddy.” You moaned, grinding down onto his face. He flicked his tongue inside you as pleasure over took you. You rode Ethan’s face as he ate you out. His rough stubble rubbed against your thighs as he pushed his tongue deeper into you. You moaned as he licked at your walls. He slowly licked up your slit and began sucking your clit. One of your hands flew down to his hair as he flicked his tongue back and forth over your clit. You moaned profanities as your thighs shook around his head. His biceps flexed as he held you still, licking up and down your pussy. You grounded your hips against his face as he flattened his tongue out for you to ride. You pushed down on him, wanting more as he flicked his tongue against you. You clenched as he licked over your core, going up to hum on your clit. You bit your lip as he flicked his tongue over it repeatedly once again making your legs shake.
“Daddy don’t stop!” You moaned, your climax approaching. He began flicking his tongue faster as you felt a hand move down to stick two fingers in you, wasting no time, he thrusted them inside you at a fast pace. You thighs began to clench around his head as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking harshly. You felt the pads of his fingers rub your g-spot. You clenched around your boyfriends fingers, moaning loudly as you orgasm rushed over you. You ground down on his face, gripping the headboard tightly as you came all over his fingers. You let out a small squeal as he took his fingers out of you and licked up your slit once again. Your thighs trembled from the over sensitivity as he continued eating you out.
“Daddy I can’t-” you began but he cut you off,
“Yes you can baby girl.” Ethan tapped your thighs, ordering you to lay down as he quickly took off his jeans and boxers. You watched as he took his throbbing cock in his hands as he ran the tip along your wet juices. Your hips bucked as he hit your sensitive clit. He slowly ground his cock along your pussy as he moaned, gripping your hips.
“You want it baby?” He asked, staring down at you as he continued rubbing himself on you.
“Yes daddy, fuck me.” You stared into his eyes. You didn’t have to ask him twice as he slid into you. You pushed your head back against the pillows as he thrusted into you, the headboard hitting the wall. You moaned, gripping the sheets as Ethan hovered over you. His mouth attacked your breasts as he sucked on your nipples. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him up for a long deep kiss. Your tongues danced together as his hips snapped into yours. Ethan moaned into your mouth as your fingernails raked down his muscular back.
“Fuck daddy, you’re so big.” You moaned, feeling him force his whole length inside you. Confidence radiated off of Ethan as a cocky smirk showed in his face. He stared down at you with hooded eyes, as he watched your mouth hang open in pleasure. He slowly brought a hand down to choke you as he bucked his hips into yours roughly. You moaned loudly, completely handing yourself over to Ethan as he fucked you relentlessly.
“Moan for daddy, let me hear you.” Ethan grunted as you arched your back, making him hit your g-spot. You screamed profanities as Ethan released his hand from your neck as he brought your leg over his shoulder. At this angle, he was able to thrust deeper inside you as he slapped your ass.
“Fuck, you dirty girl.” Ethan growled as you moaned, clutching onto the sheets so hard that your knuckles turned white.
“Flip over baby.” Ethan demanded, pulling out so you could reposition yourself. Ethan entered himself back inside you, spreading your legs farther apart to fit himself deeper inside you. Your arms gave out beneath you as your face hit the pillows. Ethan reached forward, pulling your hair as he twisted it in between his fingers. Your legs began to tremble for the second time that night, your second orgasm approaching. Ethan slapped your ass harshly as he thrusted into you roughly. You looked over at the mirror and you watched as Ethan fucked you. He was concentrated on the way his cock slid in and out of you, watching as your ass bounced with every thrust. He ran his hands down your back to rest on your hips, pulling you back against him.
“I’m gonna cum daddy.” You whimpered, laying your head on the pillow as you gripped the sheets.
“Come on baby, let it out.” He grunted. Your toes curled as you clenched around his cock, your second orgasm washing over you. Your legs shook uncontrollably as Ethan continued his thrusts. You came all over Ethan’s cock with a loud moan. As you clenched around him, you felt him twitch inside you as he came with a loud moan. His hips bucked as he whimpered, gripping your hips roughly as you moaned.
“Fuck.” Ethan slowly pulled out as he discarded the condom. You threw yourself onto the bed as you both tried to regain your breath.
“Babe, we should go back to your room before Grayson gets home.” You looked over at Ethan worriedly.
“Good point.” Ethan’s chest heaved as he quickly got up, grabbing yours and his’ clothes. Just then the front door closed and you both rushed back to Ethan’s room.
“That was close.” You sighed, putting a clean pair of underwear on and slipping one of Ethan’s shirts on.
“Ethan! I’m gonna kill you!” You heard Grayson yell. You both shot each other a look.
“Ethan what did you do?” You whisper yelled. He shrugged, a scared look on his face. Ethan quickly put on a clean pair of boxers and sweats as he quickly rushed to Grayson’s room.
“Wha-” Ethan peeked his head around the corner to see Grayson pointing down at the used condom.
“You guys are freaking disgusting! You have your own room!” Grayson yelled. Ethan ran his hands through his hair,
“We couldn’t make it-”
“You guys are both cleaning my room within this hour. Everything you touched I want it clean.” Grayson ordered. You peaked around the corner with Ethan.
“Hey, y/n, you guys are a cute couple but could you at least not do the do in my room?”
“Sorry, Gray.” You shrugged behind Ethan. Grayson stepped out of the room, letting you two clean up the mess you made.

Red Dress

Originally posted by vintagefangirll

Bucky x Reader

Inspired by the song Red Dress by MAGIC!

Warnings: NSFW

Bucky drummed his metal fingers against his knee as he reclined on the sofa in your shared living room. It had been almost half an hour since you had disappeared into the walk-in closet looking for something to wear to dinner tonight. At this point, you had to have tried on every little thing inside your closet.

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



You could see Charlie’s large sun hat before you saw her face once you landed in the airport. Though Harry had attempted to roll both yours and his suitcase in a chivalrous way, you had given him a look as if to say, “Really?” before lugging your own behind you as Harry led you and Savie through the airport.

“Charlie!” you called, waving your arm frantically as you attempted to catch her attention. She turned, her long, luxurious and silky hair swishing around her as a large smile overcame her face and she waved back, jogging to meet up with you. 

“Y/N!” she cried and nearly sprinted into your arms. “Oh it’s been so long! When Harry called I nearly thought he was joking saying you’d be visiting! It’s so good to see you!”

You and Savie had known Charlie since university. She’d been the Armenian girl down the hall whose grandmother always sent her nice treats. You’d gone with her on her first trip to her home country when her parents had asked if she wanted to spend the summer there. Her answer was yes, and that she wanted to bring friends. 

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pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: smut
word count: 1.1k
drabble prompt: seeing the other dressed up + “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We don’t have the time for sex.”
a/n: I may or may not have gotten a little carried away…

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It’s Too Late

Dean Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: After pining after Dean for so long, the Reader has had enough.

A/N: This story is for  #SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017. And as you can guess, it contains angst!

It was hard. Falling in love with a man who never really knew you existed. At least as a woman with a heart. Sure, he knew you were there, often by his side during hunts. Sitting across from him at the table, researching into the middle of the night. Sleeping in the same motel bed so Sam could have one bed by himself. There were the times the two of you would have a blast, sitting a bar, drinking beer and sharing stories. Those nights you would wonder, maybe finally he was seeing you as something other than a friend. Then a fellow hunter.

All it would take is one sly look from the pretty waitress, or woman at the end of the bar and he would be off, not even realizing he was leaving you on your own. Not realizing that with each woman he left with, he was trampling your heart further and further into the ground.

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Game For Two

A Lance Tucker Drabble

Character Pairing: Lance Tucker x Female Reader

Word Count: 454

Warnings: NSFW 18+, Smut. Swearing, teasing, slight show of dominance.

Request: How about teasing Lance before a function you can’t be late for? - Anon

A/N: Lance Tucker is my kryptonite.


Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

“Please tell me again why we are going to this.”

You looked at Lance in the mirror as he entered the bathroom. You leaned forward to apply your mascara, “Because you are her daughters coach and this event is being held in honor of the charity that I support.” You twisted the cap on the bottle and turned your face from side to side, inspecting your make-up.  “So, quit whining and go get your tie.”

You watched as his eyebrows shot up and a slow smirk appeared on his face, “Sweetheart, that sassy mouth will get you in trouble.”

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Beautiful Stranger [Chapter 1]

Originally posted by jinyoung-ahh

Request by a wonderful anon! : “Hello can you please write a Jinyoung smut scenario :) it can be any plot you want. Thank you. Have a good day my dear <3″

^^ My original idea took me down a whole new path and I decided to turn it into a series. I hope you like it, my love!

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult content and language

Today was an extremely long day. Work was crazy lately as the current CEO had been forced out of the company for embezzling corporate funds. You and everyone else were pulling double time to compensate for the legal ramifications his actions had on the company. Plus, you were all going to be introduced to your new boss tomorrow so the level of stress in the office was high.

All you wanted to do was have a drink and unwind so you stopped off at the bar close to your apartment. You took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink.

You couldn’t help but feel as if you were being watched.

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What Happens in Vegas - Chapter 1: Stranger

Summary: In Las Vegas for your best friend’s bachelorette weekend, you wake up in a strange bed with no recollection of what happened the night before.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3083

Warnings: Implied sex. Swearing.

Chapter 2

A/N: So this is the first fanfic I’ve ever written/posted. I’ve always said that if I were to ever write, I would never write about real people, and yet I couldn’t get this out of my head and just needed to write it down and put it out there. Because of this, Tom may not always actually act like Tom, and Harrison may not always actually act like Harrison–I mean, it’s not like I know them in real life! (Part of me thinks that at some point I’ll edit this and change the names, but for now it is our favorite web-slinging actor and his loyal buddy.) This is set up as a multi-part story, and I have an idea of where it would go, but I honestly have no idea whether I’ll actually continue it. Also, I’ve never actually been to Vegas, so I’m sure quite a bit of this is inaccurate. But yeah, enjoy, I guess!

[Y/N] = Your Name (duh)

[Y/B/F/N] = Your Best Friend’s Name


You’d never thought much about how you’d get married.

You knew it would happen–or at least, you wanted it to happen–but you’d never been preoccupied with the details. In school, while the other girls planned and acted out their pretend playground weddings, you were swinging on the monkey bars and catching grasshoppers in water bottles. While your friends now, one-by-one, began to get engaged and get married themselves, you buried yourself in your classes or your work or whatever else was going on in your life at the time. It would happen when it would happen, and you would know (or at least force yourself to decide) what to do then. You didn’t know how many bridesmaids you wanted, or if you even wanted any bridesmaids at all. You didn’t know if it would be a big church wedding, or just a small ceremony at City Hall. DJ or band, traditional vows or self-written ones, you had no clue.

What you did know, however, was that it was not supposed to be like this.

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Thanks, Cas

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

Requested: yeperoni, on wattpad

Word Count: 2325

Tags: @winter-in-wakanda

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“You ready?” Sam asks, knocking on the bathroom door where you’ve locked yourself away. It’s your birthday, and Sam is taking you out to a fancy dinner for a night of pretending to be normal people who don’t hunt monsters for a living. You went to a good bit of trouble to get dolled up; hair done, heels on. Taking a deep breath and smoothing out your tight black dress, you smile at yourself in the mirror.

“I am. But are you ready to see me?” You tease Sam, and he chuckles.

“Yes, I think I-” Sam’s words cut out as soon as you open the door. His eyes rake up and down, from your heels to your curls and back again.

“Told you to get ready,” you smile, and Sam licks his lips, running his hands over his suit jacket. He clears his throat, finally making eye contact.

“This is going to be fun,” he says mischievously, and you shoot him a questioning look. He quickly shakes it off, clearing his throat again.

“Shall we go?”


“Shoot, that soup looks good too. Sam, what are you ordering? Can we split… hey, are you listening?” You wave a hand in front of your boyfriend’s face from across the table, and you can see his concentration melt away as he stops staring at your water glass and returns to reality. You give him a confused smile, unable to figure out what’s been making him act weird all night.

“Of course I’m listening. I- wait, what was the question?” he asks, and you laugh, shaking your head. Sometimes you think you’re dating the smartest man alive while simultaneously dating the dumbest dork alive.

“Sam, are you sure you’re you alright?” You inquire, setting down your menu and leaning forward on your elbows. He nods quickly, licking his lips and diving into his menu.

“Want to split some soup?” He asks innocently, and you smile broadly. He may be a dork, but boy do you love Sam. You two have the same thoughts at separate times.

“Sam, I tried to ask you that exact question about sixty seconds ago,” you tell him, laughing lightly as a blush creeps up on his cheeks.

“Not how this was supposed to go, Cas,” you hear Sam mutter under his breath, clearly frustrated, and you feel more confused than ever. What the hell?

“Okay, look, I know something is- oh-h, ah, S-Sam,” you suddenly stutter. Your accusation was interrupted by an absolutely bizarre feeling between your legs. You clamp a hand over your mouth, because although it’s not a particularly strong feeling, you can’t imagine what the source is, which freaks you out.

You look up at him, panicked, and feel your heart rate pick up at his expression. He’s smirking triumphantly. Your brows furrow, and you pull away your hand, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is happening. Instead of words, all that escapes is a shaky sigh of pleasure as the feeling gets stronger. Fucking hell, it’s like Sam’s touching you.

“Enjoying yourself, baby?” He taunts, and with that, you know that somehow, he is touching you. Just.. without actually touching you. You glare, mouth sealed shut as you push your thighs together just as tight.

“I wanted to give you something special for your birthday, baby,” Sam says, and you grip onto the tablecloth desperately as the feeling takes over your clit.

“And so Cas lent me some of his grace. Turns out, he knows some fun angel secrets. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? Feeling me touch you with my mind?” he explains, outwardly loving this. You, however, feel like everyone’s staring at you try not to get any wetter than you already are. No way you’re coming in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

“Sam, stop,” you say through gritted teeth, looking around warily. Surprisingly, he does as you say, the sensation disappearing. You feel a little cold and left out in the wake of it, but try not to show your disappointment. This is what you wanted, right?

“Sure thing, baby. So, soup?” He asks cheerily, taking a sip of his water. You want to pull your hair out, but go along with it. Maybe it’s best to just pretend nothing ever happened.



“And can I get you two any desserts?” the perky waiter asks, and you smile at Sam, hoping he’ll let you get some obnoxiously chocolatey dessert. He nods slightly, and you brighten up.

“Yes, we’ll ha-aa- oh, uh,” you’re taken aback by the sudden pleasure between your legs. This time, Sam is going all out, and you swear you can feel his fingers pumping inside you even though you’re staring at them resting on the table in front of you.

“Are you alright?” the waiter questions, looking lost. You glare at Sam, mentally begging him to either let up or cover for you.

“Oh, she’s fine. We’ll have the chocolate mousse, please,” Sam brushes you off, and although the waiter still looks wary, he writes down your order and hurries away nonetheless. Meanwhile, the tension in you is building as Sam changes his speed constantly, switching from faster than you thought possible to tortuously slow.

“Are you alright?” Sam feigns concern, and you swear if you weren’t so desperate to kiss him, you’d murder him. You’re about to verbalize that when, of course, Sam puts pressure on your clit, sticking with the faster pace.

“Ah, fuck, oh, fuck you, Sam,” you whisper, clenching your hands into fists. You want nothing more than to throw your head back and enjoy the feeling, but the chatter all around you reminds you that you’re entirely in the open.

“Fuck me? Well, actually, I was kind of hoping you would do just that,” Sam teases, lowering his voice so no one overhears. You want to scream his name; he’s going so fast and so hard on you that you can barely breathe.

“S-Sam,” you whimper again, looking at him with pleading eyes. You aren’t sure what you’re begging for - an end to the torture or an orgasm - but at this point, you aren’t sure it matters.

“Are you close, baby? Are you about to cum in front of all these rich, elegant people? Are you going to cream in your panties and fancy black dress? Hm?” Sam leans forward, and hearing him whispering dirty words makes you feel even hotter, if that’s possible.

“Sam, oh god yes,” you try to stay quiet, but simply can’t. You lean forward, one forearm resting on the table, head hanging low. Sam is actually going to make you cum in a crowded restaurant.

“One chocolate mousse- uh, hey, are you sure you’re okay?” The waiter approaches, and you snap your head up as Sam once again takes away your pleasure in an instant. Your pussy aches in complaint, but you force a smile as the chocolate mousse is placed in front of you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. Could we get the check now, please?” You say, giving Sam a pointed look. He’s got a mischievous glint in his eye as he pretends to be confused.

“Don’t you want to eat our mousse, baby?” Sam raises his eyebrows, knowing full well you’re throbbing for him.

“We’ll eat it as the check comes,” you promise, and the waiter gives you both another weird look as he turns to get the check as you asked. Once his back is turned, you drop the smile and glare at Sam.

“There’s something fucking wrong with you,” you hiss through gritted teeth, but Sam just grins, picking up his spoon and digging into the dessert.

“Want more, is that it?” Sam taunts around a mouthful of chocolate, and your grip on your spoon tightens so much you feel you might bend the metal.

“I swear to god, if you use that mojo on me one more time while we’re sitting here, you will never again get to have sex with me,” you threaten, dead serious. Sam drains of a little color, nodding in defeat as he eats some more. You sigh, exasperated.

When the waiter finally arrives with your check, you’re more than a little relieved that Sam isn’t messing with you as you talk. You hastily pay, and don’t hesitate a second to get up and start walking out. You weave past other diners and feel as if they all know how on edge you are. Sam follows behind you, trotting along and outwardly showing his rejection. You aren’t sure why exactly he’s being so mopey and dramatic, but you don’t have time to care. You need him alone, now.

The minute you’re in the parking lot, you just about fall to your knees. Sam has started up again, and your knees are going weak, making you wobbly on your heels. Sam strolls up behind you, letting you lean on him for support as you hold in moans. He’s going slow again, nice and easy.

“Sam, oh, fuck, oh, I’m going to kill you, I swear. I said… fuck… no more,” you say, blissed out with your eyes closed and head leaning back. You can feel his breath tickle your neck as he laughs.

“Oh yes, you sound very scary. But your rules were not while we were sitting there. I’m entirely in bounds,” he teases as he nudges you forward. With his help, you stumble your way to the impala, ankles twisting in your heels every other step as Sam keeps the hits coming. He opens the door to the backseat and helps you lie down in it. You grab his jacket lapels in your fists and pull him down on top of you. It’s a bit ridiculous with his height, but that’s not your concern right now.

Still gripping his jacket, you pull Sam’s mouth to yours, kissing him passionately. He laughs a little at first, but melts into it with you, one hand cupping the side of your face as his hair tickles your cheek. Your tongue slides over his, and you’re moaning freely into his mouth as he keeps slowly building up speed.

“I want to really feel you inside me, Sam, no more teasing,” you whisper, and Sam groans. He nods, sitting up and closing the car door behind him. The sensations are subsiding, but you don’t mind, knowing you’re about to get the real thing. Sam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, and you laugh a little.

“You came prepared, didn’t you?” you joke, and Sam laughs with you. Not wasting any time, you undo his pants eagerly. You let him put the condom on as you hike up your dress and shimmy out of your soaked panties. Sam realizes what you’re doing only when you’re nearly done, and pouts.

“Hey, I wanted to do that,” he whines, having finished putting the condom on his hard length. You try not to get distracted by it and roll your eyes at Sam.

“You’ve had more than your fair share of fun with teasing me, Sam. I’m ready,” you tell him, and he smiles, leaning down to kiss you again. He lines up with your entrance, then pauses, looking down.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs upon seeing how wet you are. He got you so close to coming that your arousal is literally dripping, and Sam licks his lips at the sight. You sigh impatiently, not wanting to wait a second longer. So you grab his lower back and push him into you without hesitation. It’s a little sloppy and it startles Sam, but the sweet relief is enough to make you moan nonetheless.

“Woah, eager, are we?” Sam says as he starts to thrust in and out against your slick walls. You hum in pleasure, gripping him tighter and pulling him closer. The fact that you’re both still nearly fully clothed doesn’t phase either of you, hands still roaming.

“Shut up and fuck me,” you instruct, and Sam kisses your ear, making you smile.

“I think we can manage that,” he replies, picking up momentum. Soon enough, he’s slamming into you hard enough to rock the car and you’re both moaning and sweating like crazy. His hair is swinging in your face, and your nails claw at his back through his jacket and shirt.

After a full night of teasing, you reach the edge of your orgasm quicker than ever. You try to tell Sam you’re close, but all that comes out is more moans. He seems to get the idea anyways, reaching a hand down to rub circles on your clit.

“Oh, hell yes,” Sam mutters as you reach your high. Your walls clench around him, your back arches into his chest, and you curl your toes in pleasure. You can hardly breathe, and feel Sam fill up the condom as you come down. He keeps thrusting through both of your orgasms erratically, losing control of his rhythm as he comes.

When you’re both done, both panting heavily, Sam collapses on top of you. You let out an ‘oof’ along with strangled laughter, and Sam giggles. Picking himself up again, he smiles down at you.

“Sorry, baby,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss you. You hold his jaw as you return the sweet kiss, reveling in the afterglow.

“You know that you’re going to pay for what you did tonight, right?” you say between kisses, pulling back and making him pause. Sam closes his eyes, sighs, and nods.

“I know.”

“Don’t look so sad. You’ll love my punishment,” you whisper the last part against his ear, and Sam gets that devilish smirk back on his face. He leans in to kiss you some more, but you stop him again. Hand on his chest, you look up to the sky - well, the car’s ceiling. He follows your gaze, and you smile widely.

“Dear Cas, please accept my many, many, many thanks. Amen.”

When your dress rides up...

Seventeen Reaction to your dress riding up too high when you sit down…

Seventeen Reaction to your dress riding up your legs when you sit down.

Scoups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Joshua & The8;- Smooth as anything… As soon as they notice they would make eye contact to get your attention and you’d follow his eyes down to your legs. You’d mouth a quick thanks and shimmy your dress back down to where it should be, glad that nobody else almost saw your underwear…

Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, DK- Caught straight up staring at your legs… You’d jokingly whack him with your bag and tut before pulling your dress back down. He’d just laugh when he realised he’d be caught staring and might even go a bit red faced.

Dino, Vernon, Seungkwan, Woozi- Would notice straight away when you sat down next to them and would just lean over and whisper, ‘You might want to pull your dress down before anyone else see’s what they shouldn’t…’

“Do you ever think that we should just stop doing this?”

Drabble Game: Prompt #1: Jackson Wang - Smut

requested by my love @wonhoiisms

A/N: I added a lil tiny angst to fit the prompt ;)

The party roared on as everyone rang in the New Year.

“5…4…3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” the crowd cheered, finding their sweeties to kiss as the clock struck midnight. That’s when you saw him, already staring right at you.

He smiled, missing the familiar sight of you.

You diverted your gaze from him, unable to hide the shy smile that formed.

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Wedding Jitters - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by @kalista-rankins : Alrighty can I get a Cody Christian imagine where it’s his wedding day and he has pre wedding jitters because he is worried that he is not gonna be the husband that he wants to be. (I would love if you could do some parts of the pic of his soon to be wife and the teen wolf boys should totally be his groomsmen but that’s up to you😂) I just need a lot of fluffy wedding stuff since I can’t find an imagine like this anywhere. Thanks Amy!

Word Count: 2,170

Warnings: FLUFF!!!!

Author’s Note: I used nicknames for DylSpray and Posey in this imagine to not confuse which Dylan or Tyler I’m talking about. Hoechlin is not in this imagine, but just in case you thought I meant him instead of Posey.

Lastly, the GIF below has nothing to do with the story. I actually couldn’t find one that would fit with this imagine. So I picked one of my favorites because let’s be real, Cody was fucking adorable giggling about his crush on Betty White.

[My Teen Wolf Masterlist]

Originally posted by schimaere

Cody sighed as his fingers curled around his black tie and loosened it. DylSpray noticed Cody’s nervousness and walked up to him, narrowing his eyes at Cody. “I just fixed that,” he scolded. 

“I know. I’m just nervous,” Cody confessed, taking in a deep breath before slowly exhaling. DylSpray turned Cody to face him and fixed Cody’s tie for the third time within the past 10 minutes. Cody looked down at DylSpray, “I don’t know why you’re fixing it when you know I’m going to mess it up again.”

DylSpray’s eyes snapped up and glared at Cody. “Don’t you dare! I know it’s my job as one of your best men, but quit your shit and wear the damn tie correctly. I’d have your brother do it, but he’s not here. Speaking of, where the hell is he anyways?”

“Buying tequila,” Cody answered.


“Because I need at least a shot before I walk down the aisle,” Cody readjusted the tie, only to have him loosening it and undoing it again, ignoring the death glare DylSpray was giving him.

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House Party Part 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Rick and Michonne go on their date and get a little bit closer...

Originally posted by glowysweetfab

“You know, I’m starting to think the whole bad boy thing is a ruse,” Michonne focused on Rick’s face with difficulty.

“What makes you say that?” his hand pushed into the small of her back, his other one still wrapped firmly around her palm.

“Well,” Michonne steadied her breathing, “You’ve been opening doors, pulling out chairs, slow dancing…” Rick had insisted on picking her up from her dorm room, sweeping up in his pickup truck and waiting for her to come outside. The sight of him in that dark blue denim shirt had nearly floored her. The closer she got to him, the sharper the picture came into focus, from his still damp curls and five o’ clock shadow, to the clean scent of his cologne. Michonne was glad that she’d worn flats tonight. Her legs were weak already.

She lost her train of thought again when Rick pulled her closer, swinging her in time with the music.

“Maybe I’m not trying to scare you off,” that smirk of his had done things to her last night, and right now was no exception.

“I don’t scare so easily,” she teased, ignoring the way her heart seemed to be hammering its way out of her chest.

“Really?” he tilted his head, leaning in closer to her. “Cause last night, you couldn’t even kiss me without—”

She flushed, and Rick laughed. “I’m sorry,” Michonne mumbled. It was amazing how quickly her bodied had shifted to flushed and horny to completely and utterly sick. Alcohol was a hell of a thing.

“Hey, don’t be sorry,” Rick leaned forward swiftly, dropping a kiss on her lips. “See? You made it this time.”

Her laughter escalated, even as the blush deepened beneath her dark skin. “Maybe I shouldn’t drink again,” she admitted.

“Nah,” Rick shook his head, the curls bouncing. “Just maybe not two whole bottles of wine.”

“That was your fault,” she fired back, shifting her feet as the music changed.

“True,” he nodded in agreement. “To be fair, I didn’t know it was your first time drinking.”

“It wasn’t my first time,” Michonne’s embarrassment mounted. Rick smiled at her.

“First party then,” he amended. “I hope I made it good for you.”

“You did,” Michonne leaned tentatively towards him, their chaste dance tonight reminding her of what it felt like to have him pressed full against her.

“Good,” the pressure on her back increased until they were chest to chest. “It’s definitely my favorite party so far.”

“So far?” she wanted to kiss him again, wanted to make up for last night.

“Well,” Rick seemed content to keep their faces just scant inches apart, his eyes boring into her. “My girl has got to be at my future parties. And if you’re there, I’m betting they’ll be good.”

“Your girl?” Michonne’s eyebrows jumped in surprise, even as her pulse raced.

“Well, I figured it’s going to take a couple more dates, but yeah.” Rick’s forehead rested on hers, his lips just millimeters away.

“Cocky,” she accused.

“Confident,” he corrected.

Michonne did not answer. She was too busy kissing him. The taste of him was enough to make her dizzy again, but she attacked it with fervor anyway. Rick responded in kind, eagerly molding his mouth to hers, plunging his tongue between her lips. His hands tightened around her, dangerously close to the hem of her skirt again. She leaned into his touch, heat flooding her.

“Well hey there,” the sound startled the two of them apart. Rick was the flushed one now, but Michonne was no less breathless. The couple turned towards the new arrivals.

Glenn was standing there, Maggie in hand, both looking amusedly at them.

“I see you guys got started without us,” Glenn grinned.

“You’re late,” Michonne spoke up, surprised that she even had the ability to speak.

“Ten minutes,” Glenn shrugged. “That’s her fault.” He nodded at Maggie.

“Couldn’t get my curling iron to work,” she explained, looking unapologetic. Michonne secretly wished that the iron never worked at all. She missed the feeling of Rick already.

He was unruffled, already leading her back to their table in the corner of the club. Rick helped her into their side of the booth, climbing in after her. He draped his arm casually over Michonne’s shoulders, the gesture all at once familiar and foreign. Glenn’s clever eyes didn’t leave the couple across from him.

“So,” Glenn began, “What’s going on with this?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Rick fired right back, his eyes turning to his step-sister. “I slept on the couch last night. Maggie, where’d you end up?”

Maggie reddened, but tilted her chin defiantly. “With my boyfriend.”

Rick tilted his head, amused. “I’m sure your boyfriend will treat you well.” It was obviously a poorly veiled threat.

“I will,” Glenn was undaunted. “What’s going on with you and Michonne?”

“Glenn…” Michonne warned her friend but he wasn’t backing down.

Rick smiled, turning his head to look at Michonne. “What’s going on with us?” he asked her, looking curious.

“We're…” Michonne frantically scrambled to find a way to define how she felt about this man beside her. “We’re dating,” she settled on the safe title, directing her attention to the menu.

“We’re dating,” Rick echoed, grinning as a waitress brought water to the table.

Glenn nodded, seemingly satisfied. “I’m sure you’ll treat Michonne well,” he repeated Rick’s words back to him.

Rick’s smile widened. He let his arm drop from her shoulders to the seat between them, his fingers curling around hers. “I’m sure Michonne will let me know if I mess up,” he said.

“You’re doing great so far,” she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face. Even as food arrived and small talk deepened until both couples were comfortable, her mind was focused almost exclusively on the man beside her. He had an easy, affable nature that was magnetizing.

“Well,” he asked her later, the faint traces of a grin playing across his face. “Guess I should get you back home.” Glenn and Maggie had already departed, certainly rushing off for their next tryst.

“I don’t want to go home,” Michonne felt her lips shaping the words almost without her permission.

“No?” he looked surprised, his head tilting.

“No,” she shook her head, her braids brushing down her back as she moved.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

Michonne stared at him, eyes wide, blood pumping, unsure if she would even be able to articulate what she wanted.

“I—” she began, flushing despite the coolness of the air around them.

“You sure?” Rick seemed to know what she was asking for.

She nodded, swallowing hard. “I am.” Maybe she didn’t know exactly what she was wanted, but she knew she needed it. Badly.

“All right then,” that accent twanged over her ear, accompanied by the feeling of his hand gripping hers. She sat rigidly in the truck, damn near hyperventilating as they got closer and closer to his home. Michonne briefly considered changing her mind until she looked over at Rick at a stop light. He was looking back at her, his eyes burning with something she had never seen before but instantly recognized.

That look deepened as he led her to his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

“Michonne, you comfortable?” he asked her as she settled on the bed.

“Come here,” she leaned backwards into his pillows, reaching for him. Rick toed off his boots quickly, joining her on the plush surface.

He settled his weight on top of her, covering her body with his, his lips meeting hers in a slow kiss. The feeling from last night ignited again, burning through her limbs, powering her body. His hands were everywhere, stroking and tugging at her until Michonne could not control her gasps. It became clear to her that alcohol had only been a minor factor in how she was feeling last night; Rick had been responsible for her intoxication.

“Rick,” she whispered his name, sighing as his mouth trailed down her neck. Her hands clutched at his arms, working their way down until she could slide them beneath his shirt. He paused, shedding the offending article.

“You ok?” he misread her open-mouthed stare.

In answer, she lunged forward, wrapping her legs around his waist. The groan that escaped his throat only egged her on. She shimmied out of her dress, glad that she had taken the time to select pretty underwear before their date. Rick wasted no time in moving his mouth to her newly exposed skin, working her over until her head lulled back.

“Does that feel good?” his voice was a rough whisper against her skin as his hand slipped beneath the delicate lace.

“Yes,” she gasped, her fingernails digging into Rick’s shoulders.

He increased his pressure, his lips on hers, his fingers working their magic. It was everything; the taste of him, the smell of him, the feel of his hands, the heat pressing hard into her stomach. Michonne let out a cry as her body contracted and released in one spectacular moment, going limp beneath Rick’s body.

“Holy crap,” she sighed, flushed and sweating.

Rick rolled over, lying beside her, looking all too proud of himself. “Feeling good?” he questioned.

She smiled at him, uncaring that he was teasing. “I just need a second. Then we can…” she gestured weakly.

Rick laughed, his deep voice rolling over her. “We don’t have to do that tonight.” He leaned over to kiss her, lingering to nuzzle her neck.

“What about you?” there was still a very pronounced bulge in his jeans.

“I’ll be fine,” he assured her. “We don’t have to do it all tonight.”

Michonne opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off with a burning kiss.

“You’re my girl now, remember?” he asked, still smiling. “We’ve got plenty of time.”

Michonne smiled at him, her heart filling up with affection. “But what if I want to touch you?” she whispered, rolling over, her fingers working their way beneath his waistband.

Rick let out a deep groan, his head falling forward as his breathing stuttered. Michonne tightened her hand around him, tugging gently.

“I’m not going to tell you no,” Rick let out one last laugh before Michonne rendered him incapable of coherent thought.

Afterwards, the new couple laid in bed together in comfortable silence. Rick’s arm was around her waist, his head buried in her hair.

“Spend the night again,” he whispered, his voice heavy with sleep.

Michonne smiled, spinning in his arms until she could face him. “Ok,” she agreed, kissing him on the forehead. She watched him as he fell asleep before drifting off herself, wondering whether a house party could be the thing that changed her life forever.

Imagine attending a wedding with Chris.

“I can’t believe you’re attending my wedding with Captain America.” Luca, your best friend giggled excitedly as you helped her with her makeup. You smiled and shook your head, mostly because you couldn’t believe it either. “I take things are going well then?”

“We’re attending a wedding together,” you said and you realized it was the first time you’d actually admitted it to yourself. “It’s going amazing,” you told her then smiled. “I don’t think I’ve been so happy in a long time. Chris is…He’s kind of the perfect man.”

“He will be perfect if he quits smoking,” Luca murmured under her breath and you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry but it’s true,” she held her hands up in surrender. “You’re only turning a blind eye to that bad habit because he’s Chris Evans, any other guy would’ve been kicked out to the curb already.”

“For your information, he quit the day after our first date.” You defended your boyfriend of almost a year now. “I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be jealous of my now perfect relationship with the perfect man.”

“Oh haha,” she bit sarcastically but she couldn’t help her smile. “Can we be serious here for a second?” She asked, pushing your hand away from her face. “I’m really happy for you, babe,” she said and you smiled. “You deserve to be with the perfect man after your string of imperfect ones. I cannot wait for the day I get to do all this crazy maid of honor stuff for you while you sit and wait to meet Chris at the alter.”

“Me neither,” you smiled then said, “but today is not that day. Today is your day and I’m your maid of honor so stop talking and let me finish your makeup,” you scolded playfully and she laughed, closing her eyes so you could finish applying her eyeshadow.

“Hey Y/N.” Olivia, Luca’s cousin and another one of her bridesmaids poked her head into the room and your hand lowered as you looked up; Luca turned to the door as well. “Chris just arrived, do you want me to finish up so you can go see him?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m almost don-” you were cut off by Luca.

“Go see him, you doofus.” She instructed as she yanked the makeup brush from your hand. “You’ve done enough for me and this wedding, it’s time you go and enjoy it. I’ll see you when it’s time to walk down the aisle, that one I’m going to need you there for.”

“I love you,” you hugged her.

“Save those three words for Chris,” she hugged you back.

Olivia took over for you and you left the bride’s prep room and headed out into the reception hall. You found Chris by the bar with Kai, the best man and one of your oldest friends, chatting and drinking beer. The guys heard your heels coming their way and they glanced in your direction, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they turned away. You counted to three in your head and silence fell among them as you saw both men by the bar dart their gazes back onto you, letting it wash over you from head to toe. Chris choked on his beer when you smiled and gave him a flirty little wave of your fingers, and you silently thanked God that your best friend wasn’t one of those girls who wanted her bridesmaids’ dresses to be uglier than hers.

“Maid of honor,” Kai nodded at you.

“Best man,” you nodded back.

“You look beautiful,” Kai complimented.

“I think that’s my line, man,” Chris chuckled.

“And I think that’s my cue,” Kai chuckled then left.

“Well, what do you think?” You held your arms open and gracefully shimmied, showing off your dress to Chris who laughed and nodded his head in approval. “And you look very handsome also.” You grabbed him by his tie and drew yourself closer towards him until your body was flushed against his.

“Hi beautiful.” He smiled down at you because even at 5'7’’ with 4’’ heels you were still slightly shorter than him; you loved that because what girl in her right mind didn’t want a gorgeous guy towering over them?

“Hey Captain,” you smiled then kissed him tenderly as he placed his hands on your waist. “Thank you for coming,” you told him when you broke the kiss. “I know you like to shy away from the limelight but I really appreciate you being here with me.”

“I would go to Times Square on New Years Eve if it meant spending time with you.” He chuckled then kissed your hair and you felt yourself blush. “So how’s Bridezilla doing?” He joked and you laughed. “I’m surprised she’s letting you out here to see me considering the wedding’s about to start.”

“She’s surprisingly a lot calmer on her wedding day,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“That’s ‘cause you’re a wonderful friend who’s made sure everything’s gone to plan,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Seriously, Y/N, you look absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even-” he shook his head, pretending to be at a loss for words. “Forget the bride, all eyes will be on you.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” you warned him playfully.

“Right,” he chuckled and pretended to zip his lips.
• • • • • • • •
After the wedding ceremony- which was everything Luca had wanted since the two of you were kids- the reception began. You followed Luca around for a bit, helping her with her dress as she made her way around the reception hall greeting friends and family. It was only after she noticed Chris being crowded by a group of very single and slightly drunk ladies that she called Olivia to take over, sending you back to him to enjoy the rest of the wedding as a couple.

“Clear out, ladies.” You instructed as you pushed through them to get to Chris; you saw him let out a breath of relief. “He’s taken,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and he did the same to you. “So move it or lose it. You told them and they groaned but did as you said because they were all well aware of how catty you could be if you wanted to.

“Thank God,” he rested his head against yours. “I was so close to hiding in the bathroom until you were done with your maid of honor duties.” He admitted and you pouted, giving him sympathetic eyes. “No, I’m so glad I’m here though because this is a huge step in the right direction for our relationship. I’m really proud to be here as your boyfriend, Y/N. And if being here with you means having to deal with them- then bring them back because I can do it all day,” he quote a famous line from his Captain America movies and winked.

“I love you,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“Not as much as I love you,” he told you then smiled.

You kissed him just as the band started to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. He broke the kiss with a wide smile on his face and beckoned his head towards the dance floor. You chuckled and nodded, letting him led you out there with the rest of the couples including the new bride and groom. Luca caught your eye as Chris pulled you into a slow dance position and you saw her wink, you bit back your smile as winked back.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

“Hey,” Chris began as the two of you swayed on the dance floor. “Do you remember the first time we met at that coffee shop and this song was playing in the background?” You nodded, smiling. “That was the first time I truly believed in love at first sight,” he said and you laughed. “Don’t laugh at me,” he chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“I know you are,” you smiled. “And trust me, when I saw you it was love at first sight too 'cause you looked smoking as Captain America,” you teased him and he laughed. “I even liked you when you were the scrawny kid from Brooklyn, I have a weakness for blue eyes.”

“Oh, I know you do.” He grinned then spun you out then pulled you back in, causing you to giggle and causing every other girl in the room- except the bride- to envy your very situation with the most handsome man they’d ever laid eyes on.

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am.

So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

“What do you think about this wedding?” You asked Chris. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” He nodded in agreement, scanning the room like you were. “It’s big but not so big that you don’t know everyone by name. I think I want something simple and sweet like this one day.”

“Are you trying to tell me something, sweetheart?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. “'Cause you know I’m crazy about you and that I will propose the second I feel like you’re ready for more. So don’t say anything you don’t mean,” he warned playfully.

“I won’t,” you chuckled. “But I can see this for us, can’t you?” You asked and he nodded with a sweet, adoring smile. “I know things are still a little early in our relationship to take that step but- it’s nice to think about.”

“No, I don’t think we’re that far off,” he disagreed. “Time is a concept, Y/N, so it doesn’t matter if we’ve only been dating for eleven months. If we know we love each other and we can see the rest of our lives together, are we really going to let time stop us from taking that leap?”

“You’re very wise for someone who’s only been alive for thirty-five years,” you said and he chuckled. “I know you’re right and it’s not the time that’s bothering me. There’s just a lot we haven’t talked about yet and we don’t even live together. What if when we move in you realize I’m an annoying person to live with and you fall out of love with me and want to break up?”

“That’s not possible.” He shook his head and you smiled which quickly turned into a fake scowl when he added. “You practically already live with me and I already know how annoying you can be to live with and I still love you.”

“You’re a jerk,” you pulled your hand out of his and playfully slapped his chest.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way (mmm…)
I know you will still love me the same

'Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen
And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory
I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

“Tell me something.” He said when he stopped laughing, taking your hand back into his. “Something you’ve never told me or anyone- and by anyone, I mean Luca as well- before. Anything, even a weird thought you were afraid people might judge you for.”

“Why?” You giggled.

“Think of it as a bonding exercise.”

“Fine,” you huffed then thought about something you’d never told anyone before. “Well- I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was six and it’s-” You saw him roll his eyes because you’d told him this before. “No,” you chuckled, “I didn’t tell you the full story. You just know that I wanted to, you don’t know why I wanted to.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “You write because it’s fun and you make people feel with your words. There’s nothing better than seeing someone cry or laugh because of what you’d written on the page, you told me that on our first date.”

“Yes, but I started writing for myself,” you told him. “I didn’t have a great time growing up, up until my twenties- I was the girl people turned to as an option. Other than Luca, I didn’t have many real friends and I sure as hell didn’t have any good boyfriends. Writing was an escape for me, a place where I could be someone other than myself and experience life and love the way I used to watch in movies. I figured if I could do it for myself, why couldn’t I do it for other people? Give the somewhere to run to, someone to be with in their darkest hours.”

That, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
Thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are (oh, oh)

“Whoever treated you as an option must have been out of their fucking minds because you’re amazing and everything you do is amazing,” he said and you smiled. “Screw those past people, especially those past boyfriends. Luca and I lucked out with you in our lives and you will always be our first choice, come hell or high water.”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You asked Chris rhetorically and he shrugged nonchalantly. “I think I’m the one who lucked out in this relationship. You are the best guy I’ve dated and- I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life without you,” you admitted.

“The feeling is mutual, Y/N,” he smiled. “Because when I look at you, I finally see where the rest of my life is.” He dipped his head and met your lips for a tender kiss. “Just give me the word and I’ll give you the world,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lo-ud

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
But maybe we found love right where we are
Oh, baby, we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

“I’m ready whenever you are,” you whispered back.

“Good,” he smiled and drew back slightly, “because the ring was starting to burn a hole in my pocket.” Your lips fell apart and you stared at him in awe and disbelief. “Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “I wasn’t going to propose at your best friend’s wedding, I was going to wait till the hotel even though she was begging me to, said it’d make a great story.”

“Luca knew about this?” Your gaze darted to your best friend who was far too busy with her new husband to look your way.

“Who do you think went ring shopping with me?”

“Oh my God.” You chuckled, feeling your eyes well with tears of joy.

“Think you can keep it together until we get back to the hotel?” He teased.

“I will if you will,” you smiled and kissed him once more.

Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Feeling yourself

You were getting ready for a party at the tower; a gala that You’d convinced Tony to throw in order to keep the Avengers in good light.
They had almost demolished the pyramid of Giza on their last assignment and you had flipped your shit and pulled all of the strings you had in your back pocket, the ones you’d worked very hard to acquire, in order to keep them in the woods good graces. Ruining PR for those son of a bitches was never going to get any easier.
You were only half ready; your hair fell in long(or short, if you’re a reader with short hair) bouncy curls from the rollers that had held them for the last hour and your makeup was smokey and polished to perfection, but you were still only in a hair of high waisted black lacy panties and a black push up bra that was sent to you by God himself. All you had to do was slip on the floor length black satin wrap dress and you’d be good to go. You’re walking from the bathroom to your closet when you stop in front of your vanity mirror to asses yourself.
The vanity lighting could make anyone look good, but they way it reflected off of your S/C skin and made you look like you were glowing from the inside. You pushed the leopard print robe you had on open more, the fabric slipping down your shoulder, so you could get a better view of yourself.
“God damn, ma” you say out loud as you admire the was your curves jut proudly. Spinning at different angles, getting different views of your round ass and perked up breasts.
You looked like a coke bottle, like some sort of pin up model, a wet dream.
Your makeup, which had taken you years(an hour) to make perfect had you looking pouty and sexy. Your eyebrows arched and filled in, your cou tour blended. Your highlighter bright enough to blind.
You felt good, you thought about grabbing your phone so that you could take some sexy pictures to torment Bucky with later…
You hadn’t noticed the set of heavy eyes on you until then, you’d been so caught up admiring yourself in the mirror that you’d been oblivious when the tall man had entered the room.
You make eye contact with him in the corner of your mirror.
He was leaning against the wall behind you dressed in his onyx two price suit, his arms folded over his chest, an amused grin wide on his lips.
“Hey” you greet, trying to sound nonchalant like you hadn’t just been giving yourself a peep show “How long have you been standing there?…” You fluff you hair in an attempt to mask the slight embarrassment you feel.
Bucky barks out a small, gruff laugh and pushes himself off the wall, coming behind you and wrapping his arms around your middle, resting his chin on your shoulder, his scruff scratching the bare, vulnerable skin there. “Long enough, doll-face” he presses a kiss to the base of your neck, your hair tickling his face.
Good god, you smell so fucking good. Fresh out of the shower, covered in lotions and perfumes. His mouth almost salivates and he has the urge to bite into your soft skin. “I could just eat you up, you know that?”
You smile at that, leaning into his kisses “Oh yeah?”
“Mhmm, you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen” there’s no lie in his tone “A gem. How’d I get so lucky?”
“I don’t know, good karma maybe” you tease, basking in not only his praise, but your own. He chuckles but shakes his head.
He doesn’t think he has any of that, but he has you and that’s enough. When Bucky’s hands start to roam, dipping under your robe and inching towards your breast you wiggle free of his grip.
“Uh uh, Buck, We have a party to host and I need to get dressed, not have you undress me!” Your tone is stern because if not, you know where it will lead and you’d worked to damn hard on this masterpiece for him to make you a sweaty shaking mess.
He holds up his hands in mock surrender “Okay miss ma'am”
To stand on your tippy toes so that you can reach his ear “If you’re on your best behavior tonight, I’ll give you a reward”
He swallows hard, Addams Apple bobbing and you fight the urge to lick it.
“Oh yeah? What will that be?” He wonders, his voice is raspy and excited.
“Be good and find out” You press a quick peck to his lips pulling away when he tries to make it something deeper.
He pouts at you, his big eyes questioning why you won’t let him at least kiss you.
“You’ll ruin my lipstick” Duh, you tell him, before hurrying off to put your dress on before he can grab you in his vice arms again. He stands there for a moment, shaking his head when and letting a breath out through his nose.
“Little minx” Bucky mutters before he follows you, the least you can do is let him watch you shimmy into that dress.
Because not all plus size women are meek and self conscious all of the time. Check your self out, admire that fat ass! Spend time getting ready and feeling like a goddess because sexy doesn’t have a size babes, it’s a state of mind. Love yourselves!💘

Beauty, a Beast, and a Wedding

Braun Strowman/OC: The wedding bells are ringing. It’s time. Continuation of A Beast at Christmas, A Beauty, a Beast, and a Champ, Beauty Loses, Beauty Apologizes, Beautiful Beastly Champs, and Beauty at Disney

Y’all remember that time I said I was done with this series??? I lied. I have another idea brewing after this one BC I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. Like it honestly means the world to me. So. Here it is.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @fuckyeahbulletclub @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @knowdagirlm @phenominalstyles @panic-angel3314 @that-lolachick @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues

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not a problem, just a challenge

rating: t

a/n: written for @rebelcaptainprompts: temptation! the title is from a musical because i’m very predictable (kudos to you if you know which one!!) . i hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Jyn looks…well, uncomfortable is the first word that comes to mind when Cassian watches her pull the door to his hotel room open in her fitted evening gown. Beyond that, she looks great. Amazing. Incredible, even. The emerald green satin complements her eyes — currently narrowed in annoyance — and hugs the curve of her waist, normally hidden by her bulky Alliance-issue shirt and jacket. Cassian resits the urge to fit a hand at the small of her back as she wobbles past him to the table full of weapons they’re meant to conceal for tonight’s mission.

Tonight, they’re guests at a reception for a senator on Coruscant, just back from a stint on the outer rim, doing “charity work”. Draven suspects charity might have more to do with the Empire than the senate’s letting on. So, Cassian’s playing a Festian dignitary escorting a visiting colleague on a tour of the core worlds.

“I can’t walk in these kriffing things,” Jyn says, bracing herself on the back of a chair. “And my dress is too tight to hide a handkerchief, let alone my blaster.” She grabs at her gun and frowns, holding it to her waist. “See?”

“That’s not where your blaster goes” Cassian replies smoothly.


Cassian’s done his share of spy work with a multitude of partners and informants. He’s done this before, cloaking ability and danger with the trimmings of wealth, but Jyn probably hasn’. He points to the holster beside her blaster. “That’s where it goes.”

“How’s that?”

“It’s a thigh holster. Like a garter.” Soon as the words come out, Cassian’s wishing he’d picked any other analogy. The image of Jyn in garters short circuits every nerve in his body — mission? What mission? For a minute, there’s no Empire. No Alliance. Just Jyn, all pale thighs and dark lace.

But then she’s cursing and everything comes back.

Cassian shakes his head. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t get this thing on,” she grumbles, shooting daggers at the blaster in her hand. “It won’t stay.”

“Do you need help?” he asks, hoping that she’ll say no.

Jyn nods, brows raised as if to say well, duh. A sound escapes the back of Cassian’s throat of its own volition and she offers a helpful, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Just…lift the hem of your dress and let me.”

She hums, grasping the bottom of her dress and lifting it nearly to her waist. Lucky for him, she’s wearing a sort of body suit for extra protection — Cassian’s got a matching one under his tuxedo — that just skims her thighs. Still, it’s more of Jyn than he’s used to seeing.

He kneels beside her and takes a deep breath. 

Taking her blaster, Cassian slides it into the holster, trying his hardest to ignore the warmth of Jyn’s bare skin at his fingertips. It clicks into place like nothing and a thought runs through his head: why couldn’t she get this herself?

He’s about to ask when there’s a sharp tug at his tie and he’s suddenly nose to nose with Jyn.

“What — ?”

“You think I don’t know how a kriffing holster works?” Jyn breathes. She’s so close he can feel the words on his own lips. “I’m not an idiot.” When Cassian tilts his head down, he sees she’s smiling, hand still fisted around his tie. “Maybe,” she adds, angling her head to the side so their lips almost touch, “I’m better at this espionage thing than you thought.”

Jyn closes the space between them and Cassian lets out a useless groan. When she pulls away, he shakes his head, eyes falling closed. “If you wanted to kiss me, you could’ve just asked.”

“And what fun would that be?” Jyn finally lets his tie go and smooths down her gown where it’s bunched around her waist. 

Cassian stands, a smile working its way across his face. He turns to check one last thing on the datapad, but Jyn clears her throat in that indignant way he’s grown so accustomed to. “I still can’t walk in these things,” she says, holding an arm out. 

He laughs, taking her hand. She teeters on her heels a little and, this time, Cassian does steady her with a hand at her back. Jyn hums something in approval. 

“You’re right,” Cassian says, helping her towards the door. They need to be downstairs…well, three minutes ago, actually. Then again, when are elites ever on time?

“About?” she asks, concentrating on not stepping on the hem of her dress.

“Being a good spy.” He unlocks the door and holds it open, letting Jyn grab his arm once they’re both in the hallway. “You certainly keep me on my toes.” 

When she flashes him a grin, Cassian wants to kiss it off of her. Later, maybe. Hopefully. Definitely. That is, if he can get through the whole night without an inspection of her holster. Just to be sure it’s still secure. 

(They wind up in a coat closet two hours later, having safely extracted information from their mark. Jyn shimmies out of her dress and starts to undo the clasps keeping her blaster safe. 

“Keep it on,” Cassian whispers, a mischievous glint in his eye. “After all, it was a lot of work to get fastened in the first place.”)