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djsnakaoqka your 70s kai au killed me!! are you thinking of doing a blast to the past au for bts too? lol i'm in love with the idea of bts in the 70s

a special friend of mine really likes the idea of roller disco!jimin so here he is~

  • is the most famous disco skater in town,,,like if you say his name everyone in the rooms like of course we know him, he knows how to boogie!
  • and jimin,,,,,,although he’s basically infamous,,,,is still as shy and polite as they come
  • holding up doors for old ladies and getting red when someone pays him a compliment 
  • but when he’s skating,,,,to music,,,,,,,it’s like he’s completely different person
  • with his high-waisted corduroy’s, shimmery long shirts, and scarves,,,,,like he’s a boy to die for,,,,,,,
  • hoseok’s always saying “doesn’t jimin have a body like a brick house!” and jimin is like heY ,,,, dont make me all embarrassed and hoseok is like sorry cat but it’s true!! the ladies lo-
  • yoongi: hoseok if u dont shut ur damn trap we’re gonna have to book it down the hall when the principal hears you 
  • and when he comes to the rink everyone’s always egging him on to dance,,,,asking the DJ to play a kool & the gang song and going “c’mon jimmy do us a solid and show us your moves!”
  • jimin seems a little flustered,,but the second the song is on he’s ready and the entire place can’t help to start dancing when he does because he just makes it look so damn addictive
  • and you know jimin,,,,,,,it’s hard not to, but you don’t expect that once you get a job at the roller rink that you’re going to become the apple of jimin’s eye (but you do hehe)
  • because the minute you start working concession there on the weekends,,,,jimin cannot stop looking at you
  • you don’t notice it much,,, because you’re busy with serving soda and snacks to rowdy teenagers and lovestruck couples
  • but everyone else can see it,,,,,,,especially jimin’s buddies who keep nudging him and telling him to go over and talk to you
  • but also,,,,,jimin stops skating
  • because he ends up sitting across the rink daydreaming about you,,,,with your nice hair and sparkling eyes and,,,,,,,all around cute personality
  • jungkook once plays a trick and goes over to get some food only to come back and be like “told them you were digging them jimin, go over there and get their number you fry!”
  • jimin had bolted upright and almost tripped over his skates because no no nO jungkook you didn’t?????
  • jungkook, shoving his face full of fries was like “pSYCHE, but you should have seen the look on your face!!! seriously though, they seem cool go talk to them”
  • jimin just sits back down, shaking his head,,,,,,everyone sighing and trying to get him to at least get in the rink and skate
  • but he’s,,,,,,entranced by you,,,,,,,,,
  • jin: don’t you think this is too much
  • taehyung: right on,,,,,but what can we do?
  • you,,,,obliviously keep doing your job until you notice something seems off the last couple of days
  • people,,,,,aren’t having as much fun,,,,,,,,,and you ask the manager to switch up the music but he claims he’s playing all the best hits but then what is it?????
  • that’s when you spot jimin,,,,leaning against the rink,,,,,,but not dancing or skating
  • frowning, you get your own skates on and skate across the rink, tapping him on the shoulder
  • turning around, jimin nearly chokes on his words when he sees you up close and you’re like “this place is a drag, we need your moves!” 
  • jimin feels the heat rise to his face and he’s like “,,,,thanks,,,but i,,,,,,just wanna hang loose till the others-”
  • you pull his hand and slowly jimin stands up with a confused look on his face and you’re like “c’mon, the tunes aren’t too bad - let me see you work that magic!”
  • jimin blinks,,,,pretty sure his entire face goes red and he’s like “i,,,,this song-”
  • you yell out of your shoulder “play some MJ!” and grinning back at jimin you motion for him to start
  • the song blares through the rink and bored looking teenagers start to move,,,,just a bit and jimin wants to say something but,,,,the music,,,,,,,,,
  • and soon enough you see him, fluid like water, dancing around the rink doing twirls and moves you thought weren’t possible on skates
  • and he’s dancing circles around you, making you grin under the turning neon lights of the rink
  • and around you other couples and teens are dancing too
  • jimin reaches out and you take his hand, the two of you spinning on your skates and grinning at each other
  • when the song ends,,,,you look at jimin and you’re like “groovy, let’s do it again!”
  • jimin nods and pulls you closer this time,,,,stuttering out a “is this ok??”
  • you move his hands to be on your hips and smile even wider 
  • “it’s better than ok, it’s slammin’!”
  • as you and jimin dance around the rink hoseok skates by too and goes 
  • “i think im looking at disco royalty, you two are super cute!”
  • blushing jimin tries to reach out and grab him, but you pull jimin back over to you and kiss the tip of his nose making him almost lose his footing as you wink and skate toward the center of the rink
  • and jimin thinks,,,,this is what all those disco love songs are about - this feeling right here hehe

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Its been noted that S2 Magnus's clothes/accessories are a bit toned down/less colorful than S1. Prompt/Idea: Magnus is afraid of scaring Alec off and so is toning it down, wearing darker colors thinking it will make Alec 'my entire wardrobe is black' Lightwood more comfortable. But Alec actually really likes the always changing dyed hair and is wondering why he hasn't seen Magnus wear that shimmery blue shirt in awhile.

okay i really can’t believe i didn’t answer this one because this is too real. like, just imagine alec and magnus curled up in bed some lazy sunday morning (in a universe where things go right for them for once and no one is banging down magnus’s door for him to save them, idk a girl can dream..) and alec is just like studying magnus’s face with a soft smile on his lips and magnus finally asks “what?” all soft and kind of vulnerable and alec is just totally oblivious like “you never wear the gold sparkly stuff on your eyes anymore” and magnus is like “oh. i didn’t know you liked it?” kind of phrasing it as a question and alec just gives him a look like ‘duh, have you seen you?’ and says something like “i liked when you put color in your hair too, remember it was gold that night we had drinks after you healed luke?” and magnus is just like quietly dying that he actually remembers and after that all of the colors come back and everything is right in the world the end

Some Rare Affection

This is one of my first request one shots that I’ve done! I hope you like it. Here is the originial request:

Can you do a DeanxReader where maybe one morning the reader is staring at mirror and she sheds a tear. She’s not the skinniest or the most beautiful (she’s dating dean) he asks her what’s wrong? She flinches when she hears him and tells him how she feels. Dean kisses her and he surprises her by taking her out on a date and he remind her of how much she means to him. That he loves her and that she always been beautiful

Author: imaginemethisplease

Warnings:  A little swearing

Word Count: 1,826


“Damn it.” You said as you ran your hand along the scar made on your stomach from a hunt a few months ago. After a close friend of yours died mysteriously you devoted your life to hunting whatever creatures were out there. You were pretty new to the whole experience but you had never felt safer than with the company of the two Winchester brothers. The two boys had taken you in after seeing the sorry hunter you made when you first began. The bunker they lived in had become your home.

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Sometimes I really love The 1975 so much.

The 1975 played the Top of the Pops on New Year’s Eve and Matt Healy wore a shimmery shirt, so all is well. 

That’s all. Enjoy “Chocolate”


A belated introduction to an item of clothing I like to call: the shimmery black shirt of molten death.

Honestly, this is the silkiest, most indulgent fabric I have ever seen you put on your body, Thomas. You are gleaming like a fucking star - or perhaps a black hole would be more apt considering the colour, a black hole sucking all of our lives into the plunging vortex of his plunging neckline.

P.S. That is a very smug little face you have there, you smartass. Pfft. You are gorgeous. Shut up.