shimmery shirt

I don’t know if it’s cause I’m tired or of the 30 mins delay, but I was really fucking bored during the flight. Tried to rewatch Dark Knight Rises for the obvious but the headphones suck. The music choices suck. Prague Cemetery is also sucking so far since the narrator goes off pointless tangents too fucking much. I don’t want to know about a recipe for this particular French food whose name I can’t even pronounce, and I don’t fucking care. It’s not like if the zombie apocalypse rolls around or whatever, it’s going to be useful. I want my conspiracy. Stop going off tangents about how food is so much better than sex but you masturbate anyway, I don’t care. Man. Then I at some point I became self-destructive and I remembered someone whom I’m trying to forget and I’m upset again…fuck them. Moving on is so weird.

At least the flying is still great. I’m always passionate about flying. In another life I’d have a small plane and like millions of dollars on my bank accounts and I’d be happy.