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PSA: Glitter is Bad for the Environment

Hello, folks!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs where people incorporate glitter into their spellwork. And glitter is 100% magickal, but it is also 100% MADE OF PLASTIC. Plastic, as you may know, takes 100s to 1,000s of years to decompose.

The cheap glitter you buy in those little tubes? It’s made of tiny pieces of plastic.

- Mica glitter is made of crushed up rocks! That’s right, ROCKS! What could be better for spellwork! You know what’s even better, depending on where you live? Mica can easily be found outside and it is super easy to MAKE YOUR OWN MICA GLITTER FOR FREE! Ever wonder what makes makeup so shimmery? It’s mica powder.
- Edible Glitter is made from plant starches and plant material. Meaning, it’s great for the environment. Bonus: YOU CAN EAN IT! Great for kitchen witchcraft!!

So, before you buy a tiny, sparkly tube of cheap, plastic glitter, please think about where it came from. And, also, think about where all of that glitter is going to end up.

I used to love glitter before I found out it was made of plastic. Now, I collect mica and make my own mica glitter! When the weather warms and there isn’t a blizzard going on, maybe I can do a tutorial to show what I do. It’s super easy and fun!

cosmic witch self-care tips 🌌

- adorn yourself with star patterned things to remind yourself daily that you are powerful

- wear shimmery silver highlighter/eye makeup/nail polish to match the glow of the night sky

- take a bath with a sparkly bath bomb, and candles being the only light in the room… imagine yourself peacefully floating through the cosmos

- doodle constellations to calm down during anxiety attacks or hard situations

- keep glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling for those nights when the sky just isn’t bright enough

Cosmic Makeup Magick!

This would be perfect for all witches that often use colors for different aspects of their craft! Colors represent energies so this will be perfect for day to day harnessing of whatever cosmic/earth energies you desire! Feel free to put your own spin on this and use the basic concept! ★

For this particular version, you could use one or both of the BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes: Supernova & Galaxy Chic

(If you don’t have these, no worries! Use any shimmery eyeshadows that you want!) 

💫 Choose shades that correspond with the energies you’re trying to harness and do any eye look that you desire! You could also choose shades according to their names - for example, to harness solar energies, you could use the shade Sun from Galaxy Chic with Leo from Supernova. 

💫 While you’re applying your makeup, think of your intentions for the day that you would like to infuse with the cosmic/earth energies that you’ve chosen within your colors. Put all of your personal energies into this - it will make the effect stronger! 

💫 Helpful tip: If your chosen shadows are baked, use them with a damp brush or finger for a more pigmented look - this will also enhance and enrich the energies you’re trying to attract.

💫 Finish up your magickally infused makeup and shine bright for the whole day! When you remove your makeup at the end of the day, thank the energies you chose! 

I hope you guys find this to be a fun and colorful way to harness energies all throughout the day - while looking like a cosmic badass at the same time! ★

sorceress outfit ideas 🌟

- dark ruler: a long + velvet robe over a black floor-length dress, sharp nails painted a deep maroon, a layered diamond necklace, dramatic eyes

- mystery woman: a satin cape over a lace/sleeveless cocktail dress, long satin gloves, sharp stilettos, ruby lips, a wand disguised as a lipstick tube

- crystal goddess: an elaborate gown covered in rhinestones + beads, fingers adorned with large rings, shimmery eye makeup, long hair in a single braid w/ hair jewels, frosty lips

- dragon rider: a medieval-esque dress with a lace-up front, hand jewelry, gold arm bands, loose hair with scattered tiny braids, a crown with rubies and obsidian stones, thigh high lace-up sandals


If you’re going to tell me that Gamzee Makara–the troll who carries around glittery special stardust to throw in their own face at periodic intervals–wouldn’t actively try to glue as many sparkly things to their face as possible, you’re wrong and I’ll fight you.

Steampunk Femzee debut, Katsucon XXI 2015

Femzee | Karkat | Photographer


[Requested] Simple, Pretty Summer Colors: Eyeshadow Tutorial with minty Aqua and Khaki

After all the crazy-dramatic looks, here’s a return to something soft, wearable and Summery, as requested by a few readers.
This is a look that’s good for most eye colors, but it would bring out blue-green, green and olive eyes especially. Even if you don’t have those eye colors, this combination of shades looks beautiful on most skin tones and looks great if you’re wearing any pastel outfits.

I used:

  • An olive/khaki shadow: MAC Sumptuous Olive (the 88 Warm Palette has a very similar shade in it, but you can also use a more olive-green shade like the one in NYX’s Olive Grove, or a regular bronze)
  • A shimmery aqua shadow: I used a pigment from Catrice called Take It Mint (from the previous season’s Cucuba collection) that looks sort of like a lighter MAC Aquadisiac. Just look for any shimmery aqua blue shade!
  • A chocolate brown metallic shadow like NYX’s Walnut

You will just need a single blending fluff brush and a flat angled brush. (These are staples if you look at a few of my other recent tutorials. I swear these 2 brush shapes will get you through most eye shadow looks if you’re working mainly with powder shadows.

Lashes: Ardell 128s.