shimmering nail polish

Pretty boys with greasy curly hair & wolf smiles buying me drinks

Raw girls who don’t know how to forgive their mother holding my hand

Fragile in their vulgarity with shimmering nail polish 

And eyes teary from too much vodka

They all make me feel

Bad about myself

You said my tenderness was your shelter

So everyday I find new ways

To burn it down to the fucking ground

I carry this grief in my bosom

Like a mother protecting her baby

While you’re bleeding into

Somebody else’s mattress

Stars glowing like claw marks in the sky

All this time

They were warning me about the danger of

Being the stranger nobody knows what to do with

I know that this world only takes


Winter Wonderland by Katie Racine


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anonymous asked:

fashion for a masculine roxy lalonde please (with any makeup if you can) thanks! (keep up the good work mod meu)

hope you like it!!! i try to keep things as inexpensive as possible but its pretty rough ( =TェT=) 
thank you fur the support!!!

( =`ω’=) mod meu