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Aw man, this was a tricky one both to airbrush AND photograph.

@roterwolkenvogel got herself a Resinsoul Sui body with custom red transparent claws. The color was a lightish, gummy bear rosy red and I underestimated how tricky airbrushing that would be!

I first sprayed some Mr. Crystal Color Ruby Red on top of the parts for some red shimmer, afterwards I sprayed yellow onto the scales.
The claws look like they were completely covered, but I actually just added some red here and there for some depth.
But since the parts are transparent paint applied on one side is visible on the other side too, and if I airbrush both sides they add each other visually.
On top of the yellow scales I added some iridiscent gold.
The whole thing was first sealed flat, than glossy, to get back some of the transparent look. I added extra varnish and gloss on the nails.
They look a lot cooler in real, but my camera had a lot of trouble with all that red :’D
The hands are just a dark red to red gradient with some iridiscent gold on the tips.

The body is for Vogel’s Cumberbatch head, who is super tiny but also really cool. Added a pic of him at the bottom because I actually wanted to show the hands in action…oh well.
Head wasn’t painted by me!

Resinsoul Sui parts, owned by Roterwolkenvogel
Customization, photos and editing by me

anonymous asked:

Hi💖 so i have this really cool eyeshadow palette and every shadow is good pigmented besides the one i was really looking for 😭 even when i try to swatch it, there's nothing on my finger, is there any way to 'rescue' this eyeshadow? thanks for every suggestion 😘

If it’s a shimmer you could spray your brush with makeup spray to make it more intense x

Chapter 24: All things Go


 4 Months Later

“ A-August , oh baby ” I whispered softly as his tongue devoured my insides for now 5 minutes , making me cum each minute except each time I came a little harder . Not trying to let up , he was enjoying the taste of my flowing river and my constant rain down only induced his hunger .

Lapping up the last of my juices, he stood up off his knees and stroked his hardened dick multiple times before adjusting his self in between my legs . He currently had me at the edge of the bed from his previous feast and that’s where he suggested he fucked me , on the edge .

Only God knew how bad I’ve been waiting to get a good dick down . It had been almost three weeks since we’ve fucked because I’ve been busy planning for the baby shower and I just haven’t had time and I was dying of dick thirst , I needed him and he knew it cause he was teasing me to make me angry and it was working .

“ Fucking Fuck me you b-” I had got cut off at the end of my sentence by feeling his 11" dick ram inside of me and shut my little tight ass up . Paranoid for the babies , he reassured he wasn’t hitting them . He wouldn’t risk hurting them , especially his lil mama .

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Bath and Body Works mini shimmer Be Enchanted spray and shimmer Be Enchanted body butter.

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