shimmer spray

if they ever make neopets merch again, i hope they don’t modernize it at all and continue to make very “early 2000s” themed merch like the cd cases. more ideas include:

  • a plushy neopet you can plug your ipod into
  • king roo themed fuzzy dice for your rearview mirror
  • flip phone cases
  • glitter lava lamp with little flotsams in it
  • shimmer body spray
  • neopet barettes with built-in hair extensions
  • glitter temporary tattoos
  • jelly sandals
  • neopet-themed buttons that go in the holes of your crocs

finnyoakstar  asked:

Hello frend~☆ So I've been out of the MM fandom for some time now. I was more or less forced out due to treatment from fans and groups on FB which caused me to utterly hate all things MM. I even stopped cosplaying though I felt great as Zen and Vandy...but your blog always reminds me of the good times and the small beginnings of MM where people just had fun loving the characters. So thank you for that. If I could, I'd like to request some sort of angst/comfort with Vandy. I still love him. 💖

✿ Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that! I love your cosplay, and you made a really heckin’ cute Vanderwood! (Like, if I’m being real here, when you followed me I clutched at my heart and was like, “oh my god… this incredibly cute and talented person… likes my stuff??? what is this!”)

Anyway. You got me in a prose mood, so let’s give it a go.

He was by the water, curled up with a fine mist settled over his messy brown hair. You could see the light gleaming in it, and you could see a rainbow shimmer glistening on the spray of water beyond, sparkling in the sunlight above the tumultuous churn of the waterfall. You scooted closer to him, the fabric of your pants wet due to the damp grass and dirt. It wasn’t something you minded, really, though it was a bit unpleasant. The mud, the sweat, the lingering scratches from the branches that had whipped against your face while you’d been running… they all bothered you, but it was nothing compared to what the man beside you was enduring.

You reached out, placing your hand lightly on Vanderwood’s shoulder. He didn’t respond to your touch, which was about the best you could hope for, really. At least he didn’t flinch away.

“How are you doing? Seven should be back soon with something to eat, and maybe he’ll manage to get some cell-service to call Jumin. You’ll be okay. I promise you, you’ll be okay.”

Vanderwood groaned softly, tilting his head and peering up you hovering over him. With the movement, you could see the blood-soaked bandage peeking underneath the coat he’d wrapped around himself like a security blanket. You desperately wanted to change it, but you had nothing to change it with. All you had left was the shirt you were wearing, and that was far too dirty to press against an open gunshot wound.

You bit your lip, but you managed to smile. For his sake, you could do anything. “You’ll be okay. Jumin will come save us. We told him we were going to Mint Eye. He’ll be looking.”`

Vanderwood squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head mutely. You wanted him to look at you, to… talk to you, but he was in pain, so you didn’t want to push him. You felt like you had so much to say to him, though. So much to tell him.

But you’d bottle that all up until he got better, because he would get better.

“You should leave me,” he spoke, his voice a paper-thin rasp. Once more, he opened his eyes, but this time he looked towards the water, watching the ripples and the droplets dancing in the sunshine. “This is a nice place to die, and I’m slowing you down. They’re still looking for us, you need to run - “

“No!” You interrupted with a sharp, firm voice. Your other hand tightened on your knee; you didn’t want to put any undue pressure on him by grabbing onto Vanderwood’s shoulder. “No. Absolutely not. I refuse. After everything? There’s no way either of us is leaving you behind!”

“You’re stupid,” he grumbled, then said it a few more times underneath his breath. “I’m a dead man. A stupid, weak, dead man, and I don’t want my last fucking act to involve dragging you down, too.”

You gritted your teeth, wanting to smack this idiot but knowing that you ought to restrain yourself until he was better. (Because he was going to get better. He was going to get better.) “Just… hold on, okay? Just don’t give up, and everything will be fine.”

“…Why do you think that?”

Vanderwood looked up at you, eyes surprisingly lucid despite the painted sweat dripping down his cheek, and asked you this once more. “Why do you think that? Why do you think anything could ever be fine?”

He didn’t let you interrupt, managing to summon enough inner strength to  continue. “Everything’s always been shit. For me, for Seven - him, he might actually get a chance to be happy. He has people who care about him, people who are willing to help him, hell, he has you, who’s willing to go to the ends of the earth to save him. But me? What do I do, even if I survive this? The Agency was my world, you moron, and I…”

“I betrayed them.” Vanderwood closed his eyes again, slumping his tensed shoulders and letting out a hiss of pain. “I betrayed them, and even if I live through this, I’m going to pay the price for it.”

“Stop that!” You spat, and then you grabbed his hand, because screw it, you’re not just going to quietly wither in your feelings while the person you like his having a pity party. “You can have a world beyond them! The RFA loves you, Seven loves you, hell, even I - no, especially I - love you, so get that… defeatist, cynical attitude out of here, because I’m going to carry you out of these woods even if I have to bite someone.”

There was a stunned pause, where all the both of you heard was the rumbling water. Then, “Even if I have to bite a lot of someones. Okay? So don’t… don’t…”

And there it was, the water seeping out of your eyes, falling on his jacket like drops of water from the lake. “So don’t die, please…”

Vanderwood didn’t know what to say. He looked at you, haloed by sunlight and the shadows of the trees above, and he felt your hand, fingers warm and clasped tightly around his own. And though it hurt - and though he was bleeding - he squeezed it tightly and remained quiet. Because - if you had your way - you’d both have all the time in the world to say what you wanted.

And all he could really do is shut up and hope.

Hiccstrid Week 2017
DAY 2:  The moment you started shipping them – as soon as Astrid came on screen in HTTYD 1.


She was beautiful.

The prettiest girl on Berk. The strongest girl on Berk. The most free-willed girl on Berk…

…the only girl he’d ever learned to love.

Hiccup watched from the Forge window as she stepped by, flames rising higher from the house she was supposed to distinguish. She held a heavy wooden bucket in her hands, but she held it as though it weighed nothing, before she turned and tossed it onto the fire.

Hiccup blinked in amazement as she turned and began to hurry back to the well, her braid flying out behind her, her bright eyes reflecting the flames that burned about her as though the iris’s themselves were on fire with fury. Her axe jostled her back as she jogged, and the weight alone would’ve had Hiccup toppling in seconds. But it was no problem for Astrid, she was lithe, and could out do many.

Hiccup stared at her as she dashed pass, not even noticing him standing there by the Forge window. But Hiccup was hardly bothered however, for it was like nothing different from the other times he’d seen her. She’d pass, his heart would flutter and ache in longing, wishing that she… she would just give him a chance.

Then she’d be gone, not even giving him a second glance.

Perhaps that was a good thing, for if she did, Hiccup feared he might very well faint from the thudding sensation of his heartbeat racing. Astrid Hofferson? Pay attention to him?

He sighed and backed away, the shape of the girl disappearing between the darkened ally’s if two huts, until she totaled passed form sight. Hiccup turned away, stepping back inside the Forge.

Dream he would, even though his dreams rarely came true.

He still couldn’t believe it.

How had he been so lucky? How had he- Hiccup Haddock- gotten the prettiest girl on Berk to actually… notice him? Why had she come with on Toothless? Why had she bothered at all?

The moonlight shimmered, spraying light across the small lake and splaying shadows across the ground. Hiccup shifted nervously, expecting some painful punishment for the stunt he’d pulled… that’s what always happened to him. Do something that he actually wanted to do, and trouble would come from it.

Sure enough, the punch he’d been expecting landed against his scrawny shoulder. He gave a little yelp, turning slightly and letting his free arm grab the small wound. He blinked in surprise- that hadn’t been her hardest punch. 

To further his surprise, Astrid looked restless, and she hadn’t dashed off yet. Yet. Oh Thor, what was she going to do to him? No… she had just spared him. She hadn’t punched him with all the weight she could muster- like she’d done to Snotlout in the past. She… she’d clung to his waist when they’d flown with the flock of Dragon’s, she’d…

she’d been everything he’d ever dreamed she’d be. 

He’d seen her sweet and soft side. And that- that sent a warm chill running down his back. 

In his deep thought, he didn’t notice when she leaned forward, and before he knew it she’d grabbed the front of his tunic and planted a quick kiss on his cheek- right in the corner of his mouth. Hiccup gasped when she let go, staring at her in shock.

“That’s for… everything else.” She murmured, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Hiccup saw it then, those eyes were filled with grief, with sorrow, with remorse. Guilt.

Astrid felt… felt guilty

He smiled brightly at her, not really helping the reaction but also hoping it would comfort her. Astrid had just kissed him…. his highest dream had come true! How could this be happening… to him no less!?

Her eyes widened, filling with relief as she smiled back, before turning and dashing off towards the path in the cove. Hiccup stared after her, holding his hand tighter to his shoulder, still feeling the warmth of her hand against his skin, could almost feel her lips against his cheek again…

He sighed happily, the troubles of tomorrow lagging at the back of his brain. But for the time being- he ignored them. 

For it had just been proven to him that his dreams really could come true.

Piracy Pays In Betrayal

@christinawritesfiction thank you for the tag! I really really enjoyed writing this (as you can tell by the length!) I will admit to pulling this entire thing out of my ass at 1am two nights in a row so honestly who knows what this is supposed to be

also figured @boothewriter and @lmartinezwrites might like this seeing as, y’know, pirates. 

Tagging @rrrawrf-writes and @haphazardlyparked , my prompt filling queens. hope you enjoy filling this (if you choose to) as much as I did!

Prompt: “I’ll shoot. I mean, you thought I actually loved you?” 

Urial scoffed. “Uh, yes?” He raised a hand, a roll of tatty parchment hanging from his fingers. “Enough to give me this, at least." 

Terion mocking grin was too tight on his face, false in every aspect. Like all things that didn’t fit right it pinched, his cheeks aching. Still, he held it; if he dropped his bravado now, he would have nothing left. "Please,” he taunted, “don’t be so naïve. As though I’d give you the real treasure map, just because you asked." 

Urial raised an eyebrow. "If this is fake, why do you want it back so badly?" 

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Aw man, this was a tricky one both to airbrush AND photograph.

@roterwolkenvogel got herself a Resinsoul Sui body with custom red transparent claws. The color was a lightish, gummy bear rosy red and I underestimated how tricky airbrushing that would be!

I first sprayed some Mr. Crystal Color Ruby Red on top of the parts for some red shimmer, afterwards I sprayed yellow onto the scales.
The claws look like they were completely covered, but I actually just added some red here and there for some depth.
But since the parts are transparent paint applied on one side is visible on the other side too, and if I airbrush both sides they add each other visually.
On top of the yellow scales I added some iridiscent gold.
The whole thing was first sealed flat, than glossy, to get back some of the transparent look. I added extra varnish and gloss on the nails.
They look a lot cooler in real, but my camera had a lot of trouble with all that red :’D
The hands are just a dark red to red gradient with some iridiscent gold on the tips.

The body is for Vogel’s Cumberbatch head, who is super tiny but also really cool. Added a pic of him at the bottom because I actually wanted to show the hands in action…oh well.
Head wasn’t painted by me!

Resinsoul Sui parts, owned by Roterwolkenvogel
Customization, photos and editing by me

Chapter 24: All things Go


 4 Months Later

“ A-August , oh baby ” I whispered softly as his tongue devoured my insides for now 5 minutes , making me cum each minute except each time I came a little harder . Not trying to let up , he was enjoying the taste of my flowing river and my constant rain down only induced his hunger .

Lapping up the last of my juices, he stood up off his knees and stroked his hardened dick multiple times before adjusting his self in between my legs . He currently had me at the edge of the bed from his previous feast and that’s where he suggested he fucked me , on the edge .

Only God knew how bad I’ve been waiting to get a good dick down . It had been almost three weeks since we’ve fucked because I’ve been busy planning for the baby shower and I just haven’t had time and I was dying of dick thirst , I needed him and he knew it cause he was teasing me to make me angry and it was working .

“ Fucking Fuck me you b-” I had got cut off at the end of my sentence by feeling his 11" dick ram inside of me and shut my little tight ass up . Paranoid for the babies , he reassured he wasn’t hitting them . He wouldn’t risk hurting them , especially his lil mama .

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