shimmer shoes

Can I ask you something?“ A small child asks, looking down at her shimmering shoes.

“Of course.”

“When did you know you loved him?” She whispers to me, subtly pointing over to the tall boy behind me.

I smile, “You know, I think it was when his favorite song came on the radio, and all I could think about was how I wished he was there with me, singing along just as loud as I.

—  E. Grin
Tree Trouble

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“Happy! Happy, wait!”

There was a scream and a crash of glass, followed by a shout of indignation and rapid apologies.

“Shoot! Sorry, Ms. Milk Sandwich! Heh, Merry Christmas!” A pink haired man blurted as he gingerly maneuvered around the shards of, what once was, a glass sculpture of roses and thorns, yelping as the old woman swung her cane at his head.

“It’s Milkovich and control that darn cat of yours, young man!” The woman hollered with a glint of deep irritation.

“I’ll be telling Gray about this, Natsu!” She added with a threatening shake of her walking stick.

The man waved his hand absently as he darted down the hall after his rampant feline. “Yeah, and I’ll send him flying before he can strip himself of his shirt!”

Turn after turn, Natsu felt the anxiety rise with every minute his blue cat remained out of his sight. If given the chance, Happy would make it all the way to downtown Magnolia’s fish market. It happened before, sadly.

Scouring the halls proved fruitless, and Natsu resorted to calling out the feline’s name, disturbing more residents than necessary. He risked the landlady throwing him out on the street, but he couldn’t lose his little buddy. He raised that cat from a kitten. That cat didn’t like anybody beyond himself and his little sister, Wendy.

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Just Wait- Mitsunari Baba- Finale (6)

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3/ Chapter 4/ Chapter 5

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Sauntering into the hotel, you felt confidence running through your blood. Reaching the desk, it was only a moment before you were swept up, and locked inside of the elevator leading to the penthouse suite.

Staring into the mirrored walls you could see your bright cheeks shining scarlet, the crimson dress acceuenting your figure as your thoughts danced to Mitsunari. It had been so long since you’d abbandoned him with a single letter, and now though your brain had convinced you that you were in fact ready for this, you weren’t sure if your heart agreed with the statement.

You knew you wanted to be with him more than anything, but now, feeling your heart pound inside of your chest you were no longer sure that you could take his absolute rejection and that might break you into millions of pieces. The thought of him with some other woman, they may have a child or be preparing for a family, and what kind of woman would break into that? More ideas of him perfectly happy with someone else swarmed your mind, cracking you into millions of pieces as you thought baout the rejection that could await you.

A ding sounded as the elevator hit another floor, breifly breaking you from your thoughts, he could also accept your love after all this time, with a kiss to your lips, holding you in his arms, allowing you to feel his heart beating underneath your hand, maybe a kiss on your cheek, sleeping with his arms wrapped around you, holding you as tightly as they could manage. Prehaps he’s missed you enough to run to you, to grab you, lifting you, swinging you around in his arms, like a prince with his princess. A spinning kiss, a dream come true.

The elevator rang out again signalling you were one floor closer to your fate as you straightened out your dress, spinning on your heels, checking yourself in the mirror, a soft smile playing on your lips thinking about how he may adore this new, confident look. He may no longer expect you to simply be his B-Team, because he was no longer yours, he’d never be yours.

It rang again as the scenarios again began to race around your brain, driving you to almsot insanity as the conflicts, one moment you would be able to romance him, to love him, to share those same kisses, and be called his lover, as though it was just another dream, another moment the scenarios involved him breaking you into millions of pieces, in love with someone else, ready to start a family, prehaps he’d married while you’d been away, a blonde amazonian beauty, or a simple spanish seductress, some stunner who could win model of the year for the rest of her life. Many differing women, many differing children, differing weddings, driving your simple brain to insanity.

Hands almost running down in an attempt to press at all of the buttons in front of you. Fear almost over riding every other emotion as you made an attempt not to press every button, to attempt to pry open the doors, anything to esape the hell that may await you in mere moments, all that you could think about was your own fear.

From the manner in which you were swept up and thrown into an elevator you knew that Mitsunari would already know that you were there, from the way that they swept you up in a single moment when all you’d done was sauntered into the room. Mitsunari would be there the moment that you left the elevator, waiting for you, at least that was your one hope, your wish, your dream.

A final bell rang out as you looked into the the glass one last time.

Body shaking, your heart trembling in your chest. Fear over riding every bone in your body as you arrived on the top floor, nerves never once having been this completely shattered, yet now, facing him head on you found the shaking grew even worse.

The doors began to open, and you raised an arm to your heart, feeling it pound underneath your hand as the doors opened wider and wider. Nerves catapulting to a high they’d never met before as you caught a glimpse of the shimmering black shoes. The black pants, that scarlet jacket, ther he was, the man who made your heart pound more than anyone before you. Gulping as the doors opened as wide as possible, then there was the end, no more waiting.

Mitsunari swept you up in his arms, holding you tightly against his chest, his heartbeat meeting yours perfectly, each thump coinciding with one of your own.

Two hearts finally togehter, nothing else mattering, no words needing to break the complete silence, as the wait had finally ended.

The Thief and his love had done just about enough waiting.

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