shimmer shoes

Gypsy’s Curse 5/5

The final piece to @agmsye and my RP together. Did you like it? Tell us!


Connor stared into the mirror at his unassuming form. He was nothing like the men the curse had created and he hated he would never be able to at least have sex with, let alone form a relationship with anyone guy now. Either they wouldn’t be interested, or he would be soft all the time. He grit his teeth, regretting being so rude to the guy before and being so picky about what he saw as the perfect guy. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glint, not a flash, but a glint.

He looked into the mirror more intense and noticed a slight shimmer washing away his imperfections. His formerly slightly spotty skin got freed of the pimples and took on a healthy tan. His face reformed into a more angular form, hs jawline squaring out, not as much as Roman’s though. His eyes took a deeper shade of blue and gained a mischievous sparkle. Connor was totally perplexed by the sight and enjoyed the feeling of the shimmer working in his face.

He smiled, his teeth glinting as they realigned and became a pearly white. His lips looked fuller with a pink cupid’s bow curve. He brought his finger up and ran it along them, feeling them to be perfectly straight. Just at the tip of his finger, another glint shone. The finger began to lengthen and thicken, the growth seeming to spread into his palm and other fingers, looking oversized for his decent arms.

The shimmer worked further up his arms and slowly but steadily increased the size of first his forearms, which grew to the size of small hams and then his biceps and triceps, which took on the size of Softballs, gaining a nice horse shoe. The shimmer refined his shoulders too, widening them a bit and rounding them too, giving them a nice cannonball size.

Connor stared down in awe as he saw a glint form in the middle of his chest. His arms were flexed at his sides, but his attention was on the growing mounds under his shirt. Soon the cloth grew taut, then tight, then looked like it couldn’t contain much more. The square, pillowy mounds of muscle pressed his nips into the shirt and they looked ready to rip through it.

The magic started to work underneath his pecs too, refining Connor’s  already not too shabby abdominal muscles. He had had a nice fit set of six-pack muscles before, but now he got a cobblestone road. The ridges between the individual bumps deepened and even revealed another row of muscles, making his abdominals into an eight-pack. Connor couldn’t see it beneath his tight shirt, but running his hand across his stomach confirmed the feeling he had.

Connor could feel his shirt pinching in his pits as it grew tight everywhere. His lats were pulling at the seams of his sides. His traps even rose up his neck. It suddenly felt as if someone had grabbed his hips and pulled back on him. Looking behind himself, he saw nothing. Until he looked down and saw the massive shelf of an ass he now had pushing at the seat of his pants.

The bubble butt stretched the textile taut over its shelf and made the changes of Connor’s legs even more noticeable since he could feel the fabric against his growing flesh. His thighs and calves ballooned outward, giving his new studly figure a Fitting pedestal and making him look like he was a regular of the track Team. His feet grew several sizes too making it necessary for his socks and shoes to grow a few sizes, to make place for his size 15s.

“Ro-Roman…” He tried to call out. His voice was smooth and deep. His own voice was turning him on. That’s when he realized he was still changing. His looked down and saw the light glint off the button on his pants. Just below it, he could see his basket bulge out. His cock AND balls were definitely growing. He could feel them fighting for spice in their confines. With some relief, he saw his cock snake down his left pant leg. It was pressed against the fabric, showing how thick it was. His jaw hung open as he stared at it.

Just then Roman came rushing in. “What’s up?”, he asked worried, before noticing how Connor had changed. He took the fabulous hunk before him in and took his dear time gazing at the obvious outline of Connor’s dick. A smirk crossed his handsome face and he chuckled “Mine is bigger and seeing you doesn’t help shrinking it either.”, while gesturing at the growing bulge in his own pants.

Connor found himself breathless. He was getting hard looking at Roman. A look of shock crossed his face as he realized it. He jumped at Roman to hug him, wrapping his thick arms around the hunk’s torso. It went beyond a hug as his mouth eagerly found Roman’s and began to passionately make out with him.

Their tongues intertwined as Connor began rubbing Roman’s impressive tool, while the other hunk was playing with Connor’s nipple through the tight shirt. Roman could feel his partner’s own impressive tool getting hard. It didn’t take Roman long to force Connor down to his knees easily, even though he was now pretty well built.  Quickly Connor unbuckled Roman’s pants and worked the monstrous dick before him with expert hands.

Once Roman was fully hard, Connor wrapped his lips around Roman’s massive cock and began to blow him. His head bobbed up and down while his tongue pushed and prodded the massive cock. Connor’s hands were rubbing over Roman’s huge form and Roman’s hands were doing the same. Roman pushed Connor off his cock and instinctively took him to the bedroom, even though he had never been in the apartment before. Once on the bed, Connor resumed sucking Roman’s cock, but Roman maneuvered so they would be 69ing.

What followed was a night of passionate sucking, fucking (Mostly Roman jackhammering his tool into Connor’s tight ass) and bucket loads of cum. Finally after hours and hours of furious pounding the two fell asleep, Roman’s cock still buried deep inside Connor. The next morning the two studs woke up to the rhythmic pounding of Connor’s neighbor’s bed against the wall, accompanied by the moans of the guy’s wife, which stirred memories inside the sleepy Connor.

He remembered fucking his stud of neighbor’s husband. His wife liked to watch the two hunks go at it. The man had a tight ass and admitted to being bi-curious. After one night with Connor, he wasn’t curious anymore, he knew he liked it, and his wife did too, so it was a win-win situation. Connor would occasionally come over to get a piece of that hot ass so the wife could live out some of her stranger fantasies. She even wanted to do a three way with them. Connor’s recollection grew hazy as he felt Roman move next to him.

Connor blushed, another rush of memories hitting him. He remembered Kenichi pushing him over the laundry machine and shoving his horse-sized cock into Connor’s ass. Connor stuffed one of his jockstraps into his mouth so his moans wouldn’t alert anyone to what they were doing in the communal laundry room. They had almost gotten away with it, until that nerdy jock who lives with his grandma walked in and asked to join in.

Connor quickly walked on. As he passed the old woman’s flat he heard orgasmic screams from the inside, which usually meant that her grandson was home and had some guy or girl over to work his expert skills on, which Connor knew all too well. He was tempted to keep standing there and listen to the girl screaming down the house, while working along the length of his impressive tool through the fabric of his pants, but he couldn’t let Roman wait, so he left the house.

Connor walked confidently outside and hailed a taxi. He got inside and the smell of spices and musk hit him. It felt familiar somehow, and when he looked at the driver he knew why. He had forgotten his wallet the last time the taxi driver too him to college, so he paid with his expert blowjob skills. The middle eastern driver looked happy to see Connor and offered a free ride.

A short ride and what felt like a gallon of cum down Connor’s throat later, he left the taxi and said goodbye to the taxi driver who had a satisfied grin on his face which was no surprise, considering his musky footlong tool had just been expertly milked. Connor entered the Starbucks and immediately saw another familiar face in the queue. The football team’s water boy was waiting for his order, bewitching the cute guy behind the counter with some flexing of his muscles.

Connor smiled, thinking they made a cute couple. He remember even being the one to set them up. The water boy had just finished a workout and Connor happened to be heading to the Starbucks too. The hunky barista happened to be working and a bromance quickly formed. Just as fast as it formed, the bromance dropped the ‘b’ and they constantly flirted with each other while at work or games. The barista smiled as he saw Connor and motioned him to come forward, saying his order was almost done, as they were expecting him. Connor thanked the two as they went back to making googly eyes at each other.

Connor decided to walk home and get some fresh air. While walking down the street he spotted some guys he knew.  Like the huge black guy from the club last night, who was strolling down the street, still dressed the same like yesterday, meaning he had probably spent the last night balls deep within some poor guy, or even the two stripper’s who Connor had introduced him to. The two strippers, Alex and James were close friends with Connor since the three of them had gone to the same high School. He knew they liked the black behemoth type, so Connor simply had to introduce them.

Connor chuckled to himself as he walked. He passed one of the practice fields and saw the football team practicing. Every one of those studs were shirtless, only wearing their large cleats and football tights. Coach Stromberg’s hairy form was on complete display. He was shirtless as well, and his shorts almost looked like a speedo. His pecs would bounce as he barked orders at the team. Connor lewdly rubbed his bulge as when he remembered Stromberg trying to recruit him for the team. Connor declined, but was convinced to at least join the after practice orgy. That was a fun afternoon.

Connor took his dear time walking home, passing by a police car with a familiar muscular cop, who had someone, maybe a criminal sucking his meaty dick off and making the car shake from his deep reverberating moans. Connor chuckled to himself as every built and handsome guy either winked at him or blushed and hurried his steps when they saw Connor’s imposing figure and even though there were so many guys, Connor remembered what each one of them like very clearly. But then finally, he reached his house.

Connor leaned over to his husband and gave him a passionate kiss, enjoying the feel of Roman’s stubble against his face. “I love you, Roman.”

“I love you too, Connor,” Roman answered and gave his husband another kiss.

Can I ask you something?“ A small child asks, looking down at her shimmering shoes.

“Of course.”

“When did you know you loved him?” She whispers to me, subtly pointing over to the tall boy behind me.

I smile, “You know, I think it was when his favorite song came on the radio, and all I could think about was how I wished he was there with me, singing along just as loud as I.

—  E. Grin

Spilling and Refilling

The process of the heart opening up is not always a peaceful one. Often, I find that it hits me in waves, with a sudden shudder of emotion that ripples under the skin invisibly, from top to bottom, only to suddenly crest and break the surface of the ocean as an expression of joy, sadness, or pride, usually a smile or a sudden welling up of tears that turns my eyes to amethyst. Emotions, for me, have not always been my most articulate faculty, hence the conception of this blog and a very deep dive into the arts. Little did I know how deep the dive would be, how limitless the sea is, out there, and in here.

Over the past two weeks, I have enjoyed the immense pleasure of attending two of the finest symphonies that I’ve ever experienced, one last week, and one last night, performed by the world renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The effect of attending two performances in as many weeks is that on one occasion you get to meet the orchestra as a new acquaintance, and on the next occasion, you get to meet them as family. To me, the bond felt THAT strong, to see the same musicians again… on the violins, the French horn, the cellos, that brilliant silver flute, and the thundering drums. I want to claim that the four block area of Michigan Avenue surrounding the CSO is mine, my neighborhood, another home where I can see my family and feel Love (capital L).

As I said, the opening of the heart is not a painless experience, and last night, my heart, with all of its faculties, from exuberant elation to breathtaking suspense, exploded entirely. Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.61, conducted by the famed Riccardo Muti, with Julia Fischer as the violin soloist, took me on the deepest dive of my life.

For 46 minutes, I alternated between holding my breath to the sweet shrill voice of that single violin, and inhaling so deeply to catch it again each time the tide of the instrumental chorus rolled over. I was all white-knuckled, with an earnest effort to stifle the sea from crashing in tears, but to no avail. I cried hard, I cried a catharsis to that singing violin of the musical genius, Julia Fischer, in her dark navy blue dress and shimmering silver shoes. She received such a raucous standing ovation with calls for an encore that she played an impromptu piece of Bach entirely by memory. In fact, I don’t think she read a page of music the entire evening.

For two hours, I was an eagle soaring on updrafts in front of the untouched nature of Niagara Falls in the autumn of 1359, when America was pure. I was an Indian brave, with a feather above my head, standing proudly on a plateau above the rich landscape of the country. I was the violinist, Franz Clement, for whom the concerto was personally written by Beethoven in 1808. I was the music itself, and my spirit blossomed through every square foot of that music hall.

I can’t articulate any more clearly how emotionally compelling it was for me. A rare moment like this, when I discover just how much untamed and untapped, entirely wild emotion lives in me, makes me so happy to be alive.

I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt recently, and I’ve kept most of that to myself, as often a gentleman will. But this, this moment, I wanted to share, as part of the emotional catharsis, as a gentleman sometimes must when he confronts the full spectrum of emotions exploding like a volcanic eruption. My skin felt like it was on fire, and it felt… hmm… like nothing I would ever trade for any price, and hopefully I will remember this for as long as I live, for as long as the sea truly lives in me.

I am emotionally drained, and yet, I have never felt so emotionally full with the soul-renewing power of music.