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Foil Effect Nail Art. In my last post, I showed you some Mariposa and Kozmic Coulors mini nail polish sets I found for $5. So here’s one of the looks I came up with using these shimmer polishes that have a real special foil-like effect. Over a black base, I just dabbed a small amount of polish of various colours in a random fashion. I really love this look. It’s really flashy and festive. And it looks just like foil paper without the hassle. Hope you like it.

Pretty boys with greasy curly hair & wolf smiles buying me drinks

Raw girls who don’t know how to forgive their mother holding my hand

Fragile in their vulgarity with shimmering nail polish 

And eyes teary from too much vodka

They all make me feel

Bad about myself

You said my tenderness was your shelter

So everyday I find new ways

To burn it down to the fucking ground

I carry this grief in my bosom

Like a mother protecting her baby

While you’re bleeding into

Somebody else’s mattress

Stars glowing like claw marks in the sky

All this time

They were warning me about the danger of

Being the stranger nobody knows what to do with

I know that this world only takes

Nail Polish

Avengers x Child Reader
Background Bruce Banner x Reader

The Avengers get their nails done. ‘nuff said it’s just a good ol fluff fic 

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Dollarama Nail Polish Steal!

So, I went to the Dollarama store (Dollar Store equivalent) to buy shower curtain liners… how exciting right?! But then I stumbled on these mini nail Mariposa and Kozmic Colours sets. 8 mini bottles for 5 bucks.

I was expecting to be really disappointed but could not resist. They really looked pretty and I thought that it would be really cool if they stamped well. Well, surprise, surprise, they are super cool they have a shimmery finish that once applied really look like nail foil. And they stamped well. Some even stamp well over black. What a steal! A great bargain. The colours are very bright but to get full coverage, you will need three coats. Overall, i loved them so much and had so much fun using them that I plan on going back and getting the other sets I regretfully left behind.

I did some really cute nail art with them, see my next posts.

See you soon.


Winter Wonderland by Katie Racine