shimizu festival

Second Sun of the First Astral Moon

Book, today was a festival

I have never seen so many people in one place before, it was diso unnerving. Though while Raz’a was by my side I really didn’t notice the hordes of people. I think he was not comfortable with all the people, he seemed anxious to get some quiet time. I did at least introduce him to Sea Brother and Gin. Then I could tell he wanted away.

I missed Fier’s performance, and it is my fault Sea brother missed it to. I did ask Fier if he would be willing to do it again for us. He said yes, but I did not really have a chance to make any plans with him.

I decided to go to get a fortune, seeing the one from the beach felt hollow, and uninspired. While in line I herd Hizzy call out my name. In the sea people I had no idea where he was. It always warms my heart to see him standing and strong. I am glad to know he and I are still friendly, though I do not know how healthy or safe for me it is.

Before I left for Kugane, I spoke to my adviser. I have been advised, to distance myself. There are enough voices getting to ears that I am in danger. I need to be unseen around the gang, no matter how tempting, or wanting, I am to keep friends who I care about close. There are always other ways, I will not forget them.

So with all of this in mind book, I am surrounded by people, most in masks. That feeling of being unsafe, and knowing I have seen at least one Gang member out of the corner of my eye. I get my fortune. Book Honest, it destroyed any happiness I had for the rest of my night. 

It will be in my hands to save someone. One slip, and they will be lost. Tread carefully else I may chose the fate where they are hurt at best, or die at worst. I will have ONE shot to get it right. Choose carefully, else I live with guilt.

Course my mind went to Raz’a first, my heart, my fire.. He was not at my side at that point, I would have clung to him and not let go for the rest of the night. Then reality, the six I care about who the gang has claimed, their lives could easily be put in my hands.

Book, the blood staining my hands, and my soul, is already enough to drown in. I do not want more.


Osomatsusan ornaments in Shimizu Tanabata Matsuri (2016)

Tanabata Matsuri, the Star Festival has been held on July 7th in Japan since the 700s.
on the day, people display bamboo grass with a strip of paper and ornaments to celebrate the festival.

at Shimizu Tanabata Festival in Shizuoka prefecture, there were some handmade Osomatsusan ornaments by locals this year.
nowadays, some young people decolate the town with their favorite anime/manga/game characters ornaments.