shimeji update

Behold! A Soriel shimeji! :D

This one is dedicated to @renrink . She really likes this ship and I do too 8D
To download, you clicky this link and download the file:
It’s a .rar file, so once the download is complete you unzip it with Winrar.
Once it’s downloaded, you click the file. 
Going into the file, you look for the Executable Jar File and click that. The shimeji should run itself. C:

Do take in mind that to run this program, you need to have Java installed (the newer versions apparently do not like shimejis and do not run them. Stare.)

They jump, they dance, they climb and they snooze. Have fun!

(Link to Mac download: )

Megaman.EXE Shimeji UPDATE

Since midterms are just about over, I’ve spent some time working on Megaman and I’ve finally finished the beta and sent it off to a friend for critique. Now all that’s left to do is finish the final product images.

I thought I’d show off some more images for you guys, though i don’t have a wide variety in what images i have finalized. Sorry about that ^^;

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This is my apology to all of you for killing my computer and putting the shimejis on hiatus for 2 months, but now my computer’s fixed and I’m ready to start again.


A few of you will be able to get special requests for what characters I do next and receive the first copy once they are finished.



2.    For each like/reblog this post receives your names will be entered into a pot.

3.    Your name CAN be entered more than once (a like and a reblog or multiple reblogs)

4.    The number of winners is related to the number of notes this post gets, more notes = more winners

5.    YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY CHARACTER FROM THE EXE UNIVERSE (but please note, more complicated characters take longer to make)

6.    I will message the winners once the time period has ended

This contest will end May 19th at midnight EST!



((Ok I’ve been working on the shimeji for the past 5 hours and I’m remastering the frames I’ve already made. The reason for this is because its in a completely different art style to the one I have now and it would just be weird to have a frame change to a different style for almost half of them.))
((the ones I’ve put here are only 3 of the many I have done today, but now I have made BOTH splitting animations!!))

((Over all, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH REGARDS TO THE MAKING OF THIS SHIMEJI!!! I will get him done as soon as possible!!!))
((also one of the splitting animations is going to be a…. feelsy… surprise))
(( ʘ‿ʘ ))

*IMPORTANT* Shimeji Update

Last night I fried my computer.

I got a little bit of water on it that I quickly cleaned up. No big deal right? Well 2 hours later, smoke was coming out of one of the ports. It doesn’t work now.


I should be able to get all my data off the hard drive I can get all my files off the hard drive but it has to be sent off for repairs. Which isn’t happening until after exams.

I won’t be able to work on the EXE shimejis for over a month.

I’m so sorry. I’ll find a way to make it up to you. I promise!

New Shimeji Directory Blog

I put this on my own blog but ironically enough I think more people would see it if I put it here.

Hey, so for everyone following me for the Undertale shimeji pastebin, come follow me over here instead:

I don’t want to clutter this blog up with shimeji stuff, so all updates will be over here!

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 some anon are working in a chara one ! and is adorable !