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Suzuki Tatsuhisa sings OLDCODEX’s Aching Horns at High Speed Free! Event

The most angelic moment in the history of Free! events - Tatsun sings in middle school Makoto’s voice

Background: Toshi was tasked to sing first, which he did well. Tatsun teased him to do one more song after the first one (even if this wasn’t on the script), and Toshi still complied. Now Toshi took his chance to get revenge as he teased Tatsun to sing on the spot. Bugged by the audience and the cast, Tatsun reluctantly gives in.

My attempt on subtitling.

Full event report here. Full video will not be uploaded.


39th Anime Grand Prix Top 60
Voice Acting Division

1. Hiroshi Kamiya
2. Mamoru Miyano
3. Yoshimasa Hosoya
4. Yuuki Kaji
5. Junichi Suwabe
6. Tatsuhisa Suzuki
7. Nobunaga Shimazaki
8. Kengo Kawanishi
9. Mitsuki Saiga
10. Tomokazu Sugita
11. Yuuichirou Umehara
12. Tomoaki Maeno
13. Soma Saito
14. Yuichi Nakamura
15. Akira Ishida
16. Takahiro Sakurai
17. Taishi Murata
18. Kouki Uchiyama
19. Saori Hayami
20. Nobuhiko Okamoto
21. Daisuke Ono
22. Shouta Aoi
23. Ryouhei Kimura
24. Hiro Shimono
25. Inori Minase
26. Yui Horie
27. Minami Takayama
28. Reina Ueda
29. Jun Fukuyama
30. Toshiyuki Toyonaga
31. Rie Takahashi
32. Aoi Yuuki
33. Takehito Koyasu
34. Showtaro Morikubo
35. Nana Mizuki
36. Yuusuke Kobayashi
37. Kaito Ishikawa
37. Yuka Terasaki
39. Kana Hanazawa
40. Daisuke Hirakawa
41. Takuya Eguchi
41. Ryunosuke Kamiki
41. Kazuya Nakai
44. KENN
45. Kishou Taniyama
46. Miyu Irino
47. Non
47. M.A.O.
49. Kenichi Suzumura
50. Toshiki Masuda
51. Natsuki Hanae
52. Takuya Satou
53. Hiroki Yasumoto
54. Yuuki Ono
55. Yuu Kobayashi
56. Miyuki Sawashiro
56. Kenjiro Tsuda
58. Tsubasa Yonaga
59. Kappei Yamaguchi
60. Katsuyuki Konishi

This survey was made by Animage Magazine and has been published in their latest issue.

[Shimazaki Nobunaga’s Trivia] 

is series of tweets posted by DRUNK Suzuki Tatsuhisa by confiscated his poor kohai’s smartphone then hijacked his twitter account ^^; Tatsun himself called the tweets as [Shimazaki Nobunaga’s Trivia]

Makoto’s seiyuu posted roughly 200 tweets in the span of two hours!! He posted all sort of stuff, ranging from their drinking, Zakki’s cute habits (Tatsun really called it adorable!), Tatsun scolding Zakki due to his phone’s low battery (15% left), Tatsu’s story of how he met Zakki’s mother; Tatsu’s favorite female character in Free!, favorite body ^///^ (Makoto & Sousuke), his (drunk) comments on basically each Free! character, and much more!

Shimazaki Nobunaga was wasted at the end of Tatsun’s tweets extravaganza ^__^ but Tatsun still scolded him to drink more!

It is a MUST READ for Tatsun & Zakki fans, and also Free! Tachibana Makoto & Nanase Haruka fans XD


The main cast of High Speed!! Free!-Starting Days- after the event!! Free! series project 2017 info:

Free! Timeless Medley ~bonds~ compilation film releases April 22 

Free! Timeless Medley ~promise~ compilation film releases July 1 

Free! Take Your Marks (brand new film) releases this Fall!

*updated with more photos!*

Selections from Tatsu’s spam on Zakki’s Twitter Account (lol)

[ for the original tweets, visit zakki’s twitter ]

Hey guys~! This is Shi-ma-za-ki No-bu-na-ga (all in katakana) speaking~

My icon is a girl, but I’m actually a guy! Sorry for keeping that a secret until now~

We just finished Free!’s stage greeting~

It was so much fun! Ahahahahahaha!

– Well, or something like that I guess. I haven’t played with other people’s phone for a long time.

Hello, I am a certain somebody who was there on stage (with Zakki).

This must be a shocking amount of tweets to Nobunaga’s followers.

Sry guys ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

I’m just gonna keep tweeting like this!

I mean, there’re only 140 characters to write, how bad could it get?

Ah, beer for me please.

Nobunaga will go with Highball.

Ah, I’ll pay the bill.


The two of us haven’t sat together like this for such a long time!

It feels so gooood to have a drink after work!!

The typhoon hit us today. Is everybody all right?

Both-of-us-are-fine. (all in katakana)

Nobunaga is talking to my manager.

He already drank five times from his Highball.

It looks delicious (。-`ω´-)

Beer is delicious after all!

Nobunaga has a weird habit of sighing after he laughs.

The people who know this are Nobunaga freaks.

How did my last tweet make people feel?

I’m scared.

But, this is not my (account) so I guess it’s fine.

Hey! Nobunaga! Your battery has only 15% left!

You need to charge it!

‘Kay, I’m gonna keep going until the phone shuts off.

Nobunaga took out his charger stylishly.

He’s hesitating.

Btw, don’t try to hold back your burp!

Let it out.

Phew. All thanks to the charger.

Feel like I can keep on living.

We can even walk around with a cell phone charger nowadays.

Could’ve never imagined that back in the flip phone times.

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♡Male seiyuu click and drag game♡ 

It took me a while to edit it, so play it and share your results (~ ̄▽ ̄)~