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I hope it's not too late to ask this but could you possibly write something for TsukkiYama using 15 (Is that - blood?) or 21 (Jealousy isn’t cute on you) from the angsty/suggestive sentence starters?? I couldn't choose between the two so writers choice!! (: Also, thank you so much for taking the time to write all of these prompts for your followers; you're awesome and a great writer <3

Ah, no, no, thank you! You’re so sweet! I chose to use 15 for this, hope you like this little pre-relationship first year babies angst.

Tsukkiyama - “Is that - blood?” (based off this prompt list)

Yamaguchi was late for their usual Friday night movie. Tsukishima texted once to remind him after he disappeared after practice, then again when he was five minutes late. Two hours later Yamaguchi had a slew of messages from him ranging from annoyance to resignation to worry.

When it started to get dark, Tsukishima gave up on the plan of watching the movie they had picked out together, and set out to find Yamaguchi. He had a lecture already planned about answering text messages back in a timely fashion, and that if Yamaguchi was going to have a cell phone he might as well use it. Tsukishima was fairly certain he knew where Yamaguchi was, too. And what he was doing. Both of which were no excuse to leave Tsukishima waiting at home, wondering when he was going to show up.

He found Yamaguchi right where he thought he would: behind the Shimada Mart, a pool of light from the parking lot lamps betraying his location. Tsukishima rolled his eyes and walked across the asphalt, already rehearsing his spiel about common courtesy and the importance of letting people know when plans were changed.

The words died on his lips when he reached Yamaguchi. He held a volleyball in one hand, the other hovering below it as he breathed deeply through his nose. A portion of the ball was smeared with red, and his empty hand  matched the color perfectly.

“Is that - blood?” Tsukishima asked, forgoing a greeting in concern.

Yamaguchi jumped and turned around, finally noticing that he was not alone in the parking lot. His eyes widened in surprise, and the ball dropped from his hand to bounce once on the ground and roll away.

“What?” he said first, then quickly moved both hands behind his back, away from Tsukishima’s view. “No.”

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Okay, so Oikawa literally has his own official & organised fan club.

As a member you get an Oi-Card (omfg), and it says you can use it at Shimada Mart, Sakanoshita Shoten and various other stores with benefits. I just can’t believe this nerd actually has an organised fan club, with even a member card. I have so many questions. Who started it?? How many members are there? Is Iwa-chan a member??????


Second post of the bios from the Haikyuu volumes!! If you want to see the first you can look in my tag “Haikyuu character bios”! Four more to go after this :)

Again, I’ve transcribed them under the cut since they might be hard to read :)

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3rd year Yama as captain & Takeda is super busy and asks him to take care of scheduling practice games go a few months, but Yama also has schoolwork & a part time job to help his mom out & he collapses from overworking & scares Tsukki so much

F u c k 

Yamaguchi works at the Shimada mart to help save money for when he leaves his mother for uni, and he has schoolwork, so he’s really busy already. His free time is usually spent sleeping at Tsukishima’s house, or sleepily playing video games, but he doesn’t even have much. He’s at school and practice until fsix, and then he’s at the store until ten. Then he’s at home, doing two hours of homework, and another two looking at schools and filing college apps. 

Then Takeda’s mother gets sick. He’s super busy picking up overtime and working at Ukai’s store to pay his mother’s hospital bills and visiting his mother, and so he asks Yamaguchi to schedule practice matches to get them ready for prelims. And he can’t say no. So he takes over the business, scheduling games, getting everything ready for training camp, and it would be fun, if he didn’t already have so much on his plate. 

Cue a month later, and Tadashi’s probably gotten three hours of sleep in the week leading up to the day he passes out. He’s just thrown up a ball to serve it, and he jumps, falls. He doesn’t know what happens next, all he knows is he wakes up and Kei is leaning over him, looking panicked, Takeda is in the corner, freaking out and mumbling something about an ambulance, but Ukai is dangling his phone above his head so he can’t reach, the first years are crying and the second years are trying to calm them. Hinata and Kageyama are freaking out, as well as Yachi, and he’s so confused??? What happened??? 

Kei flips his shit. Tells him he’s been working too hard, how much sleep did he get, has he been eating, has he been drinking? Tadashi doesn’t want to answer. Kei huffs, hugs him tight, and cries. Actually cries. He says he just wants him to care for himself, and he doesn’t want anything like that to happen to him again. Tadashi apologizes, promises to take better care of himself, and they get back to practice (but without their captain and their clever blocker). 

Of course, Tadashi doesn’t follow up on his promise, and a week later he collapses and passes out again. 


October 12th is Yamaguchi Kento (Shimada Makoto)’s birthday

Happy 29th birthday, Mart-san!!!

You can wish him a happy birthday on his Twitter (x)!  
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