shimada makoto

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Shimada Makoto and all he has done for our precious shared son, Yamaguchi?

So, the man takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor this shy little fifteen year old with confidence issues and help him with his volleyball technique. Now, that’s extraordinarily nice of him to begin with but this sweetie doesn’t stop there, oh no! He then comes to cheer at all the matches when there’s never any real family present. I mean, Yams has got so much more confident and independent over the course of the series and, being honest, so much of that can be traced back to Shimada’s constant support and his believing in Yamaguchi’s abilities before anyone else, even Yams’s best friend Tsukki, could even see those abilities were there. 

Just look at him, look at that proud mentor! He knows exactly what’s got Yams stuck when he’s about to serve and how to solve it, so he sprints round the court like his life depends on it and just awww.

What a nice man, bless him!

can’t stop thinkin about how karasuno’s own parents don’t go to their kids’s games and only some of their other family members come, but takinoue and shimada have attended and cheered at nearly every one of karasuno’s games and they’re not even related to anyone on the team

Haikyuu!! Chapter 260: Desperation

By now, Karasuno has established they also have their own eighth player/back up support squad. Before, it’s Saeko who comes to the rescue. Now, it’s Shimada. Shimada quickly realizes Yamaguchi’s problem and comes up with a solution on the spot, running full speed to the other side of the stadium right into Yamaguchi’s line of sight.

And it pays off beautifully. Yamaguchi’s serve lands exactly where he wants it.


That boy deserves to be proud of his serve. Everyone is impressed. I am impressed. Kinoshita’s reaction, though.

This is intrateam’s rivalry at its best and another display of Kinoshita’s character development. For once, it’s Yamaguchi who inspires others. In this case, it’s Kinoshita who is also in the same position of pinch server. Yamaguchi gives him a goal to work towards, and it will give him the final push he needs to grow. All that left is Narita then.

Inarizaki’s ace is surprisingly more similar to Asahi??

Daichi once again has to deal with the troublesome serves. I’m pretty sure by the end of this match Daichi’s receive skill has leveled up. Keep it up Captain! It’s still the first set (unfortunately)!!!

When I see how far the ball goes, I already think oh, that should be Inarizaki’s point then… BUT

Of course it’s the volleyball idiot/prodigy who manages to take advantage of the technicalities and picks up the ball from the far side of the court.  Of course it’s Kageyama who manages to toss the ball with his spatial awareness. Of course.

Who is the toss meant for though?? There’s no Hinata. Asahi? Tanaka? Daichi? Tsukishima? Who will get the last point???

On a side note, Mika is so cute. She repeats Daishou’s comment verbatim as she sees it currently apply on the court (man, I can understand why you’re so whipped, Daishou)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE. I had a miserable day but I will gladly take time to appreciate how much I love Ukai Keishin and how he deserves so much love. I hope he will have a good time hanging out with his closest friends. (I’m sorry this is kind of sloppy; I wanted to start it earlier but I’ve been crammed with work and school lately.)