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Petals and Ink  part three

Summary: Jeremy tries to convince Rich he doesn’t have a thing for Michael. Jeremy and his friends go to the mall the get lunch where Jeremy runs into someone special.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word count: 2090 Shorter chapter next one will be longer.

 Jeremy could not believe what Rich was doing. Rich sat there leaned back in his chair at the front desk acting as if asking this was nothing. “ Are you gay?” he said into the phone. Jeremy tried to protest and get him to stop.
“ No please don’t do this. I I Rich don’t. No. Rich this is humiliating” Jeremy whined trying to keep his voice down so Michael on the other end of the phone wouldn’t hear him. There was silence on to other side of the phone. Jeremy started to panic. There’s no way Michael would ever answer this he barely knew them.
“ Thorry for Thtereotyping ,but like a boy wearing a pathtel pink thweater crop top and white thkinny jeans. Tho my coworker Jena and I have a bet. I thiad your most likely gay and the thaid you’re a feminine thraight. Tho once again, don’t mean to stereotype but you know are you?” Jeremy made an inhuman noise of distress. Why was Rich doing this to him. Then Jeremy heard Michael on the other end,
“ Yeah I’m gay.”
“ Cool, thankth dude. Oh and thothe flowerth Jeremy bought look great on the front dethk.” Rich hung up the phone and looked at Jeremy with a smirk. Rich looked over at Jeremy who was bright red.
“ What the hell Rich! Why would you do that! That’s not even his phone number it’s his work number what if someone else picked up the phone! What would you say then. Huh! Oh sorry I want to know if your coworker is gay! Dude what the fuck!” Jeremy shrieked. Jeremy started hitting Rich’s arm as Rich laughed.
“ Jutht trying to help you out dude tho you knew if you had a chance. Thorry for helping you.”
“ If I had a, Rich no!” Jeremy yelled.
“ Tho you don’t have a thing for him?” Rich said raising his eyebrow.
“ No. No I don’t. Thank you very much.” Jeremy crossed his arms and turned away from Rich.
“ Then why are you being tho defensive? You thure you don’t have a thing for flower boy?” rich smirked.
“ No I don’t have a thing for Michael. What even gave you that idea in the first place?”
“ Well, letth thee. You thpent hourth talking to him to the point where your forgot it was closing time. Then you came up with an excuthe to go see him at his work and then took a bisneth card tho you had thome way to contact him. Then you got thuper defensive when I brought up the idea of you liking him. Tho yeth your right why on earth would I think you had a thing for flower power.” Rich said rolling his eyes. Jeremy was bright red.
“ S-shut up.” Jeremy squeaked.
“ Awwwwwwww my little boy hath hith first cruth. They grow up tho fath.” Rich teased dramatically placing his hands on his heart.
“ I’m so fucking done with you.” Jeremy sighed as he walked off into his office.

He sighed sunk into his chair and got out his sketch book. He tried to come up with some new designs to clear his mind. He sat there staring at the blank page all he could think to draw was flowers. He stared at the paige for who knows how long before there was someone in the doorway. Jeremy looked up at the tall boy standing in front of him. He had on an old faded band tee and black jeans. “ Hey Jake, what’s up?” Jeremy asked.
“ Me and a few others were gonna go to the mall to get something to eat in the food court, wanna come?”  Jake asked with a smile. “I mean it seems better than being cooped up in here drawing all day.”
“ Yeah sure sounds nice.” Jeremy said as he got up. “ Can you give a ride, my car is getting fixed some ass hole broke my windshield.” Jeremy asked.
“ Yeah totally I was already giving Rich and Jenna a ride.” Jake said.

The two of them walked out with Rich and Jena and piled in to Jake’s car. “ Thhot gun!” Rich shouted.
“ What no fair you always get shot gun.” Jena whined.
“ That would be because I alwath call it firtht.” Rich smirked as he climbed into the front seat.  Jeremy took his seat next to Jena. They sat and chatted for a bit. Jeremy quietly hoped Rich wouldn’t bring up Michael again. They pulled up to a red light when a convertible pulled up next to them. The top of the was rolled down and they were blasting music. “ I’VE DONE ALRIGHT UP TILL NOW ITS THE LIGHT OF DAY THAT SHOWS ME HOW. BUT WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS MY LONELY HEART CALLS.” Jeremy look out off his window to see who was blaring their 80s music for all the world to hear. Then in the shotgun seat, it couldn’t be. There was no way it could really be, the blonde girl driving the car turned up the music even louder for the chorus as the boy in the front seat sang along. “ OOOOOOOOH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY! I WANNA FEEL THE HEAT WITH SOMEBODY! YEAH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY, WITH SOMEBODY WHO LOVES ME!” It was Michael. It was really him. Jeremy stared at him in disbelief. Michael didn’t even notice him and continued singing along. “OOOOOOOH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY! I WANNA FEEL THE HEAT WITH SOMEBODY! YEAH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY WITH SOMEBODY WHO LOVES ME!”  Michael sang out as he danced around in his seat. Jeremy kept on staring at him and couldn’t help thinking to himself how adorable Michael was as his shimmed around rocking out to the song. The two other girls from the store where in the car with him to. Christen was in the back seat laughing and singing well Brooke was trying to keep her eyes on the road well her friends performed a full on concert next to her. But Jeremy really only watched Michael. He felt something on his arm.
“ Hello, Earth to Jeremy. Are you here Heere?” Jena asked she was tapping Jeremy’s shoulder. He snapped back to reality.
“ Huh, what?” he asked shaking his head.
“ What on Earth are you looking at?” She asked as she looked out the window. Michael was still dancing around and singing. Before Jenna could get a good look the light turned green and Jake drove past Brooke’s car. “ What was that all about dude?” She asked Jeremy.
“ What was what about?” he said confused.
“ Looking out the window smiling like a doofus.”
“ Oh, I ummmm I saw a dog.” Jeremy lied.
“ What you saw a dog and didn’t tell us ,gathp what kind of friend are you.” Rich teased.
“ Ha ha s-sorry.” Jeremy said awkwardly. The finaly made it to the mall. Jake parked his car and they all got out to go to the food court.

Jeremy went to get in line to get sushi from some Japanese place. He walked up to the line when he noticed a familiar outfit standing at the end of the line. Purple sweater and overalls ,dark hair and tan skin. He was everywhere today. Jeremy’s thoughts began“ Should I say something? No I shouldn’t he doesn’t care. He’ll think I’m stalking him I already showed up at his work today I can’t talk to him what do I even say. I shouldn’t. He doesn’t want to talk to me, he’s probably already annoyed with me for letting Rich call him and ask him if he is gay. Why would Rich even do that. See if I had chance jeez. I don’t have a crush on Micheal. I just think he’s sweet, and pretty cute and- no what why am I thinking this. I don’t-” Jeremy’s racing thoughts were cut off by a greeting.
“ J-Jeremy? H-hey long time no see haha.” Michael smiled as he waved at him.
“ Oh, h-hi Michael. What are you doing here? I mean it pretty obvious you’re getting food because you’re standing in line for f-food, I mean, I just. Hi.” Jeremy rambled. Michael smiled as he giggled at Jeremy, he walked over to him.
“ I’m here with Brooke and Christen. They said I had to come with them to make for bailing  on them yesterday.”
“ Yeah sorry about that.” Jeremy said looking at the ground.
“ No no no, it’s fine really. It was nice talking yesterday, it was my fault for losing track of time. You were being polite.” Michael said.
“ It was nice talking to you to.” Jeremy smiled starting to turn red.
“ T-thanks.” Michael blushed. The two of them got in line together.
“ Hey nice concert today.” Jeremy smirked.
“ W-what?”
“ In your car. You got some moves.” Jeremy teased as he copied the dance Michael did in the car. Michael turned bright red.
“ Y-you saw t-that. I ummmmm.” Michael stammered turning bright red. Jeremy giggled. They got to the front of the line and ordered, once they got their food they walked back to find their groups at their own tables. Brooke and Christen where only a few tables away from Jake, Rich, and Jena.

Jeremy sat down in between Rich and Jena. “ Who was that?” Jena asked.
“ Oh no one he was just a customer from yesterday and he recognized me.”
“ Jutht a customer. Huh.” rich said smirking at Jeremy.
“ Yes. Just a random customer. Nothing special about him at all ok. Nothing just a guy who got a tattoo nothing more nothing less. Ok Rich.”
“ Why tho defenthive Jeremy? Jena jutht athked a quethtion.” Rich teased.
“ Now is not the time Rich.” Jeremy said trying to hide his face growing red.
“ Wait a minute do you..” Jena started.
“ NO! I don’t.” Jeremy said. Jake walked up to the table and sat down next to Rich.
“ Sorry the line a Sabros was way too fucking long.” ,Jake looked at Jeremy’s frazzled state,
“ What did I miss.” Jake asked.
“ Nothi-” Jeremy was cut off by Rich.
“ Jeremy hath a cruth on a customer from yethterday and he’th here and Jeremy dothen’t know how to talk to people.” Rich said with a smile.
“ I don’t-” Jeremy started again only to be cut off by Jena.
“ He’s sitting over there. He’s the boy in the purple with the dark hair and glasses.”
“ Jena really I-” Jeremy got interrupted again by Jake.
“ Aw little dudes got a crush.” Jake teased.
“ S-stop.” Jeremy blushed.
“ Go talk to him.” Jake said.
“ W-what! Jake I can’t, I mean, I c-can’t. I don’t-”
“ Dude its easy. It’s all about confidence. Just go talk to him.” Jake said.
“ Do it do it do it do it do it do it!” Jena chanted Rich joined in the chanting.
“ Do it do it do it do it do it!” they said almost yelling.
“ Ok jeez. But what do I even say?” Jeremy asked desperate for them to stop there teasing.
“ I’th eathy jutht tell him that he exicteth you thexualy.” Rich said.
“ Rich what the fuck no.” squeaked Jeremy.
“  Honthty ith the key dude.”
“ Don’t listen to him. Just go say hi.” Jenna smiled.
“ And then what?” asked Jeremy.
“ Ask him if him and his friends wanna hang out with us.” Jeremy got up and slowly walked over to Michael’s table. Why was he shaking so much. Why was he so nervous. He was almost at the table he was debating running back to his own table and not bothering him. Christen saw him and waved. No going back now.

“ Hey Jeremy what’s up.” Christen smiled.
“ Hey Christen, Brooke. Hey M-Michael.” Jeremy stutterd. Michael turned around and smiled at him. “ S-shit. He has dimples. That’s adorable” Thought Jeremy. How had he not noticed that before.
“ So what’s up?” Brooke asked.
“ Oh nothing really I’m just here with some friends from work.” Jeremy said looking down.
“ Cool, you guys wanna hang out with us?” Christen asked.
“ Oh, yeah that sounds cool I’ll ask them.” Jeremy said shocked that she had really asked him that. He walked back to his table quickly.
“ So how did it go?” Jena asked.
“ They asked if we wanted to hang out.” Jeremy sad still in a mid state of shock.
“ Nice tell them will be right over after we finish eating.” Jena smiled.

After they had all finished both groups met up and introduced themselves. Jena, Brooke and Christen all seemed to get along well. They went off to Pink and Rich and Jake left to go to Hot Topic leaving Jeremy and Michael alone.