shiloh fernandes


i resurface from a long absence of updates with some completely irrelevant-to-my-life casting i’ve been thinking up for the movie Pleasures of the Night, should it ever be made into a movie.  I’m reading the book now which according to Target, should be my next read if I enjoyed 50 shades of grey. This book (series) is nothing like 50 shades of grey, and in my opinion has a much better story line/writing etiquette… ok maybe a little like 50, theres a few erotic moments in the book but its not as overpowering/monotonous. ANYWAY, the way the main characters are described, i’ve pretty much had these people picked in my head from the first page. 

Amanda seyfried as lyssa

Aidan should either be Eric Bana, Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Somerhalder, or Shiloh Fernandez

-end of public announcement-