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You-Kiss’ Questions:

1.- What is not your favourite movie? Why?
    I don’t really watch movies so.. i dunno ;-;

2.- Do you have a pet? 
  Nope D:

3.- What is your favourite K-girl band?
 2NE1 <3  

4.- Did u do all your homeworks? 
     I’m suppost to be doing my English hwk right now :c

5.- Who is your ultimate bias?
 My ultimate bias of ALL TIME is Seungri <3  

6.- Who is your first bias?
My first bias, because I got into Big Bang first would have to be G-Dragon :3  

7.- Why do you luv k-pop music? 
 …Why not? It’s so much better than english music nowadays, MOST of the lyrics are more meaningful, every group has their own background & how they had to go through all their hardships, and in general it just sounds a lot better ^^ 

8.- How did u know your favourite band?
 Hm.. For Big Bang, one of my friends were super obsessed with them a couple years back (not anymore ;-;) and she introduced me to Haru Haru :3 For U-Kiss, when i first got into k-pop 0330 JUST came out so I liked them (: 

9.- How many CDs do you have? 
 K-pop CDs.. Only the Alive album in Big Bang version ;-; My collection is tiny LOL but if it’s english CD’s I have 3 Avril Lavigne CD’s  

10.- Your last name is…?
 My last name is Chi. ^^ 

11.- Do u know another language? 
 Mhmm, I am 100% fluent in Mandarin, and am currently learning French at school because I’m Canadian (: 

My Questions:

1. Who are your top 5 favorite groups?
2. From U-Kiss, who would you marry, who would you have sex with, who would be your best friend, and who would be your brother?
3. If 2 of your favorite groups were coming to your city and you could only go to ONE of their concerts, who would you choose?
4. Who/What is your ideal type? 
5. What is something you have never done but want to try?
6. Favorite korean variety show?
7. If you were stranded on an island, which 5 celebrities would you want with you and why?
8. Favorite song at the moment?
9. First kiss?
10. Top 5 ships? (elvin, g-ri, etc.)
11. How would you react if you met your favorite singer/group?