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Any ideas how Shikamaru proposed to Temari?

I seriously can’t imagine Shikamaru as the type who bends down on one knee to propose, but I also doubt he’s the type to propose out of impulse. He probably gave a lot of thought towards how he’s going to do it. This is my scenario: 

Can he somehow slip the ring inside her wine glass during their dinner out? Bring her to the most romantic spot in Konoha and wait for the perfect timing (maybe as fireworks go out in the distance)? Kiss her under the moonlit night and whisper the question into her ear? He probably considered all these options but couldn’t decide on which is best. The ring sat in his pocket for days as he waited for the perfect opportunity. One day, he and Temari were sitting on a hill overlooking the town just watching the clouds pass by, when Temari commented on how one cloud looks like a ring. 

Shikamaru gulped, gently grabbed her wrist, and placed the ring on the palm of her hand. Temari stared at it, confused at first, before realization slowly dawned on her. 

“I know I’m not the perfect guy. You’ll probably have to beat some sense into me once in a while and keep me from avoiding work and other responsibilities. We’ll probably fight a lot because you’re a troublesome woman and I’m a lazy slob, but through all those hardships I swear I’ll still make you happy. So will you marry me?” He all but blurted out. 

Shikamaru rubbed his neck nervously as he waited for her to say something. 

“Not very romantic, are you?” Came her sarcastic reply. “But I suppose if you put it that way, I’ll have no choice but to say yes.” 

Shikamaru whipped his head to face her. Contrary to her biting words, she  beamed with unrestrained joy with just a hint of impatience in her teal green eyes. “Help me put it on?” 

Even as his large brain was still comprehending her answer, he was already slipping the ring onto her finger. He didn’t let go of her hand, instead he tightly gripped it, as if he was holding a priceless jewel. 

“I’ll take care of you, Tem. You won’t regret it.” His voice was only above a whisper, any louder and he was afraid it would crack from the overwhelming feelings bursting to come out.  

“I know I won’t, crybaby.” 


Ok, I may have gotten a bit too carried away with this but I like how it turned out😆 even if they’re a bit ooc? I can’t even tell anymore. This is just one idea among many others, but I like this scenario best😊

difference between reading smut and fluff 

smut/ rated M and E: 

  • pokerface sage level
  • frozen af
  • slight mouth twitching
  • less breathing/no breathing at all
  • often reads at exposed public spaces


  • tendency to break things
  • screaming
  • raptor noises
  • more screaming
  • fanning self
  • chill level at -0
  • hits everything and everyone
  • always on the verge of cardiac arrest
  • abnormal heart rate
  • external manifestation of the devil high on rainbow weed
  • ‘bitch you dont touch me while im reading this or i will hurt you’
Imagine your ship #2
  • Person A: I need some space
  • Person B: You're breaking up with me?????